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Averie nodded as he worked the ointment into the burns. "Yeah with time." He said gently knowing that it didn't look good but he paused as she moved he had had runic burns before as a kid from messing up but that wasn't anything like this. Those were minor and got a good scolding from Drak about what had happened to. They weren't from dark evil runes. He knew they took time to heal just not fully how long. When she hooked her finger into the collar of his shirt and pulled it down a bit….to see the black burns tracing and fading out towards his heart….she asked the question that even he didn't want to think about. Averie set down the ointment and then reached up to take her hand into his gently as he took a deep breathe. It was clear just by that one breathe….that it unnerved him as well. "Yes." He answered quietly. "The burns….are that bad on my arm…because Solace was doing everything in his power to stop it from getting there….but it meant trapping the runes in my left arm…." He looked at it Solace was out cold, absolutely exhausted even for an Ancient. "He….said if it was a matter of simply destroying the runes and the magic he could have….easily. But it could killed me….so he was doing everything in his power to stop it." He held her hand in his. "You helped greatly Nikki and then Drak was stopping it trying to undo it further and finally for whatever reason Ivy came with Nour and she…helped." He took a deep breathe. "I'm alright now…I'm not going anywhere."

Yuuri felt his fingers running through her hair so gently over the quills behind her ears a gentle soothing touch even as her heart thudded almost thunderously in her chest. Yuuri curled into him a moment not speaking but her wings turned back the light in them dim as they were pressed low to her back her tail had curled tightly about her legs. Talk to him…."It was him…..he was back….alive again…"She whispered into the room speaking low almost as if just afraid in this moment that talking about it would bring him back all on its own. "Younger…much younger in his prime….he was so furious so angry…..he sought to punish me….and take you from this world."

Millie chuckled. "Oh yes defiantly someone went and made himself a stinky little mess." she said as she picked up Ri who was giggling and wiggling. She shook her head as she looked at Kahi. "It'll be just a few minutes yet." She said walking up to him and leaning in to kiss his cheek aware that both of them could smell how well there son had loaded his diaper this morning. She shook her head as she carried Ri into the bathroom. "You little man need a bath." she said to which he let out a 'awooooooo' which sound more like a no then a true howl. She shook her head as she drew the bath water for Ri and set him down beginning to get him cleaned up of the diaper and the mess. So she could give him a bath!

Kahiri smiled as he looked down at her. "Inara's fine, I just changed a wet diaper not long ago and she snuggled down and went back to sleep." He said as he held her gently in his arms. "She's quiet happy to sleep in now that she's warm and dry." He said letting Celly know that he would keep them both safe even if it was just to change a diaper for a cute little princess.

Fii nodded. "A lot happened yesterday." He said as he looked at her. "A lot of highs and a lot of lows all packed into one day, makes one's head spin." He was being honest with her about it for a reason the feelings and everything letting Topaz know that what she was feeling was normal and alright. He held the glass and chuckled. "Very good timing though." Fiore was quiet a moment then tipped his head. "When you feel up to trying to eat something let me know. It might take a little bit for the medicines to settle on your stomach but they will." He was so calm about it but he always was when dealing with situations medically and the such fighting was what made him nervous and antsy but it was there she was shined. Handling all of the chaos that way.

Kirie snuggled in a bit more yawning. "staying here…." She said in answer to him knowing he'd pretty much figured it out already but was getting her to answer him it was cute. "Lazing about until our stomachs protest…." she said sleepily. "Or….I fall back to sleep." She said in a half teasing half serious tone. She really was likely to fall back to sleep if she snuggled up to him to long. She had never felt so warm and safe and comfortable.

"Yes." Suna said as she got up grabbing her spear as well although lighter then his and more like a long javelin then a heavy spear like his. It was clear to many of them in the Wylds that Singo was willing to teach there new Chieftain the things her father neglected for the sake of keeping the tribe strong and healthy. To help her become a strong leader. None realize that they were in love with each other and none realized that Suna had not given up on her desire to do away with the system in place that meant one could not be with the one they loved but how. Although there were many who in this smaller tribe were not happy with the way things were but like Suna and Singo…felt trapped by it. "Let's go…"

Sable fussed in the kitchen getting it ready and then paused and got her something to drink too. Once she had it all she walked back in with it on a tray seeing Bayla sitting up in bed she was a pretty lycan a very pretty lycan. Sable walked in carrying the tray with the warmed up food and the cool drink walking over to her and setting it down over her lap before sitting down herself she herself had brought in a cup of Jarval for herself a coffee like drink and Rosie had been sweet knowing that Naiya had a full house and brought over a bunch of her Rose crème pastries. One of which Sable had put on the tray for Bayla as well. "Let me know if it's not hot enough…Rosie had stopped just as I finished heating it and brought over her pastries…..she's in a baking mood since she's got the morning off….baskets full of those pastries."

