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Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:17am

Delilah smiled and nuzzled Liora a bit. “Guess they felt safe and content knowing their daddy was going to be here when they woke up,“ she said, moving to give Acerbus a kiss and then little Lukken. She knew Acerbus intended to have another meeting today, likely to speak with Eros more, most likely, about what he saw out there, the condition of Aeon, whether or not he felt it was even safe to consider letting Twilight go there. And, of course, she didn’t know that Acerbus also had plans to speak with Twilight… about Soraya’s request. “I wonder if Judith would want to babysit later so I could check out the gardens for Koi and Mars’ wedding. It’s getting close… and they entrusted me with the location.“

Twilight cooed contently at his words and then sighed as she snuggled in more, just getting as comfy as ever with Jupiter. “If only that were possible,“ she murmured. She’d love to see Jupiter try to keep her just like this… cuddled in his arms, feeling so warm and safe and happy. For these moments with him, her mind was so far from everything else going on.

Koi paused as they walked into the kitchen and she saw breakfast on the table. “Awww…“ she cooed, looking at Mars. She moved in and kissed him, giving him another little coo as she broke it, aware she’d likely ruffled his feathers with that one, but she couldn’t help it. He was always doing things that surprised her and Mars just innately had the ability to make her that happy. “That is so sweet. Thank you,“ she said, hugging him and then pulling away to go sit down and have breakfast with her fiance.

Orion didn’t have to be told twice as he put a couple of waffles onto an empty plate and then turned to look at the newcomer. He listened, more confused than ever, especially because he -- like most in the room -- didn’t really know just what Eros’ assignments were that kept him so busy and gained him such access to the Royals. He heard Crys say Eros’ name and he looked to her, noticing the way she held her forearm over the scarf. It piqued his curiosity almost as much as this stranger and his exchanges with Phere and Eros did. “Someone want to explain what’s going on?” he asked.

Vera blushed a bit and smirked, shaking her head a bit as he laid on the charm. Her ears then perked as her attention was grabbed by the voices too. “Doesn’t sound like arguments…“ she said as the tones seemed to quiet down. She could sense it, though… something was definitely happening downstairs. “We should check it out,“ she said, moving past him and then pausing as she looked at the crystal in her hands. “Uh…“ she turned back to him. “I need to go back tonight,“ she said, “back through the portal. But… just for tonight,“ she said. “One of my friends is getting married and she invited me and I haven’t been back yet so… I thought… why not?“ she seemed to be hesitating on something more, though. On asking him if he might… want to come… but they’d only just become a couple last night. Would it be too much too soon? Though she probably should already know better than that when it came to Rio, who seemed very confident in the direction things were going.

“Ha! Then you’re welcome,“ Soraya laughed, taking the remark as a well-earned compliment. “Just don’t go using that trick on your future love bird, hmm?“ she teased him. “I won’t let you run her off with your feeling like you have to be the eternal bachelor.“

Sandy looked over her shoulder, then shifted and looked over her other shoulder. Her ears twitched a bit. Oh, she was well aware Panro was in a bit of a hunting mode. She had a weird feeling she would get pounced before they even got into the bath. “You’re being so silly, Panro,“ she purred, turning to fully face him so he couldn’t stalk so easily, not that it would deter him any.

Blake perked up a bit when he saw her using her magic. He hadn’t seen that spell before. He knew Mela was always studying, always practicing and teaching herself… but it was still fun to see her put them into practice. “Who is it?“ he asked curiously as he hugged her from behind, placing a kiss on her cheek before resting his chin on her shoulder as they were clearly not all that interested in getting up just yet. He then paused and groaned. He’d forgotten about Horace. He pulled away to grab his crystal and let Serg know that he wouldn’t be on rounds with him today after all, they would have to talk later.. He had family obligations today, though perhaps he could take Horace on some rounds at some point today, let him meet the other knights and see how they worked, build a healthy admiration that might help him want to be less the troublemaker and more serious about his training and studies. Give him a positive motivator.

Nascha laughed a bit when he agreed… just to be safe. “Then I’ll meet you later today… same place…“ she joked before giving him another kiss. There were still the occasional classes happening in the castle, but nothing on the scale that Serg was looking to get going, and usually it was only with royal tutors for Altair… although he always brought Yuna with him, even if the lessons were too advanced for her. It’d all be better once Serg had worked with Dia, Silvatrista and Trait to get a section of the castle designated for classrooms and the residents he had in mind for teachers put into those roles.

Juno took a drink of water and set down her glass before moving back out into the room. She looked at Torin snoring away on the bed and she sighed. “Just a dream…“ she repeated quietly before moving to crawl back into the bed with Torin. She sighed and pulled the covers a bit. “Such a blanket hog,” she curled up and smiled to herself, cuddling up against his back a bit, even if she probably wouldn’t go back to sleep.

“That he does,“ Garand agreed before moving to give her a kiss. He loved those meowr sounds she made when she was sleepy and lazy and being all cute. “I think we’ve earned a lazy day. What do you think?“ he asked.

Aspen nodded a bit when Tria mentioned Koi. “You never know, but you could be right. Though I’m sure she’d still love the invitation, even if she ends up not being able to make it. She’s already told you she’s inviting us to hers,“ he noted. He dropped some of the tea bags into the pitcher of water he’d fetched for Eri so it could start to steep. “Considering the numbers that could attend, it’s still a small guest list,“ he mused. “I ordered us and Eri breakfast. Should probably be here soon. I’ll just put this back in her room,“ he said before heading back to do just that. “Here you go, Eri.” He smiled as he moved to her bedside and set the pitcher on the table beside the glass, which she’d been sipping from.

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                              Donovan nodding and taking a few bites from their breakfast, "And...they still haven't found a royal healer yet." He pointed out again. He was trying hard not to push it but Fai had already done so... more
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