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Shiloh (Del thru Garand)
No Subject
Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:16am

Del laughed a little when Acerbus said he was certain Judith would have sensed that request and would, of course, be happy to do it. While she and Samson still aided Acerbus and Delilah in the politics of leading Unkindness, serving as advisors to their son, they also had less of that to do these days as Acerbus took to it pretty naturally, so Judith enjoyed having more of that time for grandchildren, it seemed. "I have a feeling you're right." She smiled and turned to him a bit as she cradled Liora, who seemed a bit less the morning bird than her brother. "As long as tonight you're all mine," she said with a playful wink.

Twilight opened her eyes a bit, realizing Jupiter had sort of meant it. He didn't seem to have any intentions of moving from this spot. She smiled, knowing her father would never approve of them just trying to stay like this all day, but then again, she'd been through plenty to warrant a break, and she knew Samson was kept notified of when his youngest had ordeals or episodes, so he'd have known she had one yesterday. She didn't come to him for them as much these days, of course, and it was understandable. She had a husband now, after all, even if there was a bit of friction between Samson and Jupiter regarding Twilight. She sighed contently, letting out another little coo before tipping her head back slowly, shifting on him just enough that she could give Jupiter a soft kiss in the lips.

Koi smiled back at him as she moved to take a seat. "I always treat you well, Mars," she mused playfully. It was true. Even when they were just friends, she'd always been there for him. "How else would I treat you?" she asked, tipping her head a little before moving to pull the other chair a little towards her as though to indicate she wasn't going to start eating without him. Sometimes it escaped her that not all of his relationships were this healthy, especially his last one, with Soraya... who was currently in the Unkindness... She didn't know, either, that at this moment her crystal she'd left up in the bedroom was receiving a message from Tria...

Orion's feathers ruffled a bit as though he'd just been surprised. He was behind Crys and looked at her standing there with her hands on her hips, eying the corner of the room where Eros was sitting with that... Dimael thing. But it was her words he'd reacted to. "Wait. You slept with Eros?!" he asked, just loud enough for her to hear.

Vera's ears perked a bit and she blushed some, smiling and shaking her head. "Well, I had an idea for someone... but... just didn't know if he'd think it was too much, a wedding... in another kingdom... late in the evening..." She glanced at him curiously. Of course, it implied they might end up spending the night there, as the portals did work at night, but they were a bit more wonky when the Abyss was at its most powerful. "And as for my friend, Tria... she's part of that family I told you about..." she said, so he'd know Tria was trained like Vera had been.

Soraya paused and turned back to him, "Stop fishing! You'll take all of the fun out of it when you meet her and don't even realize I knew you so well to know you'd be taken by her," she teased, poking him in the chest a bit before she moved back inside. "Come on, we have to meet with that Donovan guy. I'm sure if Acerbus decides to let me speak to the Oracle, he'll be able to find us through him." Whether or not Acerbus came through, she had made a promise and she would keep her word on what she'd do here in Unkindness.

Sandy let out a mrow and then laughed as Panro caught her up in his arms. She turned to face him, sliding her arms around his neck and hopping up a bit to hook her legs around his waist, so he was holding her up. She was a light, so it wasn't like he had to struggle any with her. She nuzzled him and gave him a kiss, her tail swishing behind her, still damp from testing the bath waters. "I like that I make you silly," she said honestly. Everyone pegged Panro as so serious all of the time. His mind on one thing -- his job. But since Sandy came around, it was like everyone got to see other sides to Panro. Suddenly he was also flirty, playful and silly, sentimental and smitten, and even awkward at times. He'd certainly stepped out of his usual comfort zone since meeting Sandy. "Are we going to make it to the bath?" she asked him playfully.

Blake looked over at Mela spoke of plans with Nascha. He nodded a bit and then considered her suggestion that Blake still go on his rounds with Serg... and bring Horace with them. "You know, might not be a bad idea. Serg loves that stuff, anyway. I heard he's really interested in getting the school going again, on a larger level, not just these tutor classes Altair and the others attend here and there. I need to talk to him about other things I've heard lately... so maybe it's a good idea." He moved to give his sleepy wife a few kisses. "I'll pick him up at the portal this morning... you go have your sister time with Nascha. See if Sally is up and wants to join you girls. Haven't seen you three together in one place in a while," he noted. true, Sally had been at dinner last ngiht, but she and Mov left rather early.

Nascha smiled and returned the kiss. "Careful. You tend to get carried away when kissing me these days," she teased playfully, meaning he might miss his rounds and make her miss breakfast with Mela if they kissed too much and got caught up. She laughed softly and moved to roll out from under her husband a bit, getting to the edge of the bed and then heading off to the washroom to get cleaned up and ready for breakfast, giving in a playful little hoot for good measure.

Juno watched him reach out and find her, pulling her in close to him once more. She smiled a bit and watched him sleep. How he could sleep through even the sunshine pouring into the room was beyond her. This place wasn't like her shuttered tavern loft. She sighed softly, watching him sleep, able to tel it was at least peaceful. She felt a shiver go up her spine, but it felt hot, not cold. It felt good. She blsuhed and glanced over her shoulder a bit. His hand was no where special, on her back... but then it dawned on his... that would be where Yuuri's wings would be in that form... was it possible? Would she be able to actually take that form today with Yuuri's help? She wondered what had changed.. unaware that dream, her reaction to it, had triggered and charged all of her Mystrian genes, the magic in them.

