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Kari (Trait thru Soliel)
Re: No Subject
Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:25pm

Trait looked at Dia and smiled as she said good morning. "Good morning. I did, did you?" he asked as he held her gently in his arms. He was quite comfortable at the moment and in no hurry at all to move. He had to wonder when was the last time they had time to just be like this when he wasn't rushing off to the office or she to handle some crisis. "I'll order us breakfast in a bit if you like."

Eri chuckled when he said she was more of a tomboy then anything else in not so many words. But that was fine somehow it seemed to fit Tria's spunky personality. "Mm maybe not keen on them but…every girl wants to feel like the queen of her own little world one day and that day is usually when you get married. I'm certain whatever she picks out…she'll make certain it'll take your breath away." She said chuckling. Eri found there relationship comforting the knowledge it was so strong and healthy. Tria was very sweet and kind. And Aspen wither or not he always thought so a noble prince.

Dim looked at Eros and tipped his head. "Ah that is a very long story." he said shaking his head. "But I suppose the simplest answer is I used to travel with her and Twilia while they fixed multiple problems keeping them both safe. Pherenice was more kittenish at the time much younger and more playful." he said chuckling. Dimael was speaking low in return obviously showing Eros the respect of keeping conversation as private as he wanted it to be. He looked at him. "I was sent to help guide and protect Twilia when she first became the Oracle, and Pherenice was there of course. Young impulsive and not sure of anything she's a sweet girl and normally playful and very kind." he said frowning. "But….let me ask you in return….does she truly not remember anything at all? She should have all of her memories….of every Oracle…she should remember each life time be able to tell you what Ramos and Leona looked like as children when she held them." He leaned forward. "She was there after all for each of Twilia's children's births being her best friend." Dim spoke but he didn't realize he was doing it although Eros was likely to pick up on it….when he said Twilia's name it was the way one said the name of someone they deeply loved. "I'm here now….before you ask because Twilia asked me to be. She said Twilight would need me….."

Fai tipped her head he was certain she was more then qualified to be the Royal Healer that she had the talent needed. She had healed Samson and she could heal others she could see the different variations in the heat and like her brother knowing herbs to help and heal came naturally to her. She could feel there purposes and knew what and how to use them it was a normal thing for Arcadian Silver's they weren't really fighters at all more healers, lovers poets and arts. A gentle fox race. Probably because most were blind long before they grew up. Seeing only variations in heat. "If Lord Samson and Lady Juidth ask me….or it comes up…I'll say yes." she said shyly ducking her head a bit. She didn't have the courage at all to say something about it herself. Her ears twitched as she blushed. "I don't know…if I'm really qualified for it though….I don't have the years of training so many others do…." She had been a toy since a child the training all of it escaping being found and rescued after by Donovan and all that happened. "I…just wonder if they aren't any more talented healers out there in Unkindess fair more talented then me…" She said to her curing the curse that was taking Samson wasn't all that big of a feat….it had just been like a terrible illness that had needed healing. And she knew how to help him….it was really that simple.

Averie looked at her and smiled as she said that. "We can always stop by and thank her today, but I'm pretty sure she knows how much it meant to you." he said looking at Nikki letting her know they could certainly stop and talk to Tae. But that he was also certain the bejeweled bird of paradise knew very well how much it truly meant. "I thought I caught sight of her stopping by to speak to Eri at one point and she glanced over at us and smiled as you were enjoying dinner and having a good time…" He said until that happened with his Grandmother. "I'm pretty sure to her….that let her know how much it meant." That everything there…was safe for Nikki that she had tailored the meal to make certain the little princess felt warm welcome and safe.

Yuuri looked at him and smiled as he said that. "So then….it's alright to feel this way." she whispered to not want to loose anything she had now. To be afraid of loosing it. To realize just how much all of this truly meant to her. She snuggled into him. "I was worried…..being a sklave. such things…..were never allowed. I've….come to have so much here with you that that part of my life…is feeling more and more like a bad dream. It's still there a part of me…but that emptiness is so much smaller Senn….I don't ever want it back…not even a little." Nothing about being a sklave.

