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Averie looked at Nikki and shook his head no. "No she can't." He said in agreement. "Nour the ancient of purity spoke to me. She said she removed the only existing tie in my blood to her so that she could never use that to hurt me or get to me again." He said it was much simpler the way Nour put it but it was what she said. Raiser could never use his blood like that again to get to him. "Now…it's just getting the runic burns to heal. There not dangerous Nikki I promise they just don't look pleasant. I've….had a few in the past from runic spells I messed up the magic behind them is completely gone….but they leave a mark that takes a few days to fade and disappear." He assured her. "Tomorrow they should be starting to fade if not… I promise I'll ask Sarah to look at them." Nikki knew Sarah from when they first arrived his little sister adopted but he still felt as such had been a big help to them in the beginning despite all she was going through herself.

Yuuri took a deep breathe. "I know." She whispered curling into him breathing in his scent feeling his warmth his presence and body so close to hers alive and breathing and well. "I know he's gone and it almost cost Trait his life to do it…..he nearly died on us too." She said sadly. "But…that dream…..it's not like anything I remember ever having. I could feel his hand on my arm, feel the power radiating from him in waves….it was like he was more powerful then ever before." she sighed. "I want to shove it off as a bad dream. It has to be I don't have dreams of the future…I don't have that gift. I can't help but think maybe it's just…me being a bit skittish which…is weird for me…but….I did just…yesterday….and if I could I think a part of me is afraid so could he. It….frustrates me a bit" She admitted. "I was….a sklave fear was not something we were ever allowed to fear…but at the same token…." She looked up at him. "Knowing that something frightens me…that..I worry about something even as unlikely as that….lets me know I'm gonna be okay. Is that weird?" She asked him that she was afraid that her heart was opening up more and more to everyone and learning and growing….that knowing she was afraid of something as unlikely as her father returning from the dead….reassured her that she was becoming more then just a tool to be used for money in an arena to fight to the death. That it was okay to have this place at Senn's side…."because….I'm afraid of it…because I have all of you…I care about."

Millie chuckled. "I'll bring him to you after he'll all cleaned up and not stinky anymore." She called after Kahi knowing that she had a lot of running to do this morning and wishing to see Celluna and Kahiri all grown up was not easy on the pup. She fussed with getting him cleaned up though as he giggled and squirmed she'd make sure he had his bath was all nice and fed fully belly and then he'd spend a bit of the morning with his dad. Hopefully not distracting Kahi too much from what he needed to work on for the pack this morning but Kahi handled the energetic pup and everything else as if it was simply a natural part of his day.

Kahiri chuckled as he glanced at Celluna. "Totally." he said in agreement as she snuggled up to get some more sleep he certainly didn't mind. He'd keep an eye on her and on Inara and let them both get much needed rest as well being born probably took as much energy from there adorable daughter as it did from Celluna. He hugged her and held her close letting her drift back off.

Fii chuckled as she said she'd let him know. "Sounds good." He said about that and then smiled. "Although if you like while everything is settling I could draw you a bath?" He suggested something to help ease worries and tensions. He never minded doting on her and with everything that steam piled its way into there day yesterday she could use a bit of time to just soak and relax here in the room while they did get cleaned up yesterday it wasn't the same as just…soaking for a bit. "There are bath salts and oils that help relax nerves and tension." He said lightly. "I use them quiet often after a long day in the infirmary." He said to let her know just how normal it was. And considering Fii was consider rock solid like nothing fazed him in there to know he'd come back here and soak for a bit and just let all the tensions fade away if he couldn't shake them might help her ease hers.

"No fair…that's cheating." She said in mock mild protest as she yawned and curled up to him felling her eyes which seemed to be heavy with sleep still sliding shut. She let out a soft sigh though obviously not upset at all about his so called cheating as she hugged him while drifting back off to sleep.

Suna nodded as she walked with him. "I agree with you." She said. "I want to see it too…." She walked with him knowing that the path would take them closer to Ethion but the Spiritus which had shimmered before when they arrived with a soft glow now dancing with radiant light….it was radiant….at least yesterday after that girl poured that liquid light into the water and onto the roots. "Whatever that Elvin girl did…" She said lowly for his ears. Was that an enchantment they put on the tree or was it something else?

