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Eros was deeply confused now. The figure in front of him was larger in stature and had an aura that reminded him of something otherworldly, but what he felt would be a threat here… Dimael wasn’t turning out to be that at all. But everything was hard to follow. “Sacred White Raven? Guardian? What?” He followed Dim’s light around to where Phere was as he spoke to her as though he knew her and expected her to know him, too… Eros ‘looked’ back at Phere, Pops, Crys and Orion. They all seemed equally perplexed, but Eros was being offered conversation from this stranger… Dimael he called himself… and he would accept it if only to understand what was happening, where he’d come from and his purpose here… “We can talk, then,” he said, though a part of him felt like he should only be talking with this Dimael with Acerbus, Duncan and Mars present… but he was due for another chat with them this morning, and perhaps he’d bring this… newcomer along if he proved important to Twilight, like Eros was suspecting…

Nikki listened and nodded a bit after a few moments of quiet staring. She sighed a bit and had a hard time getting her ears to perk back up at the moment… “she can’t do it again?“ she asked, wanting to be sure he really wouldn’t be at risk again, not like this… and it did make her all the more eager to have this Ivy stop by to make sure Kiva couldn’t be harmed.

Senn listened as he held Yuuri, running his fingers soothingly through her hair as she seemed to huddle against him. His ears fell a bit and he frowned. “Your father is dead, Yuuri. He was… obliterated by Traitorin… nothing left. It was just a nightmare,“ he said quietly, confidently, wanting to reassure her. “You’re okay.. And I’m here with you…”

Kahi let out a wolfish scoff upon getting a whiff of his impish son, but he still gave him and Millie a kiss before shaking his head and watching her make her way to the washroom with him. He finished getting ready. “Millie, I’m heading out. I’ll see you later,“ he called to her before making his way to the offices… fortunately Rocky had made certain that there was no trace of what he and Rain had been doing yesterday in Rocky’s office, which was adjoined to Kahi’s.

Celluna sighed with obvious relief to hear Inara was good. “So what you’re saying… is I could totally… sleep more..“ she murmured, already feeling herself drifting off again, snuggling up to Ri, hugging his waist, not wanting to let him go.

Hearing Fii make it clear that what she was feeling was normal, especially after the many events of the day. She had every right and reason to feel a bit all over the place. She looked at him when he spoke of eating something and she almost frowned. She hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning… before the sauna… She knew the medicine would help with her stomach, but the thought of eating just didn’t appeal to her… but she knew he was right. “I’ll let you know…” she said. She wasn’t used to sitting back and having things just happen to her. Pregnancy was sort of like that. It was her own inability to stay still that cost them their last baby, which she was unaware of. She was a scrapper and she felt like she couldn’t be who she was when she was worrying about carrying. Like every move she made could cost that little life and it’d be her fault… but the Nocturna would ensure that wouldn’t be the case. Paz could be her feisty self, once she recovered from this little rollercoaster of emotions she was so unused to, she just couldn’t be reckless, like sparring with Yuuri or running out into some fight.

“You can do that,“ Eko said with a smile as she mentioned falling back to sleep. “I’ll still be here when you wake up, just like I promised.“ As though to help her do that, he even started to purr. His rumblings soft and content.

Singo headed out with Suna, appearing to be going on one of their scouting and reconnaissance ventures. As far as the Wylds knew, they were still trying to figure out how to get more strong, breeding females into their tribe as the tigresses they currently had were almost all mothers at the moment and there were so few of them lately. Tokeru had even scoffed at one point that his pickings were slim because three of the girls left were related to him and that was a serious taboo. Suna was a prize, and yet one that was not on the table… not for anyone but Singo, and that was only in secret. “I want to see that tree again… it‘ll take us away from the camp, too…” he said to her. Things were going to get worse quickly, it seemed. Tokeru appeared to be getting restless and more belligerent.

Bayla wasn’t aware of how much the cloud leopard girl was fussing in the kitchen, all for her. She smiled when she came back and she settled the tray on her lap. “Thank you, Sable,“ she said before cutting into the food and tasting it, nodding and smiling again. “No, it’s perfect,“ she said, so she wouldn’t have to go heat it any more. “I can’t wait to try one of the pastries,“ she said with a blush, noticing how Sable ramble on a bit, as though she felt… nervous… like a flirty sort of nervous, but Bayla wouldn’t just to conclusions or get her hopes up… their little talk last night was a bit hazy and hadn’t been too overt or clear, just alluding to something there.

“Well, I wouldn’t really mind that,“ Maks mused. “I’ve been worried you’ve gotten rusty,“ he teased, just goading the imp a bit more, as he’d always done, either pushing her buttons or flustering her in other ways.

