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Re: Morning
Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:11am

Pherenice perked up as she looked at the waffle. "This is simple? It smells so good….what kinds of syrup?" She asked curious as her ears twitched and her tail swished seeming much like a little kid. She was curious about this having been introduced to different things at the palace but still….sometimes she wasn't sure if it was a good thing or bad thing that she could not remember anything about her past.

Dim walked up to the inn and sighed in the back of his head he had hoped to figure out a better way to go about finding each one but Pherenice had tugged at the pendant of Aeon not enough to break or snap the chain but enough to pull him forwards by it. She wanted his attention and she was here in this Inn? His hand landed on the door knob and he began to enter, Whisper was sitting at the base of his neck behind him looking like an oversized butterfly clip because she was holding still. He walked into the inn walking through not bothering to ask if it was open or not. Mostly because the crazy kitten had called him here. He walked up behind her and looked at the back of her head

Fai smiled. "I'll have tea and fruit ready for them." she said and paused when he said that and than seemed to pause. "Breakfast is ready." She said not pointing out his pause there or his seeming hesitation that mid morning was the perfect time for tea.

Eri smiled and nodded. "Thank you." She said when he said he'd place orders for some light fruits and crème and a crepe or two stuff that would settle easily on her stomach she didn't say anything about the way the girls had been treating her mostly because she didn't think anything further would come of it thanks to Tae saying she'd handled the girls and band them from the kitchen.

Averie smiled and nodded as she said it was feeling better. He shifted and got the ointment and fresh bandages having gotten up and come back he sat down and began unwrapping it after setting them down. His arm didn't look all that magically better but nor did it look worse. He sighed as he began applying the ointment. "It'll take a day or two to clear up."

Yuuri laid there eyes wide open as her heart beat thudding in her chest. She let her head rest against Senn as she breathed in his scent. Staring off into the room as she stayed cuddled close. He was gone…..there was no way he was coming back. Was she just….having the dream because she herself had died and come back thanks to the help of the Divine Shepard? Was it just a subconscious fear that something could heal him back to life? Or was it part of his research about different things including the Necromancer's that could bring one back from the dead in there prime if the conditions were right….no. There was no way. Aether ran off with the Shard that was in Severin's possession and Ceceilia had not been around him to give him the life reviving and sustaining phoenix fire… had to just be a bad dream right?

Millie chuckled as she watched him get up. "I know." she said when he said the future was always in flux she had meant only that she felt like perhaps it was finally shifting in a good way. "I did." She said not mentioning that she also wanted to go talk to Cyan and Indigo about possibly finding out if there was someone here with the power over dreams. Millie paused and glanced over at the pup nodding. "Yeah let me see if he'll rouse and nurse." she said happily. "Besides I think he'd enjoy spending the morning with you." She walked over to see if he'd wake and there he was bright eyed and bushy tailed looking up at her all innocent before he made this face and giggled. Millie about a second later covered her nose. "Oh you stinky pup!" she said which got him giggling even more.

"Morning." Kahiri answered her gently as he looked at Celluna. "It's early yet." he said lightly gently it was bright and early in the morning and Inara was sleeping if Celly wanted to sleep in a bit longer.

Fii looked at her as he took the cup back and his ears twitched. "Hard to say. I never looked out the window." he said which was his way of simply saying he didn't feel the light of the day on his face when he looked out. He did look at her though and shrugged. "Probably not all that long. It doesn't take long to make the tonic but I was fussing with it making sure this morning that everything was right….probably about ten minutes maybe fifteen. I wanted it to be ready when you woke."

Kirie made a soft humming sound at the sound of his voice of feeling his warmth with hers and looked up at him sleepily as she shifted. "Sounds good to me." she said in a voice that hinted at she could easily go either way at the moment. Either wake up or fall back to sleep cuddled up to him.

Suna fought the urge to laugh as Tonka and Tokeru wandered off but met Singo's eyes and understood as he went and got a bit more food for the cub. Suna turned as one of them came up with something for her and she looked at the cub with them. "I'm not yet hungry has you cub eaten yet." She shook her head no. "go on let him have it." the Tigeress looked at her and smiled before taking the cub over to the fire and sitting down with him he was little and would not eat everything on that plate but….she was taking care of him. Things had to change. She had to figure out how to make it happen.

Kei nodded as he moved. "MM'k." He said as snuggled back up to him and he curled up around her drifting off to sleep purring that low happy contented purr as he started to drift off. The rumbles soothing.

Sable smiled. "No problem. I'll be back in a couple of minutes with it." She said as she got up nodded moving out of the room to go heat up the left overs for Bayla.. She didn't mind at all and it was nice to see Bayla doing so much better this morning.

Shale smiled as she looked up at him. "You think so?" She asked as she perked up having returned the gentle kiss and then nuzzled him a bit her tail swishing about lazily in the air. "Then I'm looking forward to playing with them."

Jarral hummed in his sleep shifting a bit his wings lifted and shifted but didn't uncoil from around Wynter showing that he was responding to all the sweet little touches even if he was asleep when he was responding to them!

Solan nodded. "It is nice." He said in agreement then leaned his head in and nuzzled her a bit. He stretched a little bit his tail curling before going straight back out as he was shaking out a few kinks from sleeping. But he wasn't uncomfortable and wouldn't want her to think that for a second it was that morning stretch as if to wake up the body while the mind tried to wake itself up as well.