Shale laughed. "Oh I'm sure you and Fauve will hear about my being Impish all over again really soon." She said smiling as her tail swished about she was happy. Of course Fauve always just sorta looked at them whenever someone did complain about Shale being 'impish' and would simply say 'duh she's an Imp..what else is Shale supposed to be?' As if that was the be all end all of it. She did smile though as she tipped her head. "I can certainly show them a few things."

Jarral sighed in his sleep settling in a bit more half aroused at the moment as he held Wynter snuggled up in his arms feeling her snuggle in more happily hiding from the sun in his wings getting a bit more sleep.

Solan smiled. "it was." He said in agreement of course they broke it in rather well. He held her gently in his arms and was certain Millie would without a doubt scold him and be annoyed that he spent the night before his wedding with Keelin in his arms. Of course they had to get all of that stuff out. But at least this morning he could cuddle with her a bit longer it would be a small but cute ceremony something that would not be overwhelming for Keelin but would be special to her.

Syao shifted and laid down to hold her in his arms also slipping beneath the covers and sighed a bit. He stretched only a little careful to not smack his wings or get them anywhere near that head board as he curled up with her tucking them back in behind him.

Keyon smiled. "sure thing." he said as she was right he was asking because he knew her favorites and her likes and like this morning the babies had other ideas about suasage's. He didn't want to order something he knew she loved just to have the scent of it or taste turn her stomach. He reached up and placed the order, ordering the same thing for himself. He took a deep breathe as he leaned back setting the crystal down and holding her gently in his arms.

Traya brought her hand up chuckling. "I'm sure what the cooks wished me to try was no doubt delicious I think they're just determined to show me that it's good too." she said as she snuggled up to him. "But…my pregnancy would disagree….and say too strong." she chuckled. "Perhaps after our son is born…he seems to be fussy about what he wants to eat." She teased as her hand laid against her belly bump feeling the baby shift and stretch a bit before curling up as if to go back to sleep. Thankfully she wasn't spending the days with a lot of pregnancy sickness. But Sylar might have a lot to do with that as he made sure she didn't over do it. That and Bane followed her endlessly during the day. It was funny but they had become good friends.

Frau smiled as she moved and leaned up kissing him. "If you want. I know your not overly fond of it." she said smiling letting him know that while she was worried about him she also knew he would take care of himself and get some much needed rest. "I should go shower….oh but I should let Daire know I'll take her out to get that dress." she said shaking her head showing her thoughts were a bit scattered but that wasn't all that unusual for Frau she was always multi-tasking in her head making her seem a bit scattered brained but she wasn't. It all came together nicely.

Rumi nodded as he looked at Ashe. "Oh don't I know it…this one already thinks he can go racing off." He said looking down at his son who looked up at him kicking his legs away a mile a minute and giggling. As if air running was the best thing in the world. Rumi held him as he glanced over at there daughter who was seemingly so much claimer. "We're going to have our hands full…."

River smiled and shook her head. "I was wondering about that." she said chuckling. "It was a busy day." She said relaxing in the water. "MM did you notice…La'shire seems to be pinging with a different pattern once and a while since midday yesterday. She'll start dancing with the lights." she said pointing up one within the other and different patterns all trying to tell one certain Prince that he was a daddy.

Soliel looked at her and then at the menu. "You won't get punished…." she mused as Odette's words sank in not even a Gladiator was free from punishment if they did something there owner didn't like. But her tone was clear it was a curious thing for her as she looked at the menu a bit differently were as she was leery to try something new. "The royal family…..is quiet large." she said pausing to think about that one as she glanced at the menu.

Silvi drew in a low breathe a soft breathing yawn like moan as she woke, her eyes slowly fluttering open having no idea at all that she'd just told Spartan that she loved him or that she went and blushed in her sleep. A bad habit on her part she'd swear by it. Responding to people even as she was sleeping but Spartan found it cute which she didn't know. "….mmorn…ing.." she breathed on a sleepy whisper as she tried to pull herself to awareness blinking to wake up.