"You're welcome." Sable said lightly as she glanced at the bathroom Aiyan before disappearing to join Zai watching over Breece last night brought her a change of clothes modified for her tail figuring she would not wish to spend the day in the clothes she wore the night before. "I'm glad it's the right temp….give me a moment? I'd like to get dressed…then I'll join you…the pastries are good…I um think you'll really like them." She said lightly meaning she'd enjoy a few pastries and something to drink for breakfast herself. But she wanted to be sure Bayla knew she wasn't disappearing on her.

Shale's large floppy ears lifted up on either side of her head as she made a humping sound. "I have most certainly not gotten rusty!" She said shifting and looking at him on the bed her tail swishing behind her. "Are you challenging me Maksim?" She asked in an quirky tone….she'd cause a whole bunch of mischief and chaos about the palace. She certainly had no trouble doing that and well Fauve and Maks always just sorta shrugged it off when she did saying she was an 'imp' what more did they expect she was just being playful.

Jarral shifted in his sleep his breathing still indicating he was out his wings shifting a bit as well but that also meant moving and his body in its semi aroused state wasn't sure to do with the friction and thus he moaned in his sleep low not painful but thankful his brother wasn't helping his body figure out what to do while his mind was out still out for the count! Nor did he know at the moment that Wynter had woken up. But should she start to try to get untangled even gently from his arms and wings he'd stir years of having to be on guard for the human king meant Jarral normally wasn't a light sleeper but these days holding her close he tended to fall into a deeper more restful sleep…..so stir he might but wake probably not.

Solan shook his head no. "No…I was debating laying here and cuddling a bit more….or snuggling up and napping a bit longer in the sunshine." he said looking at her as he smiled. "But no we certainly don't have to get up yet."

Syao blinked as she said that she kinda wanted cake and he knew his adorable kitten didn't normally like a lot of 'sweet' treats. So….that had to be. "Mm what kind of cake love?" He asked her as he laid there comfortably with her. "And anything else with it?" He smiled it was clear he certainly didn't mind and he wasn't about to tell Zyna that cake for breakfast was a no go. He knew she was pregnant they found out last night and well he knew better then anyone having been a healer before all his travels that pregnancy could make a girl crave things they usually didn't eat. Because the baby wanted or needed something about it.

"I know." he said warmly as he held Jin in his arms resting comfortably. "I'm glad Aussie finally asked her. I swear he's been holding onto that ring and nervously pacing about asking her for a month now. It was easy to see Rhys is crazy about him." He said. "I'm just happy he asked her. They're good for each other." he said and then smiled shaking his head. "I would never have seen Shasta and Vanille together…..but." He glanced down at Jin. "It is sweet and it makes sense now. I mean when Vanille brought her here as far as she could….we were all getting to know her." He said softly. "But Shasta would fall into fits we had no idea what they had been though and Vanille she knew how to reach her even without words….I mean she'd take her to that Druidian garden….and bring Shasta back." He said softly smiling. "And sis so happy….your right she shines and laughs and smiles with Vanille." Keyon looked at her. "Your just worried like I am….if they try to go visit our parents let them know that there all alright Aussie and Shasta….that the tribe…." He looked at her. Rhysaire was a beautiful nine tailed crimson twilight Fennec plains fox. Her deep ruby coloring was very pretty but she wasn't a Tassie….and then there was Shasta and Vanille….while there customs may buck Rhysaire a bit they'd be more willing to accept her then Shasta and Vanillie's relationship at all they may try to force them to split….and Shasta into the marriage rites….she was of Marrying age and any protest on her part they may account to 'troubles's and the such from being away for so long. "We just got them back I want them both to be happy Jin…"

Traya put her hand over his. "Never. Adriel would never allow harm to befall our baby." She said with certainty in Adriel. "Nor Rohdoran…..he I'm certain was protected by them both last night." She looked up at him letting him know that the faith she had in her Adriel she had in his Rohdoran that the night deity was as protective of his people even if his presence was strained and hard to sense because of what Raiser had done. But that he had not for a moment forsaken his Night elves.

Frau chuckled. "Good to know." She said smiling as she looked at him. "Because I don't think my fussing over you is going to stop any more then yours over me will." She said as she lifted the crystal and sent Daire and Meeka a message letting them know she'd like to come and help Meeka pick out a pretty dress this morning as soon as they were up. And hopefully she caught them before they got….busy doing other things otherwise that might take a while to separate those two! The shadow fae and the little mink she swore both had quite a bit of nymph in them!

