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Shiloh (Seda thru Venna)
Re: addon
Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:33am

Seda moaned louder and let out another few yips as she could feel him getting so excited, grinding against her in such a way that she was so hot and wet already, nearly letting him slide right in a couple of times as he moved. She whined adorably and reached her hands up to rub his ears as he moved, her tails tangling with his, braiding themselves together to enhance the pleasure. “Ex… Axl…“ she whined.

Rain watched him as he came over and got back into bed with her and their breakfast, sans towel. She smiled as she took her tray and slid it onto a pillow she‘d positioned over her lap. “The food or the view?” she asked when he told her he hoped she‘d enjoy. She then smiled and picked up her knife and fork, moving to start in on her food. “Just what I needed, fuel,” she mused.

Perry smiled and nodded. “Well, I think she has more than me there,” he said, honestly. Flurry had become close to a few here in the castle who looked out for her, including Mary and Tera, besides Dante himself. “Well, I don‘t want to interrupt your breakfast. I think I‘ll head out and get myself a bite, maybe see if I can bring something small for Tera before she gets out to the training yard,” he said. “I hope you two have a good day, though I‘m sure you will,” he said with a smile.

Flurry looked at Dante and smiled, nodding a bit in return. “You too, Perry. Tell Tera hello for me.”

Cinder listened as she moved through the room, hearing Agito and his sisters talking. He moved into the closet to get dressed, and he would no doubt know she was nearby once more, without the closed door and the water to hide her allure from him, and no doubt already having its effect.

Enola smiled and let her golden tails curl around herself and Kopak as they laid there, running lightly over his body as he said that. She moved to give him a soft kiss before laying her head back down beside his. “I think I like that plan,” she said softly, just them this morning.

Ivy listened to him and her ears tipped a bit. She smiled and shook her head a little. It was still odd to her to hear it put that way… how special she was… after living her whole life feeling like nothing of the sort… In fact, it was Ebon who made her feel most special… more than the Heart did. “Thing that matters most to me is just how important I am to you,“ she said with a smile.

Sun listened and shifted a bit with the pillows, just trying to get into a comfy position. “Could you call him now?“ she asked, not even caring if it was rude… if he was sleeping… she just couldn’t do this much longer. She was certain no Mystrian should have to carry this long!

Snow winced a bit when Juli initially told her that she‘d caused her plenty of pain, but then turned her remark around and apologized to her. “No… no… Of course, I accept,” she said simply and then looked towards the door. She felt more than ready to leave at this point. This was the most uncomfortable conversation…

Slate looked at Torrent and shook his head a bit. Torrent knew, no longer affected by the virus, of course Slate would be hard to ignore his innate duty to protect the Luminara, even if the only means of doing that was to give the power to protect her over to the one who was intended for the job. “He would have to come himself….” he said with a low, rumbling growl. No promises, but there seemed to be a hope.

Pepper watched him come over to sit on the bed beside her. She looked like surprised and embarrassed. “I… I don‘t think I could… could do that without it…” she said quietly. She got a bit vocal and told Rev what she wanted when they mated usually, but nothing like when she was in heat. “I know I liked it… I just… “ she wasn‘t sure if Rev understood what she meant… and worried some that she‘d have to behave like that all the time now, though she also knew better than to worry about that. Rev made love to her as much as he could regardless of if she was in heat or not as it was, just because it was the girl he loved and wanted to be close to.

“I did,” Kia said, nodded a bit before bringing her hand up to hold her head for just a moment. “No,” she said with a smile, “they didn‘t say anything you need to be embarrassed about… just that I make you happy… that I‘m good for you,” she said with a smile. “That they don’t have to worry about you anymore now that you’re with me… Would you agree with that?”

