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Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:17am

Del moved over with Acer and smiled, looking in at Liora. “Aww, there’s our sleep girl,“ she said, moving to pick her up, cradling her in her arms and rubbing one of her soft furry ears. Liora’s wings were a bit more fur coated along the top than her brother’s, whose wings looked more like Acer’s, without the fur. Liora’s little tail was curled around her somewhat and she yawned happily, letting out a little content coo at being held. “They made it through the night,“ she said with a smile, looking at Acer and feeling relieved.

Twilight sighed and moved to lift her head, the blanket sliding back, her hair a bit mussed from it. She squinted and groaned a bit, moving to sit up against Jupiter a bit, rubbing her eyes, his arm down around her waist. It wasn’t long before she moved to lay down again, a bit more on Jupiter, snuggling against him and just being a bit of a lazy ravingale this morning, but after the day they’d had yesterday and the odd night… they were entitled to being a bit lazy. “It feels like something’s going to happen today… and all I want… is this…” she murmured, still sleepy.

Koi moved into the kitchen with Mars and turned to face him, smiling. “So… what is my husband-to-be thinking about for breakfast?“ she asked playfully.

Orion shook his head a bit. “Just… stuff, Crys. Don’t worry about it.“ He then smirked and followed her over to the bar where she snagged a few waffles for herself. “A Guard discount? Well then, I’ll have to consider moving in,“ he mused, then paused and turned to see the newcomer enter. “Huh… well that… doesn’t look right,“ he said, his wings ruffling. Even with the colorful ‘cape’ falling over much of Dimael’s strange appearance, it wasn’t hard to see he wasn’t from around here. And usually the Guards were informed whenever someone came through the portal from La’Shire, and no one had in days.

Eros was at the top of the stairs and he could see it where the others couldn’t. Dimael’s aura… it was dark dark violet, almost like a midnight blue with a trace of purple… and he swore he could even see stars in it, as though he were pure night. But it was that violet tinge that he picked up on. It was like Twilight’s, yet different… and he could tell it was currently pointed in Phere’s direction. He came down the stairs and moved around in front of Dimael, putting himself between the larger figure and the others. “Who are you?” he asked pointedly. No doubt Dimael would know he could see him in a way others couldn’t. Eros was a white raven, and with Aeon being of the White Woods or Ghost Woods, those like him had a sight for it.

“Ah!“ Vera jumped a bit, nearly dropping her crystal. She caught it, though, and looked at Rio. “Uh… Nour. You know, the Ancient, “ she said, shaking her head a bit. “Nevermind. I mean… hi,“ she said with a smile, realizing this was the first time she was seeing Rio since that good night kiss they’d shared outside her door last night. She blushed a little at the recollection. “Just get up?“ she asked, still holding the crystal in her hands.

Soraya nodded a bit. “I do hope,“ she agreed. “Hey, how is it that you always managed, somehow, to get the subject off of you?“ she asked, quirking an eyebrow curiously. For as much as Atticus had wanted to see Abbadon and Soraya become involved, they simply were too close of friends growing up for that to ever happen. He was closer to what she imagined a brother to be, and so it was such fun to tease him about his rather boring love life, or lack thereof.

Sandy looked over her shoulder as Panro followed, making his remark. She smiled and swished her tail playfully. “Aren’t I always?“ she asked. Sandy was either lazy and just wanting to cuddle the day away, or she was playful and… well… sometimes not wanting to get out of bed for other reasons! Seemed, this morning, she was feeling playful. There was no ring on the tigress’ finger yet, but it didn’t matter, because she felt energized with giddiness over the fact Panro wanted her to be his wife.

Blake was willing to let Mela just rest in his arms as long as she wanted, but she seemed to be slowly waking. He then noticed her crystal on the nightstand on her side of the bed flashing. It didn’t make any real sound, but it was obviously reminding her of something… forgetting she’d made plans with Nascha… He only knew he had rounds after breakfast with Serg. He needed to speak with him, anyway… he’d heard through the grapevine that Serg was withdrawing from vangaurd duty to more of the patrol position, though the fact he was trying to restart the school and expand on it, and also focusing on starting a family, wasn’t something Blake knew about…

Nascha blushed a bit when he made no objections to the idea. She closed her eyes and returned the kiss, taking little breaks inbetween kisses to catch her breath. But it really was far too easy to get lost in the dragon beside her. He always seemed to take delight in the effect he had on her, much like how her hoots could affect him. “You really think… that was the one?” she asked playfully with a smile. “I’m thinking we should definitely try again later, just to be sure,” she hooted cutely. Another romp would probably have to wait, though… since she had made plans a few days ago to have breakfast with Mela this morning, and with Blake and Serg if they wanted to come before they did their morning rounds… though one had to wonder if Mela would remember after her big family dinner last night and all of the bedroom antics.

Juno watched Torin roll over to go back to sleep. She sighed, relieved she hadn’t fully woken him. She slipped out of bed and moved into the washroom. She washed her face and looked into the mirror. “It was just a dream… that’s all.“ She reassured herself. It meant nothing. Were she to know her younger sister had experienced the same sort of nightmares last night, Juno would have more cause for concern.

Garand rose an eyebrow and chuckled under his breath, moving a bit and pulling up the blanket over their heads before holding her lightly in his arms. “Lazy cat,“ he teased, “but fair enough,“ he sighed, closing his eyes. He knew he had things to do today, mostly writing up a report of the incident he and Lana endured yesterday with the Abyss, but it could most certainly wait. He had a day off fully to recover with her and he was going to do with it whatever the heck he wanted.


