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Shiloh (Del thru Garand)
Re: addon
Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:33am

“Oh, but then we’d miss so much else,“ Del mused, her tail moving around him a bit as she stood close to her husband, each cradling a twin. “Guess we’ll just have to be patient… or take one of your impromptu afternoon breaks to get us started,“ she teased, her tail brushing up under his wings, lifting them a bit and running along the base of them, just to tease her husband some.

Twilight closed her eyes as she felt his hand moving over her back in those gentle, soothing motions once more. Her wings smoothed out over his hand as she relaxed into him once more, nestling her head against his shoulder, her breath warm against his neck. Only Jupiter seemed to have the ability these days to quiet Twilight’s mind, to help her find the moment she was in and just enjoy it… and right now, the moment was to be close to Jupiter, in his arms, and just feel safe, loved and peaceful. “Thank you, Jupiter…” she murmured softly, smiling a bit.

Koi smiled and giggle softly. “Well, I’ll let you punish me later,“ she joked with a playful wink before she continued eating. “You might not like when I say it, but you’re so cute, Mars,“ she said, and she meant it as a compliment, always did. The fact he worried so much over her liking the meal, knowing he’d probably been up incredibly early trying to get it perfect just for her… he really was the sweetest, most thoughtful guy she knew… and soon he’d be her husband, officially. She felt like the luckiest girl, and no one could convince her otherwise.

Orion paused a moment and then moved in closer to Crys. “He was protecting you too, you know,“ he said quietly so only she’d hear. “He talks about you a lot, for what it’s worth,“ he said with a shrug, stepping back and smirking, curious to see her reaction to that.

“What is that guy?“ Vera asked with some mild unease. He didn’t look like anything she’d ever seen before… which made her curious as to where he came from, and of course when Vera got into figuring out something, she was a bit dogged about it. Since she had a wedding to travel back to La’Shire for tonight, any inquiry she had would need to be pursued this morning or wait until later. She had a feeling she’d be more than distracted tonight if Rio had any say about it.

“A feeling. Like a chill right up my spine, but warm. Not cold. Like I’m missing something rather than being startled by it…“ Soraya said, trying to rationalize it with Abbadon as they walked. “I just… I can’t figure out what’s causing it. I can’t tell if it’s something from within Unkindness or… outside of it.“

Sandy smiled when he was so worried about her that he responded to her question with the same question, just directed to her. “I’m fine,“ she said before laughing with him a bit as well. “It was not your most graceful entry,“ she said, her purrs kicking in as she was clearly happy. She moved on him a bit more and helped him sit up, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. “I hope your next entry goes smoother for you,“ she teased suggestively. The playful tigress was put at ease by his laughter and knew it was safe to resume their playful antics. She may be quite naïve and innocent and playful, still, but she’d also learned how to be flirty and enticing with the panther, too. It seemed to come naturally with him!

Saffy laughed softly when he could only compare her to a bunny. “Oh, aren’t you sweet,“ she said before moving in and giving him a kiss. “I like that you think I’m cute,“ she whispered. “I… think you’re… super handsome…“ she said, tracing one of his soft ears in return.

Blake made his shower quick and came back out with his towel around his waist. He cocked his head back towards the washroom. “Left it running for you, just the temp you like it at, love, “ he said with a smile. He looked her over a bit as she sat there in the nightshirt, looking adorable… and he couldn’t help but imagine what it’d be like to find out she was pregnant, whenever it happened.

Nascha smiled and sighed happily as he returned the words, making her feel so warm inside and all over. She suddenly shifted her weight a bit, having to really give a tug on him to get him to fall back down onto the bed with her. She laughed a bit as she laid under her dragon, seeing how he’d likely instinctively braced himself so as not to hurt her in the unexpected fall back to the bed. She opened her wings, wrapping them around him as she kissed him again. “You have to go to work so I don’t decide to skip breakfast with Mela and make you late…“ she hooted softly, not that Serg probably minded that much that his little owl was having a hard time holding back her affections.

Juno smiled a bit and then laughed softly. “Well, that woke you up.” She mused softly. “Well, we can if you want to,” she said, honestly. She did all she could not to let her urges get the better of her on a regular basis. It was a bit of a challenge for her, being so unused to the libido that seemed to come with the dragon heritage. Knowing he desired her in return was always exciting for her, but he’d just woken up… she was certain he wasn’t actually thinking about it. “How’d you sleep?” she asked, migrating away from it a bit to let him know she wasn’t pushing anything. At least getting that little rise out of him and seeing his cute, sleepy reaction took her mind away the horrible nightmares she’d been trying to shake since she woke.

Garand smiled a bit as he listened to Lana show such sympathy towards Duncan. “Well… I have a feeling my father will understand. You don’t have to worry about Duncan. I think he’ll be just fine. If nothing else, he might be happy that he was able to get some answers about what this thing is. We already know it’s different from what it was the last time Raiser was around. She had more to work with wherever she went after she died…“ he said with a sigh. “But, I promise, I’ll make sure Duncan gets through this okay. Alright?“

  • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sun Apr 22 1:33am
    Seda moaned louder and let out another few yips as she could feel him getting so excited, grinding against her in such a way that she was so hot and wet already, nearly letting him slide right in a... more
    • Re: addon — Shiloh (Del thru Garand), Sun Apr 22 1:33am
      • Re: addonRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sun Apr 22 11:27am
        "Gods, I love you, Se..." Ex moaned, his fur bristling with excitement as Seda went for his ears. Leaning in and kissing her deeply, Ex rocked against her body a few more times before finally pushing ... more
        • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sun Apr 22 12:18pm
          Seda broke the kiss with a moan when Ex pushed in. She didn't quite realize just how sensitive she was from all of their antics last night, but she certainly wasn't complaining. Ex hadn't woken her... more
          • Re: addonRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sun Apr 22 3:31pm
            Ex let his tongue wrap around his wife's, rocking in a steady rhythm as his hands rubbed her ears, wanting to get more yips and moans out of his beautiful gypsy princess. "Really now. Just... more
          • Re: addonKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Apr 22 1:42pm
            A low chuckle came up from Koran's chest at Mira's word, a hand lovingly caressing along her side "You know darn well I can't resist you Mira, thought I proved that to you last night" he rumbled... more
            • Re: addonAcerbus, Sun Apr 22 5:25pm
              Acerbus wings lifting up a little bit as Del moved her soft fluffy tail to tease him just a little bit. "Guess we will." He returned and leaning in carefully to try and catch his wife in a kiss.... more
            • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Sarah), Sun Apr 22 4:24pm
              Seda moaned into the kiss, pulling back to take a breath before nipping at his chin a bit, whining and giving Ex another of those yips when he pushed in deeper. One of her tails wrapped around the... more
              • Re: addonShiloh (Del thru Garand), Sun Apr 22 6:12pm
                Del moved to meet Acer in the kiss, returning it before hearing a little growling coo coming from the baby in her arms. She broke the kiss and looked down. "Well, someone finally woke up," she said... more
                • Re: addonKari, Sun Apr 22 6:31pm
                  Fai smiled as Donovan took her hand and spoke to her. She curled her fingers into his hand and held on. "I'll offer." she said softly he had such faith and belief in her abilities. "All I can do is... more
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