Trilander looked at her a moment and then nodded as he realized what she meant. How she meant it. "With our pups." He said gently but clearly. "yours and mine only." He clarified she had had a rough day yesterday and of course it was only natural for her to be concerned although nothing happened enough for her to get pregnant by the others. It was still a little nerve wracking. La'shire confirmed it as he said it seeming to say yup. Or yes. "La'shire say's it…happened after the first tie…" he said blushing a bit talking back to there love making the day before. "Only ours." He assured her gently.

Haru thought about it as she asked if Sarah was like that for him too. "In a way…I suppose yeah." He said as he held her. "But more like…a big sister to me….it's….different." He sighed how to explain how the feelings went. She was married to his dad and he was dating her younger sister.. It made things different but at the same token…."But…it's all good….she's family."


Opal looked at Sarah taking a deep breathe as she pulled out her scroll and activated it. She moved her finger looking at them. "There are three Miss Sarah." She said shaking her head as she looked at them. "There's a young couple that is in stage four of the furies poisoning they're not waking anymore and there showing black burns and bubbling of the skin. There's a young girl as well about fifteen maybe sixteen….she's being sedated according to the records….the doctors who are taking care of them believe she's in the final stages. If she's not sedates she's screaming and clawing at everyone….her body is beginning to show signs of twisting like the furies…" Opal looked at Sarah. "There are a few others who aren't quiet as bad as those three yet but there getting close."

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    Pherenice looked at Pops and tipped her head her ears twitching a bit. She sniffed at the bottles lightly scenting the air before deciding on the blueberry syrup. She did glance slightly back though... more
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        Perking up at the sound of Mira's voice Koran quickly turned his attention back to the washroom as his wife asked if he wanted to join her "You know I can't ever refuse a request like that..I can't... more
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          Acerbus smiled, "That they did, see told you it was a matter of time." He noted of course it also could have been that Acerbus finally knew he needed to spend time here helping. He could run the... more
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            (Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for so long. Let's see if I can get back into the swing of things...) Axl was awakened by the sun, staying in bed with Seda. It was a long night celebrating the... more
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              Delilah smiled and nuzzled Liora a bit. “Guess they felt safe and content knowing their daddy was going to be here when they woke up,“ she said, moving to give Acerbus a kiss and then little Lukken.... more
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                (Welcome back, Rudy! Glad to have you posting with us again. And, no worries, we all know how busy life gets sometimes. ) Seda felt Ex stirring and that was enough to make the vixen roll over into... more
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                  Eros was deeply confused now. The figure in front of him was larger in stature and had an aura that reminded him of something otherworldly, but what he felt would be a threat here… Dimael wasn’t... more
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                    Sarah nodded a bit to Opal and then heard Drak and turned to look back into the room a bit, pulling the door closed just a bit so Opal wouldn’t see her husband in just his towel, although the odds... more
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                      Occ: No worries. ^_^ Welcome back we all know what's it's like to have stuff going on. Fai nodded as she listened to Donovan and smiled sitting down to breakfast with him before he had to go out and... more
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                        Averie looked at Nikki and shook his head no. "No she can't." He said in agreement. "Nour the ancient of purity spoke to me. She said she removed the only existing tie in my blood to her so that she... more
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                          Opal did catch a glimpse of Drak not a whole lot but enough to make the Serval turn a bit to be polite she wasn't falling into Spring Fever. Thankfully and wasn't like some of the other nurses in the ... more
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                            "Aww look at my Seda..." Ex said, an impish grin on his face as he gazed upon his slumbering wife. Hooking his tails around hers so she couldn't move, he moved his hands to base of her tails, rubbing ... more
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                              Mira's amusement held merit as the gatan absolutely did have plenty of control over her drachen husband, the bulky puree hybrid couldn't get enough of his kitten's presence from the first moment he... more
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                                “No thanks needed, Eri, but… you’re welcome,“ Aspen said with a smile. He nodded a bit and sighed, “We do. A lot to be done in a single day when you decide to get married that night,“ he chuckled.... more
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                                  Seda‘s ears twitched a bit as she heard him talking and she stayed snuggled into him before she felt his tails going around her, holding her in place. She gasped, drawing in a sharp breath and... more
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                                    Acerbus smiled and wondered if that was true, last several days he has been up early. Getting ready for the day and out running the Tribe and getting back late. But, that is changing, anything can be ... more
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                                      Donovan nodding and taking a few bites from their breakfast, "And...they still haven't found a royal healer yet." He pointed out again. He was trying hard not to push it but Fai had already done so... more
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