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Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:53pm

Occ: No worries. ^_^ Welcome back we all know what's it's like to have stuff going on.

Fai nodded as she listened to Donovan and smiled sitting down to breakfast with him before he had to go out and meet with others this morning. "It is a lot." She said thinking about all the paperwork and things he was handling. She tipped her head though and smiled. "I'd like to meet them some time if they don't mind. I'm sure the twins are adorable." she said as she picked up her juice.

Eri glanced up at Aspen and smiled as he brought in more tea freshly brewed for her. It was helping a lot it seemed. "Thank you." she said as she brought it in. She had no idea though that Aspen would go into protective overdrive if he found out at all that some of the girls here in a fit of jealously had been sending her food that was anything but edible making it harder for the Unicorn. She didn't want to say anything though because she didn't want him upset with Tae that Bejeweled bird of Paradise had looked so distraught and upset when she spoke to Eri as if she was just finding out that had been happening in her kitchen at all and seeing her with Tilly and how nice Tilly was she could understand that those two girls were very kind and sweet. She did look at him though and smiled shaking her head. "You two have a busy day ahead of you….." She said looking at him. "Does Tria have a dress?" She asked as Tria had mentioned the wedding and the move in and wanting her there she was hoping in there rush to get wed Tria could at least feel and look the stunning bride tonight.

Dimael looked at Eros who sounded so confused and nodded. "of course." he said when he agreed to talk and then glanced at Pops. "I am sorry to bring confusion and unease to your establishment this morning it was not my intention." He said bowing his head. He looked at Eros then than at the others who seemed at a loss and realized that while Aeon's priestess and people made a big deal out of the Oracle here it seemed to be kept low key and hushed no doubt to allow her to have a simple life as much as possible. For that he was feeling grateful. He moved though and walked to a table off in the corner once there in the dim almost faint lighting where he would be able to be see and know if he was loosing Eros in the conversation any he sat down with and removed the flowing cloak or rather held out his hand so that Whisper landed on it. No longer hiding his right arm massive black wings which pulled back behind him looked like one big bulky wing or the long tail covered in feathers near the base before fading out to stone scaling at the tip. He watched for Eros's approach. "Whisper do not let me forget to apologize to him and everyone else again for disrupting there morning." The butterfly shimmered on the back of his hand. He knew this was a lot to take in.

Trait smiled as he glanced down at Dia who all comfy snuggled up with him and he was glad to just be taking the morning to be sleeping in. While he did want to talk to her about giving back to Silivi a lot of the control of the castle that could wait a bit this morning as he was quiet happy to just hold his wife in his arms and relax. Something they had not had time between there busy schedules to do in a while and this morning.. It just felt wonderful.

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    Sarah nodded a bit to Opal and then heard Drak and turned to look back into the room a bit, pulling the door closed just a bit so Opal wouldn’t see her husband in just his towel, although the odds... more
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        Averie looked at Nikki and shook his head no. "No she can't." He said in agreement. "Nour the ancient of purity spoke to me. She said she removed the only existing tie in my blood to her so that she... more
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          Opal did catch a glimpse of Drak not a whole lot but enough to make the Serval turn a bit to be polite she wasn't falling into Spring Fever. Thankfully and wasn't like some of the other nurses in the ... more
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            "Aww look at my Seda..." Ex said, an impish grin on his face as he gazed upon his slumbering wife. Hooking his tails around hers so she couldn't move, he moved his hands to base of her tails, rubbing ... more
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              Mira's amusement held merit as the gatan absolutely did have plenty of control over her drachen husband, the bulky puree hybrid couldn't get enough of his kitten's presence from the first moment he... more
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                “No thanks needed, Eri, but… you’re welcome,“ Aspen said with a smile. He nodded a bit and sighed, “We do. A lot to be done in a single day when you decide to get married that night,“ he chuckled.... more
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                  Seda‘s ears twitched a bit as she heard him talking and she stayed snuggled into him before she felt his tails going around her, holding her in place. She gasped, drawing in a sharp breath and... more
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                    Acerbus smiled and wondered if that was true, last several days he has been up early. Getting ready for the day and out running the Tribe and getting back late. But, that is changing, anything can be ... more
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                      Donovan nodding and taking a few bites from their breakfast, "And...they still haven't found a royal healer yet." He pointed out again. He was trying hard not to push it but Fai had already done so... more
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