Wynter woke more as her tummy seemed to be telling her it was hungry, too hungry to sleep through much longer. She stirred a bit and breathed in deep to sigh, catching that semi-scent of Jarral that had come around so many times last night. She woke, opening her eyes and looking up a bit to see him still sound asleep, his arms and wings still wrapped snug around her, making her blush a bit, her mind catching up with everything that happened last night… and since it’d all been things she’d never done before, she knew she hadn’t dreamed it… she wouldn’t have known how to imagine those things….

Keelin yawned cutely again, unable to help it. He’d certainly exhausted her last night, and it hadn’t been a bad thing. They’d rested and cuddled and napped and kissed and talked and laughed in between mating, which made it so different from their ordeal in town… With it being so easy and not feeling forced or rushed, it made the adventure of mating so much in one night fun and no exactly unnerving like Solan had worried it might be for the little wolf. “Do we have to get up?” she asked.

Zyna watched him snuggle down with her again and how mindful he was of his wings. She smiled and snuggled up to Syao under the covers, loving his warmth, starting to softly purr. “I kinda want… cake…“ she said randomly, and since Zyna wasn’t really the biggest eater of sweets, it was a curious remark. Obviously her pregnancy hormones wanted chocolate cherry cake for breakfast… and yet she also wanted her usual breakfast of fresh fruit, bacon and scrambled eggs. She just knew she’d be disappointed if there wasn’t cake with it this morning!

Jin cuddled up as Keyon rested there with her after ordering their breakfasts. “Can you believe last night?“ she asked. “Aussie proposing and Shasta… and Vanille. I didn’t realize they were a couple, but… it’s sweet. She looked so happy,“ she said with a smile.

“Perhaps,” Sylar agreed, moving one of his hands up to rest on her belly. “I’m relieved that last night didn’t put too much strain on him,” he said, knowing that Adriel would have kept the baby safe, even when using Traya as a conduit.

Liam smiled and returned the kiss. “I tolerate it when it’s coming from you,“ he mused teasingly, meaning her worrying, fretting, fussing and doting. He moved back onto the bed to get comfortable, nodding a bit and watching her. “Yeah, probably a good call… before she asks him to do other things,“ he said with a chuckle. They both knew Meeka was always asking for him to make her ‘bells sing.‘ Daire was always more than happy to oblige, of course. He never had to worry about asking for that sort of intimacy too much with the mink, because she was usually the one asking first!

“I’m sure you remember what it was like to be a young colt,“ Ashe mused with a smile, hinting to Rumi just how much trouble he was bound for with their son as he grew. It was amusing to see the realization on his face. She looked down at Fio as she nursed happily. “this one will only give us trouble when she wants to start dating, so I think we’re safe for a little while,“ she mused.

Rostan looked around at the lights that river mentioned when she pointed them out. “Huh… well… only makes sense that she must be responding to Trilander… Ivy… maybe Silvatrista or that esper that seems to resonate with her… Wonder what it is…“ he said. The palace of Lemuria reacted similarly, but not quite the same way La’Shire seemed to behave.

“Not large enough for all of the food they made, though,“ Odette noted. “It’s sort of the idea of a feast. Far more food than you could actually eat… but that just means the rest of us get to enjoy the leftovers,“ she mused. “So… are you going to try our game?“ she asked, meaning blinding picking something… and just come what may.

Spartan smiled, helping to brush a bit of her hair away from her face. “Morning,“ he returned, making no motions to get up. He was quite comfortable. He knew he should check on his daughter later and Silvi, no doubt, would wish to go check on Averie after his ordeal last night, but it could wait a little longer. Seda was in good hands with Ex, he knew… and Averie as well with Nikki. They didn’t have to rush this morning. “Sleep well?“ he asked, seeing how she mentioned it was hard to do that alone in this big suite.

Lassa smiled when Trilander confirmed it was their pups. Only theirs. She then noticed his blush as he told her when it happened, during their first tie. Something about tying with her always got him blushing. Perhaps because she was the first one he’d done it with, perhaps because he’d done it with her twice in one day. The selkie wasn’t blushing over it, though, she looked so bright-eyed and happy. “It’s like we talked about,“ she said, calling back to their little talk about pups and how badly Trilander wanted to be a father and how much Lassa wanted to have his pups one day. She didn’t realize that it would happen so quickly, but she was very happy.

To Vespa that was the best explanation. To some others, their family situation would likely be very odd, but to her… it was all she knew. So it was easy for her to accept the simple logic of ‘she’s family.‘ She nodded a bit and then winced some as her tummy ached with a hunger she had never known before. She rubbed her belly a bit, feeling weak all over, but hunger seemed to surpass even that. “Is there anything to eat here?“ she asked, looking at Haru, unaware just how set they were for food.

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                          Donovan nodding and taking a few bites from their breakfast, "And...they still haven't found a royal healer yet." He pointed out again. He was trying hard not to push it but Fai had already done so... more
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