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“No thanks needed, Eri, but… you’re welcome,“ Aspen said with a smile. He nodded a bit and sighed, “We do. A lot to be done in a single day when you decide to get married that night,“ he chuckled. “But we’ll manage, we always do. Besides, we’re keeping it pretty small, even if the guest list doesn’t quite seem like it,“ he mused. “Oh, uh… not yet. Honestly, I’d love Tria to walk down the aisle in a dress, but she’s not as keen on dresses. Whatever makes her happy, though. It’s her day too and she‘ll be beautiful in anything.“

Eros followed Dimael, gesturing to the others to hang back. He moved to the dimmest corner of the tavern portion of the Inn and sat down cautiously with Dimael. “How do you know Pherenice?“ he asked quietly, unaware that Dimael knew far more than that… he knew of Twilight, too. Or more to the point, although Dim didn’t know it himself, he was related to the little Ravingale.

“I believe you,“ Nikki said, wanting Averie to know he didn’t have to convince her that it would be okay… his arm… the burns… his grandmother’s ability to get to him. She did believe him and trust in him. If he said it would be fine, she knew it would be. She nodded. “I feel a little bad we left last night without thanking the cook too,“ she admitted, now that she was able to think about something else for even a moment other than the wellbeing of Averie and the safety of Kiva, after having reassurances from him on both…. “She did all of that work for me.. And.. I didn’t even say thank you…“

Senn listened and just continued to comfort his girlfriend. “No, Yuuri. That’s not weird at all. I completely understand what you mean. To have people in your life, to have a home… all of these things that come to mean so much… it’s reassuring when you can feel afraid of losing them, to know something means that much. I get it.“

Kahi smiled when Millie said she’d bring Kahiri to him at the office after she had him cleaned up, before she headed over to check on the kids. He would have no problems watching his son this morning. He’d done it before. Ri was never so rambunctious he interfered with Kahi getting al of his work done. He even kept a baby play pen and toys by his desk so his son could enjoy some playtime while he worked in between playing with him.

Topaz seemed to hesitate a moment before nodding. She wasn’t used to taking baths and relaxing. Fii swore to it that it worked, as he always took such baths after he’d spent long stints at the infirmary. For once… perhaps she’d try it. “Okay…“ she said in agreement. “But… you’re not going anywhere, right?“ she asked, meaning he wouldn’t up and leave or anything while she was in there… trying to relax. After yesterday, she’d just worry if he went out and about… until she got comfortable with the fact those girls weren’t permitted anywhere near Fii ever again and were currently in a week of isolation as punishment for their assault.

Bayla smiled and nodded, careful of her head, then paused as she was eating, hearing Sable mention wanting to change. She blushed and her ears fell back shyly as the girl disappeared into the washroom to get changed. She looked down at her plate, trying not to look like she was imagining it at all, but how the lycan girl was blushing at the moment!

Maks seemed delighted at seeing the way Shale lit up with a renewed determination. “I’d never challenge you, Shale… and yet… I’m sure you’d still enjoy the opportunity to make mischief,“ he mused.

Wynter blushed and very carefully started to try to move Jarral’s wings open a bit so she could slide out of them. She wanted to go head back to her room to at least get something on under the nightie, since La’Shire had ensured that wasn’t possible last night, having been trying to get them to mate and take that big step in their new romance, but Wynter was overwhelmed enough just with their touching and kissing at the moment…. She just didn’t want to wake Jarral by accident.

“If you think it’s okay… then I don’t mind that one bit,“ Keelin said, her tail wagging under the covers a bit. As long as the gardens remained off limits to others until the pair was all finished with their private time there, it seemed perfectly fine.

“Chocolate…. But with cherries…“ Zyna said almost quizzically, like she was confused by her own tastes. “Is that a thing?“ she asked, unaware it was indeed a dessert that was very much enjoyed up North. She then smiled and nodded, “and the usual,“ she said, meaning her usual breakfast. Scrambled eggs with that delicious cheese and crispy bacon on the side and a light fruit salad of blueberries, strawberries and pineapple. She still had her usual cravings, but it seemed the cake was a unique addition for her. It wasn’t surprising to hear she had an appetite, though, since they hadn’t eaten since yesterday and they had been mating a lot, burning off energy, not to mention her now eating for more than herself.

