Kari (Opal and Menda)
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Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:54pm

Opal did catch a glimpse of Drak not a whole lot but enough to make the Serval turn a bit to be polite she wasn't falling into Spring Fever. Thankfully and wasn't like some of the other nurses in the infirmary who acted up when they say a guy. That and she would never be impolite to Sarah and stare at her husband even though Drak was a good looking dragon! She nodded though as she listened to Sarah. "I'll be waiting there." She said in agreement as she turned and went back down the hall not racing at break neck speeds now but headed back. She'd head into quarantine and had to wonder….if this was what Sarah thought it was….if it was this Miravanna could they really save all of those dealing with horrible fate the Abyss seemed to be forcing on all of those Mystrians and more?

Opal walked in and past everyone carrying the vial and seeing that Menda had put the rest on Sarah's desk in her office with a note not to touch until Sarah confirmed and cleared it. Menda was a firm believer in Sarah having final say in things like this as she was far more studied in the healing arts having traveled to learn so much and this was her infirmary. Opal told Menda as she entered that Sarah wanted to meet Opal in the Quarantine and Menda nodded.

"Aye lass just be careful not to be getting to close until Miss Sarah arrives don'cha know. She be knowing what to be doing. I don' want cha to be getting yerself infected trying to help them don'cha know." Menda said and Opal nodded.

"Of course I'll wait for Miss Sarah." She said nodding. Opal had started out just cleaning the rooms and helping that way but she had been learning quiet a bit from them and now was a nurse helping out. She certainly didn't want to mess up now and loose that faith in her abilities.

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    Averie looked at Nikki and shook his head no. "No she can't." He said in agreement. "Nour the ancient of purity spoke to me. She said she removed the only existing tie in my blood to her so that she... more
    • Re: No Subject — Kari (Opal and Menda) , Thu Apr 19 8:54pm
      • Re: No SubjectRudy (Ex thru Dia), Fri Apr 20 1:09am
        "Aww look at my Seda..." Ex said, an impish grin on his face as he gazed upon his slumbering wife. Hooking his tails around hers so she couldn't move, he moved his hands to base of her tails, rubbing ... more
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          Mira's amusement held merit as the gatan absolutely did have plenty of control over her drachen husband, the bulky puree hybrid couldn't get enough of his kitten's presence from the first moment he... more
          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Aspen thru Mira), Fri Apr 20 11:21pm
            “No thanks needed, Eri, but… you’re welcome,“ Aspen said with a smile. He nodded a bit and sighed, “We do. A lot to be done in a single day when you decide to get married that night,“ he chuckled.... more
            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Fri Apr 20 11:23pm
              Seda‘s ears twitched a bit as she heard him talking and she stayed snuggled into him before she felt his tails going around her, holding her in place. She gasped, drawing in a sharp breath and... more
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                Acerbus smiled and wondered if that was true, last several days he has been up early. Getting ready for the day and out running the Tribe and getting back late. But, that is changing, anything can be ... more
                • Re: No SubjectAcerbus (Donovan), Sat Apr 21 2:45am
                  Donovan nodding and taking a few bites from their breakfast, "And...they still haven't found a royal healer yet." He pointed out again. He was trying hard not to push it but Fai had already done so... more
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