Millie smiled as she started humming then got the playful pup in the tub after getting him cleaned up. And Ri seemed more then happy to at that moment splash and get Millie wet as well. "Oh gee thank you Ri….Momma didn't need a bath this morning." To which he started giggling and splashing more. Millie just shook her head and chuckled. "Looks like we'll both be drying off and getting changed after huh?" Ri blew bubbles at her and giggled. Oh was she going to enjoy flittering about this morning and letting Kahi have the energetic pup this morning of course knowing her luck he'd be a little angel for his daddy. He seemed to like to play with her like this probably because she really didn't care he got her wet he just enjoyed the faces she made at him when he did it.

Fii chuckled. "Only over to the dresser to get the brush and start working on some of the snarls in my tails while your relaxing." he said to reassure her. "I have no intention of leaving the room, at the moment….I'd rather stay in here where I know things will remain calm." He said his way of stating that he was in no hurry to run into any other girls affected by spring fever and wanting to find out what it was like to play with the 'Lover of La'shire' even if he hung up that foolish title and actions long ago. Apparently many still talked about his…..learning how to be a free fox and some still sought to find out if the stories were true. He'd really rather they didn't. If not for Topaz and Riggs insisting on doing things the way they did yesterday…..he could not and he knew it now….handle it…being traded like a Toy at all. His mind would crash in an a bad way he'd break. And yet….Topaz didn't make him feel anywhere near that way she sparred with him in a way that brought out the fox's playfulness made him open up and feel in control as she teased him. Made him choose and want to be with her instead of forcing him to be with her. And he wanted that….he wanted to be with her. He loved her so much. "I'm pretty sure I have a few clusters of snarls throughout them…..and there's ten of the overly fluffy things so….I'm going to be a while." he said reassuringly. "I probably won't be done by the time your done relaxing." Fii could handle a lot of things other then what those girls did……and snarls in his fur. Topaz knew his tails were sensitive to the touch he could use them like hands to sense things around him so when the fur got all snarled… was both annoying and sometimes a very slow and tedious process to get them out again.

Sable got changed it didn't take her long and washed up her face a bit finger coming her hair and watching the faded spotting in it ripple a bit. She sighed it was a cute tunic and breeches the shoulders cut out and tied around her biceps…fitted with a sash around the waist and coloring…for something picked quick complimented her coloring…she was certain more then anything that it wasn't something that was just laying around and that that playful nymph had stepped out and picked something up….the lattice work in the front was enough to be a playful hint but not anything that was too showy…Aiyan knew very well what was considered flattering back home with the wolves. And well he wasn't opposed to helping the two realize there feelings or rather Sable who let her head get in the way of her heart. She walked out and up seeing Bayla blushing not realizing she was blushing or the reason why she without thinking walked up leaned up letting her hand play against Bayla's hair her lips against her forehead. "No…no fever….are you feeling okay? Nothing is off is it?" She asked leaning towards her.

Shale laughed as he said he'd never challenge her and that she would love the opportunity to cause mischief. "Oh Maks I'm an imp…'s everything in my power to behave….you have no idea…how tempting it is everyday….it's like torture to do things the way everyone else around here does…there so boring!" She said and he'd know she'd mean everyone who went through with a daily schedule nothing impulsive or different Maks and Fauve went with the flow so they were fun but Shale….welll like Trait and his work all day and no play….Shale would have….been having tons of fun messing with the Dragon Lord..but behaved because she didn't want to get anyone including herself in trouble! She just had no idea Trait had a rather good sense of humor about a lot of things had to…..he had brought up a bunch of adopted kids who growing up were up to there own degree's of mischief!

Jarral shifted and hummed a bit his eyes starting to open as he took a deep breathe half asleep he shifted his wing which didn't help poor Wynter who was trying to wiggle out without waking him as if to pull her in tighter with it. But he did speak semi awake as if he could fall back to sleep easily too. "Wynter…." He said sleepily as if she at this point asked him to lift his wing he no doubt would so she could escape safely and get a few things….as long as La'shire wasn't still up to her mischief that is.

