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Shiloh (Seda thru Venna)
Re: addon
Sun Apr 22, 2018 12:18pm

Seda broke the kiss with a moan when Ex pushed in. She didn't quite realize just how sensitive she was from all of their antics last night, but she certainly wasn't complaining. Ex hadn't woken her up to this in a while, and that was mostly because she was not herself much as she got more and more overtaken by the crystals... at least until Ex made a point of taking her away from her training for the day, which resulted in her crystal becoming tempered. Seda was like her old self again, with the playfulness she exuded from the moment he met her. She brought Ex down again, kissing him deeply, licking his lips as encouragement to keep going.

Rain laughed a bit as she ate a couple bites of her waffle. "Well, breakfast is good," she teased, leaving off the pleasant view. She had that playful, teasing smile on her face, though, which only meant Rocky would be getting her back for it later.

Perry nodded a bit and nodded. "I will let you know. We'll make it work," he assured them before he headed out, leaving Flurry and Dante alone.

Flurry smiled at Dante and then looked to the food. "Come on... let's eat," she said. The snow leopard still didn't have a ring on her finger. Dante had asked her if she would consider marrying him that first night they spent together. Their relationship seemed to move quickly, but neither seemed to have any regrets about it. They were practically in an eternal honeymoon phase these days, without the actual wedding and honeymoon. She gave him another kiss before moving around to take a seat at the small table in the suite so they could eat their breakfast.

Cinder looked just a tad nervous at the offer, approaching Agito and Zuri and the others. "morning..." she greeted cautiously. The invite came from Zuri, who was happily engaged to Indigo. Her purposes were pure. Daisy as well, who was dating Casanova. At least with those two there, she knew she'd be okay... but still... "I really shouldn't... i'm.... uh..." she didn't know how to phrase it without blushing. Of course, though, they knew she was in heat. Agito was already reacting to her just standing there near him, although he seemed to be hiding it well enough from his sisters.

Enola smiled, always loving the sounds of Ko's purrs... She tipped her head back so she could nuzzle Kopak some. "What would you like to do this morning? Order breakfast? Take a hot bubble bath? Just do more of this?" she asked, giving him another soft kiss. "Or all of the above?"

Ivy looked at him quietly a moment before blushing some. "You're so sweet, Ebon. Always so sweet," she said before moving in and kissing him. "I love you," she said softly, caressing his cheek as she broke the kiss. She then paused a moment as the lights in the walls seemed to catch her attention. "Hmmm... Oh..." She wasn't familiar with La'Shire's messages in this sense... but somehow she knew what it meant. She smiled. "I think Trilander just became a daddy," she said.

Sun nodded a bit, knowing she'd waited this long... she could hold out as long as she needed to, for their pup. "thank you..." she said to Pat. Even if Rev didn't reply quickly, even if it took time, just the promise of hope helped Sun feel a bit better. A promise of possibly finally having their daughter here instead of perpetually on the verge... it was enough right now.

Yuna slowly got out of bed, unable to go back to being lazy and sleeping in without Altair there. She didn't bother to get dressed, still comfortable in nothing more than any of the more restricting clothes. When she did dress, it was always in little flowing dresses that felt free and unrestricted, of course Dia had ensured the kitten got used to wearing something underneath. In Altair's room, though, she knew she didnt' have to wear anything if she didn't want to, and Alti never seemed to mind one bit! She walked around, looking at all of the books on his bookcase, which was practically an entire wall, tracing her fingers along the bindings, unable to tell what any of the titles were. Altair was always pulling one out to read to her, but when she tried to follow along, nothing made sense.

Snow's ears were back as she looked at Juli and nodded a bit. "I'm so sorry, Juli," she said before she left the infirmary room, closing the door and taking a deep breath. That had seemed to be going one way and took a nasty turn, and it'd been left with such a cold unpleasantness. She had a feeling... she and Juli would not be the best of friends right away, if ever. It wasn't lost on Juli or Slate that their entire marriages had occurred in the shadow of a love that went back to two teenagers in a snow blossom field casting a spell to forget how in love they were or their actions that produced the current Lady Alpha.

Slate seemed to tense a little at the mention of Juli. It was true... perhaps the rage had driven them into each other's arms initially, both angry at their mates, at the world even... just wanting some release. But his feelings for her went deeper than that and, now as the Rage Virus was purged from him, those feelings for her remained. Once they were released from the infirmary... he did plan to see her... and perhaps they could start right this time. He merely nodded to Torrent, though seemed unwilling just yet to really say much more. Their friendship was far from mended yet.

Pepper smiled a bit and nodded. "I know that... I mean... it helps to hear it, but I know that," she said to Rev. She then paused and her ears perked as Rev received a message, tipping her head as he went back into his tech talk, as though he'd just been met with a challenge that he was excited to take on. "Build what?" she asked.