"I'm a prince... yeah, we can afford it," Garand said. "I mean... not like that. I just... I'm not only a Knight here, and with all of these refugees coming in and Lord Saiken taking it upon himself to help Semper and Movado train those willing to protect this place... we have more recruits and patrols than we know what to do with. We can afford today, Lana... unless you'd rather be alone..." he mused, knowing that wasn't the case based off the way she was cuddled up to him. "Besides, we earned a day of rest after yesterday's ordeal."

    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Apr 21 1:26pm
      Acerbus moving Lukken into his arms who finally settled himself a little bit. He got his attention from his parents so he was now a little more content. Leaning in, "You are always mine at night." He ... more
      • Re: No SubjectRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sat Apr 21 5:08pm
        Seeing his methods working, Ex continued teasing Sera, rubbing the base of her tails before using his tails to tease her body. Rocky was in the shower, letting the hot water wash over his body. He... more
        • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Del thru Garand), Sat Apr 21 7:59pm
          Delilah smiled at his return, even blushing a bit. Acerbus never did fail to get her to do that. She moved in and kissed him, careful not to squish either of the babies between them. She then drew... more
          • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sat Apr 21 7:59pm
            Seda whined and opened her eyes, definitely awake now. “Ex…“ she said, her breathing hitching a bit. “You’re so bad…“ she whined, her hips pushing against his as he leg slid over his hip, letting... more
            • Re: No SubjectRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sat Apr 21 9:24pm
              "Heh... You know it..." Ex mused before letting out a whine of his own, rolling Seda on her back as he slipped perfectly between her legs and started grinding against her intently. Rocky stepped out... more
              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sat Apr 21 10:08pm
                Seda gasped and let out a yip as she was on her back with Ex moving against her like that. She whimpered as her legs moved to hook around his waist as he moved, so sensitive this morning and he was... more
                • Re: No SubjectRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sat Apr 21 11:36pm
                  Ex moaned softly into the kiss, eagerly rocking against his wife as he felt himself swell thanks to her presence. His tails traced her body, eager to feel every single curve. "Figured omelets and... more
                • Re: No SubjectKari (Trait thru Soliel) , Sat Apr 21 10:25pm
                  Trait looked at Dia and smiled as she said good morning. "Good morning. I did, did you?" he asked as he held her gently in his arms. He was quite comfortable at the moment and in no hurry at all to... more
                  • Re: No SubjectKari (Trilander Thru Opal) , Sat Apr 21 10:26pm
                    Trilander hugged her back holding her gently in his arms his tail wagging. He knew the difference between his mates. Knew it very well even as he blushed so strongly about it. It was because she was... more
                    • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sat Apr 21 11:55pm
                      Acerbus just laughed a little bit, "I'll talk to the High Priestess to see if she can speed up time for us." He joked but he didn't know that other almost had magic that powerful. Jupiter moving his... more
                      • addonDia, Sun Apr 22 12:02am
                        "Nights and mornings are always better with you here, Trait..." Dia said, a blush on her cheeks as she nuzzled her husband's chest to hide it, only looking up to him again when he mentioned... more
                        • Re: addonShiloh (Aspen thru Vespa), Sun Apr 22 1:33am
                          Aspen smiled and nodded. “I’m sure you’re right,“ he said before hearing Tria in the other room, cussing out her crystal again. Of course, she must have sent Koi an invitation and been met with... more
                          • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sun Apr 22 1:33am
                            Seda moaned louder and let out another few yips as she could feel him getting so excited, grinding against her in such a way that she was so hot and wet already, nearly letting him slide right in a... more
                            • Re: addonShiloh (Del thru Garand), Sun Apr 22 1:33am
                              “Oh, but then we’d miss so much else,“ Del mused, her tail moving around him a bit as she stood close to her husband, each cradling a twin. “Guess we’ll just have to be patient… or take one of your... more
                              • Re: addonRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sun Apr 22 11:27am
                                "Gods, I love you, Se..." Ex moaned, his fur bristling with excitement as Seda went for his ears. Leaning in and kissing her deeply, Ex rocked against her body a few more times before finally pushing ... more
                                • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sun Apr 22 12:18pm
                                  Seda broke the kiss with a moan when Ex pushed in. She didn't quite realize just how sensitive she was from all of their antics last night, but she certainly wasn't complaining. Ex hadn't woken her... more
                                  • Re: addonRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sun Apr 22 3:31pm
                                    Ex let his tongue wrap around his wife's, rocking in a steady rhythm as his hands rubbed her ears, wanting to get more yips and moans out of his beautiful gypsy princess. "Really now. Just... more
                                  • Re: addonKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Apr 22 1:42pm
                                    A low chuckle came up from Koran's chest at Mira's word, a hand lovingly caressing along her side "You know darn well I can't resist you Mira, thought I proved that to you last night" he rumbled... more
                                    • Re: addonAcerbus, Sun Apr 22 5:25pm
                                      Acerbus wings lifting up a little bit as Del moved her soft fluffy tail to tease him just a little bit. "Guess we will." He returned and leaning in carefully to try and catch his wife in a kiss.... more
                                    • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Sarah), Sun Apr 22 4:24pm
                                      Seda moaned into the kiss, pulling back to take a breath before nipping at his chin a bit, whining and giving Ex another of those yips when he pushed in deeper. One of her tails wrapped around the... more
                                      • Re: addonShiloh (Del thru Garand), Sun Apr 22 6:12pm
                                        Del moved to meet Acer in the kiss, returning it before hearing a little growling coo coming from the baby in her arms. She broke the kiss and looked down. "Well, someone finally woke up," she said... more
                                        • Re: addonKari, Sun Apr 22 6:31pm
                                          Fai smiled as Donovan took her hand and spoke to her. She curled her fingers into his hand and held on. "I'll offer." she said softly he had such faith and belief in her abilities. "All I can do is... more
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