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Shiloh (Del thru Garand)
Re: addon
Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:12pm

Del moved to meet Acer in the kiss, returning it before hearing a little growling coo coming from the baby in her arms. She broke the kiss and looked down. "Well, someone finally woke up," she said as Liora giggled a bit at finally having their attention, when her mommy and daddy had been busy kissing a moment ago. She wiggled a bit, her tiny tail dancing a bit as her wings weren't sturdy enough yet to really open or flutter at all. But she was finally up and lively after Lukken had been the one taking the spotlight earlier with Acer.

"Ma! Da!" she giggled, getting the words more and more, like her brother. She looked at her brother in Acer's arms and wiggled one of her little hands at him as though a silent, 'hi brother, that's where you went!'

Twilight blushed when he called her that. "You know... I could call you my Prince now, too.." she noted with a smile in her voice as much as it was on her face. He was, technically, granted the title now. It was Acerbus' decision in the end whether to give Jupiter those titles or to leave him at the titles he previously held, and he seemed to be willing to invite Jupiter into that role, obviously trusting him far more than Helios.

"You're those things too," Koi said as she took another bite and smiled at him. "Rugged, handsome... and cute," she cooed. "So... what exactly are you expecting from the Oak today?" she asked him curiously. Mars usually shared with her, since she already knew about Twilight... that secret couldn't stay hidden between her and her friend. Of course, Koi would be expected to do more at the Royal Oak today than just a dress fitting. She had to give an answer to Acerbus about whether or not she'd accept her father's seat on the Council. Somehow, that bit of news had fled her in the wake of her evening with Mars and waking up to his sweet gestures and news of her fitting.

Orion's jaw dropped a bit and his feathers ruffled some as he straightened up and shook his head. "Worth it," he said with a smirk when she dropped it to 5% instead of the 10% she offered from earlier, but the get a bit of a rise out of her was definitely worth it.

Vera's ears perked a bit and she looked at Rio and smiled. "So... I guess we're teaming up on this one," she noted, her voice light and playful. She then looked back to the figure. "Hmm... I can't imagine how someone like him got here without everyone noticing. Wonder if he came through the portal," she said. He certainly didn't look like anything she'd ever seen, in fact... upon first look, one might think he was... a monster. But he wasn't hurting anyone, so Vera chose to keep an open mind, for now. Her tail swished behind her with intent, as though she was enjoying this feeling of getting her feet wet a bit again in what she was good at... gathering intel. she hadn't done much of that since helping Rio with the Kingsmen a bit by stealing that Spirit Cube.

"I didn't think about that. The Abyss wasn't something I was alive for the first time it was here. We learned about it, of course, but since it appeared, it's behaved differently than what we were told. It seems to have more of a... mind..." Soraya said with a bit of a wariness in her usually steady voice. The Abyss had that affect on everyone. It was pure fear, after all. "Maybe you're right. Maybe because it does seem so smart, so sentient... maybe it is playing with us," she agreed, unaware that as she said that, Zlo was probably watching the goings-on in the treetops from where he and Choas' men were positioned, biding their time. That, even if he saw her, he might not feel more than a sense of familiarity, like he was missing something... but not what.

Sandy laughed a bit, that infectious little giggle of her as he gave her one of his telling growls, the ones that he reserved solely for her and their little exchanges. She returned the kiss and then sat back on his lap a bit, shifting to get a bit more comfy, her tail whipping out of the water a bit as she got situated, but also ensuring she was giving Panro a little tease at all of her movement against him. "I guess that means this morning will be playful..." she said, her purrs starting up. Last night, on the other hand, had been wild! No doubt Fang would eventually check in to see what was causing the delay in the nuptials and their prep for them, but right now, their crystals were in the other room and they were both still enjoying the high of the engagement, so to speak.

Saffy loved that sound he made every time... that grumbling purr of his that just thrilled her to no end. She was caught up in the kiss, returning it as she laid against him a bit more, her arms wrapping around him a bit as her fingers danced over his ears. She broke the kiss after a little while, catching her breath a bit, as it was so easy for them to get lost in it with each other. "You don't have to try at all... you just are that for me," she assured him, rubbing noses with the puma-bear before kissing him again.

Blake smiled as Mela walked back, shivering a bit at how her wings traced his body when she moved past him. "Careful, Mela... I may follow you in there and pick up where we left off, and then we'd both be late... and your sister would kill me," he called to her before moving to get himself dressed, just to make sure he didn't have as easy a time giving in to the temptation.

Nascha gave Serg a playful little mock pout before she sighed and let her wings fall open across the bed in that beautiful display that always seemed to hypnotize him. "Oh, alright... but only because you promised," she said, giving him one more kiss before letting him go so he could stand back up. She shifted around on the bed, moving to get up and go get herself ready to go meet Mela and Sally.

Juno noticed how stuck Torin seemed to be on the mention of sex, it'd certainly caught the semi-conscious man off guard. His addled reaction to it was actually pretty cute, though whether he was stunned by the early morning offer or happy to oblige, she wasn't quite sure. she smiled and nodded a bit, "Uh... my dreams were... intense," she said with a shrug, unable to lie to him, but also trying to sort of skirt what they'd actually entailed. she knew if she spoke of suddenly having nightmares of her father coming back... he'd be concerned. It wasn't like Juno to dream about those things anymore, not since she came back herself... though that in itself was concerning. She and Yuuri had both been somewhere else, if only for a short time... and perhaps it made them more susceptible to being reached from someone in the Vale or the Other.

Aspen sort of hoped Tria came close to the room and heard him and Eri talking abotu her in a dress for her wedding, if only to see his bride's reaction. Eri seemed certain that Tria needed a wedding dress, while Aspen wasn't sure his mate would go for it, as she didn't consider herself a dress type of girl... even if he thought she looked amazing in them.

Garand paused a moment when she asked that. He looked at her curiously and shifted to lay facing her a bit more to watch her. "Not a bad thing, no..." he assured her. "But if you want to do something more in the castle, Lana... you know you can. You have options." It didn't even have to be a time-consuming job like in the infirmary or the kitchen or on patrols. "Do you feel like it's a bad thing?" he asked curiously.

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