Rumi groaned as she said that and looked at her. "Oh don't remind me…." he said shaking his head. "I was….a handful and I know it. I'm sure the fates are going to get a good laugh at my expense chasing after this little colt" He said looking down at Orrin who whined and kicked at the air as if trying to get those little legs under him and running. "give it up little man I'm not gonna drop you." He said then glanced at Fio shaking his head a bit. "Yeah I know…..and I was worried about all attention you and Sean had to fend off…..she's as beautiful as her momma…I'm gonna have my hands full." He said sighing.

River chuckled. "Who knows but she seems to have fun with it these days. I know the sea wolves are going nuts thinking one set of dancing shimmering lights means something about Trilander that they'd celebrate only to find out the prince was out having lunch with his mates and not doing anything….for them to be getting so excited over." She chuckled. "If anything it gives Prince Trilander a bit of privacy these days." She said finding that amusing and then glanced at Rostan. "It surprised me there was an Esper here in the castle. I didn't think they could survive long outside of the wild woods and the rampant pure magics there…." she looked at Rostan. "But it also worries me….he's more protected in the wild woods then out here….if something manages to lure him out….they could really hurt him." She said not realizing how true her statement was or that Drak was already furious with Raiser for harming Miharu and Averie both in one day. Raiser knew she got Miharu she had no idea about Averie. She just knew she had gone after Solace and nearly had him through a blood tie.

Soliel looked at her as she said that told her all of this stuff and then asked her if she was going to try that game. She took a deep breathe and closed her eyes her ears twitching up and then pointed out something opening her eyes and glancing at it. "Balc.bak…." She said not sure what it was.

Tae walked in she had some extra fruit of one type so was heading through the dinning hall to put it on the side bar and glanced over. "Baluc el donna telu." She said knowing that one…on the list it was added and the only one with such an odd name. She walked over as timid as she was. "It's a roasted dish with a fruit glaze…." She described it better then the menu did and Soliel glanced down at it still a bit nervous. "Something wrong?"

"I’m just worried if I don't like…."

Tae smiled as she glanced at Odette. "Well all we can do is try new things. I don't mind making something else if it doesn't turn out to be something you like. I rather enjoy cooking so please don't be afraid to try something and if you have any requests at any point please feel free to ask me." Tae bowed to them both as Melody rushed out to her showing her Sylar's order and looking half panicked. "Mm I'm sorry I'll leave you girls to your orders…I have an Elvin crepe to make too." She smiled. "If you like I can make an extra one to send out so you both can try it?" She said to Odette and Soliel, Soliel wasn't at all used to this she was certain saying yes…was a trick of some sort right?

Trilander blushed brightly and boy did La'shire happily flair up with those vivid pink and scarlet hues as if parading around that the prince was blushing so much La'shire swore the tips of his silvery white opal ears were turning pink. "It is." he said in agreement he wasn't ashamed at all it was just had his heart skipping a few beats with the way Lassa suddenly lit up all happy and excited and warm….as if she just got the best news of her life in that moment. It had his heart doing these funny little flip flops. He wasn't upset at all but boy was it hard for the Sea-wolf to think of anything at the moment as she seemed to be shinning and radiant all on her own right now. To the point it was taking his breathe away and for the life of him he could not figure out how this beautiful adorable and cute little selkie ran all over him with her sweet smiles….it was like all she had to do was smile like that and she had wrapped firmly around her little finger.

Haru looked at her and smiled. "Yeah…there is in fact I'm pretty sure I don't even have to heat it up…La'shrie packed us a picnic basket with last nights family dinner….according to what I've heard her baskets are enchanted…the hot food stays hot the cold food cold and the drinks the right temp." Haru leaned in and kissed her cheek. "I'll be right back with something for us to eat." He said as he got up to go get them some breakfast granted it wasn't what one normally ate for breakfast but…he was certain ti was good. He was happy though that that explanation worked because he really didn't know how else to describe it. He could not think of Sarah in a 'mom' way even though she was married to his dad because he was dating Sarah's younger sister….it was an odd dynamic but it also was different for Trait and Sarah too because Sarah was Trait's adopted daughter and then now his sister as well because of Vespa….or rather what Raiser and Wrath had done. And yet Trait and Sarah accepted Vespa with love and open arms knowing she was as caught up in there family mess as they were.

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