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Re: Morning
Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:21pm

Acerbus smiled, "She is just waking up now, a bit more subtle than her brother." He noted moving back to the crib and looking down with a smile, Liora slowly waking up little by little. Finally getting the twins on the same cycle. Took a few days, but they made it.

Jupiter could feel Twilight pulling herself in closer, that could only mean the sun was up and punishing the two of them. Wanting the couple to get up and face the day.

Mars smirking a little bit as they made their way out of the room and down to their kitchen to make breakfast. There was another reason Mars was up a little early. He had promised Koi he would talk with his father. He just was unsure what he was going to say. "Sure, sounds great."

Pops smiled, "Well, umm Maple...and...well Blueberry. Sadly that is all for the moment. Little low on supplies until today's delivery."

Crys nodded a little bit. "So what was it this time, some new law passed?" She asked not having paid too much attention other than most of the members were new thanks to the Kingsmen. She went to the bar and picking up some of the waffles. "Rates are reasonable....heck for a guard we can take....10% off." She then looked up to the door as it opened. "Well, three guest in one day new record for us."

Rio blinked, "Holy who know?" He asked having only caught the tail end of what Vera was talking about. He leaned his head in a little more.

Donovan smiled, "Judith is working with the council still and Samson seems to still research a lot so it would be good to sit and talk with a friend."

Abbadon sighed a bit, "Let's hope that it is good news then." He was worried that they might like the news. He wanted to talk more about Zlo here. A raven tribe this big must have meet him once.

Panro getting up off the bed. "So early and already for play?" he asked her moving, careful not to knock over the glasses of all the drinks they had last night. Sandy said she gets thirsty after mating so he made sure to order plenty.

Mela slowly let out a sigh and light coos as her energy was coming back to her. Her eyes fluttered a little bit, trying to wake up. But, also so close to Blake fighting that feeling and just wanting to lay with him.

Serg laughed again, "For you I would do anything." He told her and leaned in for another deep kiss as they recovered a little bit.

Torin blinked a few times and mumbled a little bit before laying back down on to the bed as Juno talked him back to sleep. He rolled over a bit and just took a big deep sigh and relaxed on to the bed.

Tria sighed a little bit. "They have those things on too high." She noted about the lanterns. And then looked to her crystal, "Or I just need a new one." She shurgged and leaned back into her chair, "Lana, Garand, Mille, her mate, Yuuri, that all I can't even remember."

Lana let in a breath and sitting up, hair and ears looking a mess. Looking around like she was still dreaming a bit before flopping down almost on to Garand. "Wake me up when its noon."

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    • Re: Morning — Acerbus, Sun Apr 15 9:21pm
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