Aspen smiled and shook his head. “It’s no trouble, Eri. Here, I’ll get you a fresh pitcher of water. I’ll be right back.” He moved to pour the last of the tea into her glass and then took the empty pitcher out of the room to go fill it to cold brew more tea for her. It seemed to be helping her. She already looked so much better, calmer, more rested… He noticed his fiance struggling over the intivations and heard her talking to herself. He was returning with the filled pitcher and smiled, standing by her.

“Hey, love. Don’t forget Fang and Traitorin… You also mentioned you thought about inviting Ikki, Panro and Sandy. Not to mention Koi, though… I think her last message mentioned she was feeling overwhelmed with her own wedding plans…“ Aspen said. He sometimes wondered if Tria would have benefited from taking a short weekend trip to Unkindness to see Koi and Vera. La’Shire was a beautiful place and it was full of light, but it was also hectic and overwhelming in its own rights. But she insisted she wanted to be here to help Traitorin… and to be here for Aspen while he figured everything out about Eri… And now, tonight, they’d be getting married. “Maybe we should honeymoon there. Ask Acerbus if we could have a cozy little guest perch in the Royal Oak,“ he chuckled. Not many places were safe these days, and at least Unkindness had a direct and secure portal to it.

    • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nikkala thru Vespa), Mon Apr 16 12:18am
      Nikki looked at his arm as he put the ointment on it and her ears fell back. It didn’t look any better. “It will clear up, though, right?“ she asked. It wasn’t like this had really happened to him... more
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Mira/Sarah), Mon Apr 16 12:19am
        Sarah nodded a bit as Opal asked her all sorts of questions, though they weren’t quite sinking in. “What? Oh… yes. I think it can, Opal. It’s… I think it’s Miravanna. Something that… the recipe... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari (Pherenice thru Eri) , Mon Apr 16 10:19am
          Pherenice looked at Pops and tipped her head her ears twitching a bit. She sniffed at the bottles lightly scenting the air before deciding on the blueberry syrup. She did glance slightly back though... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari (Averie thru Opal) , Mon Apr 16 10:21am
            Averie nodded as he worked the ointment into the burns. "Yeah with time." He said gently knowing that it didn't look good but he paused as she moved he had had runic burns before as a kid from... more
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              Perking up at the sound of Mira's voice Koran quickly turned his attention back to the washroom as his wife asked if he wanted to join her "You know I can't ever refuse a request like that..I can't... more
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                Acerbus smiled, "That they did, see told you it was a matter of time." He noted of course it also could have been that Acerbus finally knew he needed to spend time here helping. He could run the... more
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                  (Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for so long. Let's see if I can get back into the swing of things...) Axl was awakened by the sun, staying in bed with Seda. It was a long night celebrating the... more
                  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Del thru Aspen), Thu Apr 19 12:17am
                    Delilah smiled and nuzzled Liora a bit. “Guess they felt safe and content knowing their daddy was going to be here when they woke up,“ she said, moving to give Acerbus a kiss and then little Lukken.... more
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                      (Welcome back, Rudy! Glad to have you posting with us again. And, no worries, we all know how busy life gets sometimes. ) Seda felt Ex stirring and that was enough to make the vixen roll over into... more
                      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Eros thru Vespa), Thu Apr 19 12:18am
                        Eros was deeply confused now. The figure in front of him was larger in stature and had an aura that reminded him of something otherworldly, but what he felt would be a threat here… Dimael wasn’t... more
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                          Sarah nodded a bit to Opal and then heard Drak and turned to look back into the room a bit, pulling the door closed just a bit so Opal wouldn’t see her husband in just his towel, although the odds... more
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                            Occ: No worries. ^_^ Welcome back we all know what's it's like to have stuff going on. Fai nodded as she listened to Donovan and smiled sitting down to breakfast with him before he had to go out and... more
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                              Averie looked at Nikki and shook his head no. "No she can't." He said in agreement. "Nour the ancient of purity spoke to me. She said she removed the only existing tie in my blood to her so that she... more
                              • Re: No SubjectKari (Opal and Menda) , Thu Apr 19 8:54pm
                                Opal did catch a glimpse of Drak not a whole lot but enough to make the Serval turn a bit to be polite she wasn't falling into Spring Fever. Thankfully and wasn't like some of the other nurses in the ... more
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                                  "Aww look at my Seda..." Ex said, an impish grin on his face as he gazed upon his slumbering wife. Hooking his tails around hers so she couldn't move, he moved his hands to base of her tails, rubbing ... more
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                                    Mira's amusement held merit as the gatan absolutely did have plenty of control over her drachen husband, the bulky puree hybrid couldn't get enough of his kitten's presence from the first moment he... more
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                                      “No thanks needed, Eri, but… you’re welcome,“ Aspen said with a smile. He nodded a bit and sighed, “We do. A lot to be done in a single day when you decide to get married that night,“ he chuckled.... more
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                                        Seda‘s ears twitched a bit as she heard him talking and she stayed snuggled into him before she felt his tails going around her, holding her in place. She gasped, drawing in a sharp breath and... more
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                                          Acerbus smiled and wondered if that was true, last several days he has been up early. Getting ready for the day and out running the Tribe and getting back late. But, that is changing, anything can be ... more
                                          • Re: No SubjectAcerbus (Donovan), Sat Apr 21 2:45am
                                            Donovan nodding and taking a few bites from their breakfast, "And...they still haven't found a royal healer yet." He pointed out again. He was trying hard not to push it but Fai had already done so... more
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