Jin nodded as she listened to Keyon. “Then… we really do need to ask about… whether or not we could all stay on here when this is all over… when the Darkness recedes. This place has been more of a home than our tribe was… and if we had parents to go back to it would be different, but…” Jin had been raised by her aunt after her mother died and her father had left and never looked back. The triplets didn‘t have anyone waiting back there for them either, having only each other… and they had each other… here.

“I’m sure they were,“ Sylar agreed when she said Rohdorn had guarded their baby too last night. He sighed a bit and looked to his crystal. “I have a feeling we’ll need more of that when we return home,“ he said, knowing his sister was likely crazy with anger. She would be endlessly determined to reclaim what she felt was hers. He only hoped she didn’t try to use Traya as a means to get Finn’s cooperation again, like last time… because if his sister endangered her or their baby… he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t send her to the Other.

Liam smiled and shook his head a bit, “Hey, I don’t mind the fussing that much. I just think there are better things you could do than watch me catch up on my sleep,“ he noted as she left a message for Daire, hoping he got it before he got into the usual morning routine with Meeka… which was all the more likely as the shadow fae was eagerly celebrating their engagement since last night with her!

At the moment, fortunately for Frau, Meeka was still asleep, curled up in the bed, snuggled in the blankets. Daire’s crystal on the nightstand flashing and letting off soft chime sounds to alert him of Frau’s message.

Ashe smiled and laughed softly, but careful not to disrupt Fio’s nursing. The intensity had begun to lessen, which meant the fawn was likely getting a full tummy. “She’ll probably be even more beautiful… all silver and gold….“ she mused with a smile, though probably not quelling Rumi’s fatherly concerns any for the day his daughter was old enough to garner the interest of boys. “She’ll be lucky to have her big brother looking out for her… just like her daddy does for her auntie Seanan.“ She watched Orrin wiggle and shook her head, smiling. “Just imagine when he learns to shift into his true form,” she said, knowing even this young, he might be able to scramble around on those scrawny little legs within a couple of weeks.

“Well… I don’t think we need to be the ones to worry over the Esper. I’m sure he has others to do that… and this place is as safe as a place can be these days,“ Rostan assured her. He looked at the lights and narrowed his eyes a bit. “You know… there’s something just a bit familiar about the pattern…“ he said, not having seen them himself, but the Sea Wolves studied most of the common alerts from the crystal.. And this one rung a bell for him a bit. He didn’t know that this same pattern had occurred back when Trilander was conceived, and again when Bastian was.

Odette smiled and nodded. “Oh, yeah. That’d be great. Thank you,“ she said to Tae as she offered to make extra elvin crepes for them to try, seeing as she was already making them and it was probably easier to make a batch than just one or two on their own. She looked at Soliel and smiled, letting her know it was okay. It wasn’t a trick. This place was, indeed, different.

Lassa had no idea how her happiness over the news was making Trilander blush so much, the affect she had on him, even in her joy. Marin would probably be distraught were she to be with pup so unexpectedly like this, but Lassa was glowing, she was so giddy. She moved to sit up, hugging Trilander as he laid beside her, nuzzling him.

Vespa felt Haru pull away. She moved back into the comfort of the bed, looking around a bit at the room she was in. She found it very comfy and safe. She looked small in the bed with its fluffy over-stuffed pillows and blankets. Drak did enjoy some luxuries in his little cottage. She waited for Haru to come back… wanting to be close to him. Although he’d been with her all this time, she was finally awake to enjoy it.


Sarah watched Opal go and closed the door, moving back into the room and over to Drak. “We don’t actually know if it is Miravanna yet, or another hoax, another… something. I have to try it, regardless. Those that are almost lost to the Abyss… that have no other chances left… I’ll try it on them. If it works, then it’s real… and if it doesn’t… it couldn’t make things any worse for them than they already are,” she said. She didn’t like the idea of testing on others, but… it seemed the only quick and sure way to validate the elixir. She just hoped she could stomach the actual act of doing it, unsure what the result would be.

Mira rose up on her tip toes for a moment when he moved in behind her, making a little mrow when he pressed against her. Her tail was wedged a bit between them, but what was free flicked and swatted against his side. “That quickly, hmmm?“ she mewrled, glancing over her shoulder at him. How quickly his libido kicked in at the hint of some morning shower fun. He had behaved in the shower yesterday, so she certainly didn’t mind him misbehaving this morning.

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