Kia looked at her hand in his and smiled, looking at Saber and leaning in to give him a kiss. "I'm glad I could do that," she said quietly. "I'm also glad they like me," she added. "At least now you can let that feeling go," she said, placing a hand on his chest as she studied him with her warm eyes, meaning he no longer had to hate himself, because he knew that his family didn't hold anything against him. Nothing had been his fault.

Julep had no idea as she wandered through her rounds, checking on patients, tending to their immediate needs, updating their charts for the doctors like Elly, Apple and Riggs... that Parak was closing in on the infirmary wing, seeking out his great granddaughter for some advice on this little intrigue he'd developed with Julep. Innocent as it seemed, neither were sure what it was or where it might go. Elly, on the other hand, had plenty of opinions on the matter! No doubt her more modern take on dating and courtship would make her more traditional grandfather blush!

Gabby whined and yowled through another climax as Prowl seemed to never miss a morning of heated and heavy mating. He was always mindful of her condition, but he knew how much the malamute could handle, too. Heck, he knew her body better than she did. She had been trying to reach for her crystal that morning, having gotten a message from Serg about an offer to teach at the new school he was trying to orchestrate, when Prowl had taken the doggy position she'd been in as too much of a temptation, and he hadn't let her free of it yet. "I have... to answer... that..." she panted as her tail swatted at the naughty husky's chest.

Tripp had Ibiel this morning, having taken the day off so Elly could work today. He was having a fun time with her too as she sat in her little baby sling that she could wheel around the floor in. He was doing all sorts of things to get his baby girl to laugh and clap her little hands and bark with glee... juggling badly, turning on the radio to sing for her and dance around the room to her delight. Elly always said when he was taking care of Ibiel, she swore he slept just as soundly as she did on those nights!

Simon found it hard not to come with her, her body getting so tight when she came. He continued to move into her, though, determined to last another of her orgasms before hitting his own... but even now he was getting that shimmer to his skin, that Sprite light that seemed to have surfaced since he embraced his heritage and had been learning more and more from Lys and the other Fairies back North. It only came around when he was like this with Jesse, a sure sign he was about to find release. "Jess..." he moaned, moving again with her until she was on her belly and he got up behind her, holding her waist as he put more strength into his thrusts like this, driven on my her sounds and her tail teasing his body.

Venna shifted a bit on his lap so she was sitting facing him, her legs on either side of his waist. She pulled him in for another deep kiss, breaking it to lean up and catch one of his fuzzy ears between her teeth, dragging them towards the tip of it until it was once more free, feeling the almost immediate swelling on his lap beneath her as she went for something so sensitive. "If I remember, you like that I rub you the right way," she teased him back, calling back to their first encounter back in the camp.

  • Re: addonRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sun Apr 22 11:27am
    "Gods, I love you, Se..." Ex moaned, his fur bristling with excitement as Seda went for his ears. Leaning in and kissing her deeply, Ex rocked against her body a few more times before finally pushing ... more
    • Re: addon — Shiloh (Seda thru Venna), Sun Apr 22 12:18pm
      • Re: addonRudy (Ex thru Saiken), Sun Apr 22 3:31pm
        Ex let his tongue wrap around his wife's, rocking in a steady rhythm as his hands rubbed her ears, wanting to get more yips and moans out of his beautiful gypsy princess. "Really now. Just... more
      • Re: addonKoran/Dkhoran, Sun Apr 22 1:42pm
        A low chuckle came up from Koran's chest at Mira's word, a hand lovingly caressing along her side "You know darn well I can't resist you Mira, thought I proved that to you last night" he rumbled... more
        • Re: addonAcerbus, Sun Apr 22 5:25pm
          Acerbus wings lifting up a little bit as Del moved her soft fluffy tail to tease him just a little bit. "Guess we will." He returned and leaning in carefully to try and catch his wife in a kiss.... more
        • Re: addonShiloh (Seda thru Sarah), Sun Apr 22 4:24pm
          Seda moaned into the kiss, pulling back to take a breath before nipping at his chin a bit, whining and giving Ex another of those yips when he pushed in deeper. One of her tails wrapped around the... more
          • Re: addonShiloh (Del thru Garand), Sun Apr 22 6:12pm
            Del moved to meet Acer in the kiss, returning it before hearing a little growling coo coming from the baby in her arms. She broke the kiss and looked down. "Well, someone finally woke up," she said... more
            • Re: addonKari, Sun Apr 22 6:31pm
              Fai smiled as Donovan took her hand and spoke to her. She curled her fingers into his hand and held on. "I'll offer." she said softly he had such faith and belief in her abilities. "All I can do is... more
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