Maybe it would be easier for Julep to get advice from Elly if she‘d stop referring to Parak as her Greay Grandpa! She was still blushing as she looked at the map of the castle she‘d left Julep with. Almost lke everyone here knew that she got easily lost in this place. She folded up the map and placed it in her locker for the moment before heading out to do her rounds in the infirmary, checking on her patients. Elly was in this morning, which meant Julep would be done her rounds a bit earlier than expected this morning, but she still had plenty of morning left to mull over what elly said. She had no idea Parak was hoping to ask her out again, perhaps on a more formal and official date than what they called their last rendezvous. “

Lyla sighed inwardly as she felt him kissing her back like that, her heart fluttering at the feel of his arms around her, holding her against him with such gentle strength. She let herself slowly get more and more lost in the kiss, her hands sliding behind him to rest on his back, clutching his shirt gently just to hold onto him.

Simon moaned and smirked at her little growling moans as she told him not to call her princess. He chuckled and then his breath caught a bit as he was getting close himself. He pulled her hips back against him harder as he picked up his pace into her, his one hand moving to hold her leg up for her, knowing she was losing her faculties a bit as they both got close. “Jess…Jesseeee…” he moaned.

Venna moaned into the kiss with a little muffled coo, her feathers ruffling as his tails moved around her and over her wings. He certainly didn’t waist time. She let him pull her in closer, her hands moving around his to hold onto him, one sliding down to rub the base of her husband’s tail. She wasn’t the only one with a hot spot after all.

  • Re: addonShiloh (Aspen thru Vespa), Sun Apr 22 1:33am
    Aspen smiled and nodded. “I’m sure you’re right,“ he said before hearing Tria in the other room, cussing out her crystal again. Of course, she must have sent Koi an invitation and been met with... more
    • Re: addon — Shiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sun Apr 22 1:33am
      • Re: addonShiloh (Del thru Garand), Sun Apr 22 1:33am
        “Oh, but then we’d miss so much else,“ Del mused, her tail moving around him a bit as she stood close to her husband, each cradling a twin. “Guess we’ll just have to be patient… or take one of your... more
        • Re: addonRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sun Apr 22 11:27am
          "Gods, I love you, Se..." Ex moaned, his fur bristling with excitement as Seda went for his ears. Leaning in and kissing her deeply, Ex rocked against her body a few more times before finally pushing ... more
          • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sun Apr 22 12:18pm
            Seda broke the kiss with a moan when Ex pushed in. She didn't quite realize just how sensitive she was from all of their antics last night, but she certainly wasn't complaining. Ex hadn't woken her... more
            • Re: addonRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sun Apr 22 3:31pm
              Ex let his tongue wrap around his wife's, rocking in a steady rhythm as his hands rubbed her ears, wanting to get more yips and moans out of his beautiful gypsy princess. "Really now. Just... more
            • Re: addonKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Apr 22 1:42pm
              A low chuckle came up from Koran's chest at Mira's word, a hand lovingly caressing along her side "You know darn well I can't resist you Mira, thought I proved that to you last night" he rumbled... more
              • Re: addonAcerbus, Sun Apr 22 5:25pm
                Acerbus wings lifting up a little bit as Del moved her soft fluffy tail to tease him just a little bit. "Guess we will." He returned and leaning in carefully to try and catch his wife in a kiss.... more
              • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Sarah), Sun Apr 22 4:24pm
                Seda moaned into the kiss, pulling back to take a breath before nipping at his chin a bit, whining and giving Ex another of those yips when he pushed in deeper. One of her tails wrapped around the... more
                • Re: addonShiloh (Del thru Garand), Sun Apr 22 6:12pm
                  Del moved to meet Acer in the kiss, returning it before hearing a little growling coo coming from the baby in her arms. She broke the kiss and looked down. "Well, someone finally woke up," she said... more
                  • Re: addonKari, Sun Apr 22 6:31pm
                    Fai smiled as Donovan took her hand and spoke to her. She curled her fingers into his hand and held on. "I'll offer." she said softly he had such faith and belief in her abilities. "All I can do is... more
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