Syao paused a moment as he let go of his palm and shivered because it didn't hurt nearly as much as it had when she started running her hand soothingly over the sore spot as if to smooth out his rumbled feathers. He looked back at her and nodded. "Much thank you." He said in agreement. He would sigh though and hang his head he could be so graceful all day long out there dealing with things. Get him in here and it seemed like he'd find a way to snag his wing in some fashion.

Keyon smiled. "Blueberry pancakes with syrup and bacon. And what would you like to drink?" he asked repeating as he watched her waking up her head resting on his chest and looking just too adorable this morning. His hand coming up to gently play with her hair as she snuggled up against him.

Traya smiled as she shifted sitting up a bit more on the bed and propped a few pillows behind herself while he wasn't all that keen on doing anything frisky where La'shire could see she knew after he placed the orders she could easily move to lean against him a bit cuddle up close. That much she had come to learn he never minded no matter where they were or what they were doing her desire to be close to him. But she also learned so much about the differences and that as different as they seemed they had a lot in common a lot more then the elders would have had them to be believe. The Night Elves were more rough and tumble, a bit harder and not so 'soft' as they'd call it but….they were still in the light. "Ja'Tav….thank you." She said as he named it for her again.

Frau shook her head. "Mmm perhaps just exhausted from the ceremony last night I hope…" She said showing that although she didn't know she was hoping perhaps like he was that it was nothing serious. Just bad dreams. She shifted though and looked at Liam. "He finally proposed to her? He's been carrying that ring around for weeks hasn't he?" She chuckled softly smiling. "I better call him and let him know I'd be happy to take Meeka out to get a dress." she smiled. She would enjoy taking the small girl out to get a dress and her hair done up all cute. Frau looked at him. "And perhaps you'll be able to get some sleep too?" She said part of her wondering if he hadn't been able to sleep because they had been though that ceremony and so exhausted that he had stayed up subconsciously to look after her?

Rumi nodded. "Yeah they certainly both know what they want this morning." he said chuckling as he shifted the rowdy little colt about, there son seemed to be in a mood to try to hit the ground running and as much as he thought he could get his legs under him that quickly it was not happening just yet. He let out a whinny of his own his little feet kicking a mile a minute in the air. Rumi just held him easily letting him get it out.

River laughed. "Not punishment." She said shaking her head. "It does." she said in agreement as she looked at him when he rushed off to get the crystal and come back then asked her if she wanted anything. "Mmm not at the moment." She said and she was being honest she didn't need anything from the kitchen at the moment. "Perhaps in a bit…I'm still waking up."

Seimei watched her snuggled up in his tail pulling it around her as if a large oversized fluffy blanket just for her. He never minded. She found his tail a comfort to snuggle up in and stay warm. But tonight he'd be 'human' again. She never minded that either. His ears twitched a bit as he watched her showing signs of waking.

"What if you don't like it?" Soliel said was it you ordered and then had to eat it even if you didn’t like it. That was often the case as a Gladiator and then you ate whatever it was even if you gagged it down because sometimes the food was a bonus reward after a good fight. But she tipped her head. "Fes….huh?" She said obviously trying to figure out how that rolled right off of Odette's tongue so easily.

Silvi seemed to blush a bit in her sleep as he said he loved her too, nuzzling him a bit as she stretched a bit in her sleep shifting showing all the tell tale signs that soon she would be waking up. But it was clear very clear she heard him on some level answer her sleepy statement. She could not be happier.

Trilander glanced back down at Lassa as she said his name and reached up to gently trace her cheek. "Sorry Lass." he said shaking his head. "We'll get breakfast in a moment I promise." He said as he shifted and looked into her eyes. He had no idea at all that Thalassa was hiding her worries over not having any pups at the moment. That she should by her peoples standards be a momma by now. Trilander looked at her. "When I switched to…Lemurian it was to confirm what La'shire was telling me…." he looked at her. "She said…" He reached down to lay gentle fingers over her belly he was….going to be a father….would he be good at it. But he had to tell her. "La'shire said….that your pregnant." He said his fingers resting gently against her stomach a warm affectionate touch.

Haru looked at her and then moved to sit down higher on the bed pulling her gently into his arms as he held her. "I don't remember much about her. I was…five maybe six when she disappeared." He said gently as he ran his fingers comfortingly through her hair. "I know she taught me as much as she could until then. Always encouraged me to pick myself up if I fell and to trust in the plants." he said glancing out at the gardens. He thought about it. "I suppose that warmth….is the same warmth that Sarah shows you….she knows she's your big sister but she tries to look after you and take care of you without taking away your freedom to make choices." He said as he held her. If he thought about it Sarah tended to fuss as if a mom figure but as the oldest sister to all of the adopted kids of Trait she dealt with enough scrapped knees as the healer in the castle and colds and the such. But it might make Vespa feel better to know…even if Raiser had not given her that love Sarah had from the start. "My mom….was a lot like Sarah actually. She was there if I needed her….but encouraged me to grow."

Opal looked at Sarah as she took the vial and narrowed her eyes reading the instructions before shaking her head. "Is it…really what it says?" She asked. "Can it really save everyone who is sedated in the infirmary right now because of the Furies?" She asked….there was so many in one section being given modified Zion to fight and keep the poison of the Furies at bay but it could not cure it. But Sarah was holding it and looked somewhere between hopeful and disbelieving. "Miss Sarah…do you know what it is?" She asked….having never seen anything look like liquid light no matter how much time out of the package the light never waned it never decreased. Naiya's gift to them could save the injured…even from the point of death. This one….could cure most dire illness's but more importantly it could cleanse and restore someone who had been infected by the Furies.

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