Syaoran smiled. "It is." he said reassuringly. "it's popular with a lot of people that type of cake is pretty good." he said having had it. "Really popular up north or so I'm told." he said looking at her and smiled. "I can place the order for you. Did you want your usual drink or something else?" He asked her he certainly didn't mind and now that his wings were tucked safely behind him and they were cuddling he was comfortable.

Keyon nodded. "We do." he said in agreement. "We should probably mention it to them too. To Aussie and Shasta about staying here…if Lord Traitorin, Lady Dia and Lady Silvitrista will let us….of building lives here and having a family….it would be a good place to have them if they say yes…." he said not realizing that Trait pretty much figured most might stay here they would be building lives and families he certainly didn't mind and Silvi had made the comment a while back that the castle was much warmer now with so many people in it. But he didn't realize Dragon's were funny creatures once they opened there homes to you they didn't normally shut you out.

Traya frowned. "I'm sure….and I'm sure you'll want me to stay behind Bane for a bit yes?" She said knowing that Blaise should not come anywhere near her….that didn't mean in her rage she would not stalk towards her past Sylar and Sylar would be hard pressed to settle her down by any means if he was also holding and protecting Traya. Bane however would stand solid between her and Blaise no matter the threats. What Traya didn't know and neither did Sylar was that during her current rants Blaise had made mention of wringing Traya's pretty little neck after the baby was born for making her life so difficult just to bodily slam against the wall of Vayshae's office and Vayshae reminded her that her loyalty was to Sylar and his wife and child. Any threat even if just venting towards her Majesties safety or Sylar's son would be dealt with accordingly by her….it was Blaise's only warning. The dark elf princess wisely nodded and backed off going back to ranting about loosing Finn….something about the strength power and speed the half light half dark elf moved….made her wary.

Frau laughed. "Uh huh." She said looking at him. "I could be like some of the other girls and not fuss at all." She said as her crystal chimed Daire returning her call letting her know that Meeka was still snuggled away sleeping but if she'd like to come and roust her and take her out to get breakfast and a dress he didn't mind and he was sure neither would she. Frau looked at Liam. "Looks like I lucked on them being Nymphish this morning." She said playing the message.

Rumi looked at Ashe. "In that case I'm doomed." he said laughing good naturedly. "I'll be beating the males away with a stick…between my wife, my daughter and my sister….." He said shaking his head meaning he considered the girls in his family all beautiful and knew he would have his hands full but he chuckled as he looked at Orrin. "you better watch out little girl you're sister is likely need you to get the boys who like her to behave." He said and Orrin whined giggling not really knowing what his dad meant but finding it fun to respond to whatever Rumi was saying. Rumi looked at her and sighed. "When he learns to shift forget walking or trotting….he'll be full off galloping his little but around the palace on us…he's already trying to get that going." He said looking down at the little colt who seemed determined to make those little legs run a mile a minute in the air.

River nodded as he said that and then glanced at the pattern again. "There is….I can't help but feel like we should know it….and it's important but….there's no dire urgency to it." She said so it wasn't an alarm pattern then again she and Rostan knew all of those by heart. Oh no….it was one that would be cause for much celebration though if they realized all of the Lemurian's would be celebrating….Trilander there crown prince was going to be a daddy.

Soliel nodded. "yes please thank you." she said and Tae smiled as she looked at them.

"Certainly no problem. I'll be sure to send it out with your orders. Enjoy your morning." she said warmly as she walked off her tail Soliel noticed trailed quite a bit behind the girl sweeping like a feathered train across the floor.

Soliel looked back at Odette and smiled a bit. "I'm still getting used to everything…..this…being free I've nearly forgotten what it feels like but…" She looked at Odette. "I'm happy…" She said then paused and sighed. "I know I worry my brother endlessly….there's still so much I'm trying to shake from being a Gladiator….I just….I don't know how to let him know…I'm alright." she said she fought to hold onto life to everything because she knew she had family out there. She didn't for a moment want to think she fought so hard for her freedom just to loose the girl inside who meant so much to her brother. To her family in the end.

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