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Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:31pm

Fai smiled as Donovan took her hand and spoke to her. She curled her fingers into his hand and held on. "I'll offer." she said softly he had such faith and belief in her abilities. "All I can do is try right?" she asked him smiling letting him know she was willing to offer mostly because he had so much faith in her skills when she herself was so unsure of how good they were.

Trait smiled chuckling when she nuzzled his chest like that having a feeling she was doing it to hide a blush but he'd never call her on it because he found it cute when she did it. "And what would my lovely lady like for breakfast this morning?" he asked playfully he was in no real hurry to go anywhere today. Last time he spoke to Averie his son informed him that the world would not fall apart in a day because he took time to spend with Dia and his family. They were all a tougher crew then that. They'd pull there weight so he could still have his life.

Eri shook her head no. "Mm no." She said about having something to wear to the wedding. "I have some maternity clothes but….nothing worthy of going to something special for you two…..not with the baby bump anyways." She said chuckling the tea really was helping the skittish Unicorn with her nerves it helped her find a center of calm she hadn't been feeling. "I'll have to remember to thank Tae for the tea." she said softly. Then smiled as she looked at Aspen. "I just might convince her." she said in answer clearly not minding trying to get Tria into a wedding dress. Because a lot of the fun with it was after when Aspen worked on helping her out of it.

Dim blinked when he was startled at first about the fact he was connected to Twilia but then…mentioned his aura? He knew Eros could see him in a way no one else could but still. That was confusing. Dim though nodded and smiled. "Forgive me I'm actually rather glad she seems to have been allowed a normal life…I worried greatly the weight would be thrust upon her when I rushed her from Aeon." he spoke there was a sadness there. "I couldn't stay….that troubles me to this day." Eros might understand why he had had to whisk her away from Aeon leaving her with Samson and not having any idea of her past at all. He had not been able to be there for her and now everything had to be so chaotic for her. "You made mention of my Aura….I had nearly forgotten that is a gift among white ravens…you can see it." he said looking at him. "I suppose it must seem….dark to you." He had no idea that to Eros it was more like pure nightfall. "I am not of a race you would be familiar with I'm a feathered Gargoyle…however here call me a pure." Dim knew what it was like to be in his position to be try to route possible danger and determine possible friend. So he was trying to offer as much as he could and trust that Eros would ask questions to fill in any blanks he wanted more information on. "Please though continue to feel free to ask me any questions you can think of. I will answer them to you or anyone you wish me many times as you like. There must be many blanks. I know what befell Aeon. And how to help her. But before any of that….I want to be certain I have not caused any discord here when I have not meant to."

Averie smiled as she said she could send her a thank you letter. "I'm sure she would be touched by it Nikki and it would be something she could hold onto and cherish. A keep sake to show her family years down the road." He side thinking about that and realizing that it would be something she could show any children and grandchildern as time passed that she had cooked for the royals here and had gotten a thank you from Nikki for her care in preparing the meal.

Yuuri looked at him her curiosity peeked as he seemed to trail off after the and me…'A mate' but she heard it….clearly felt it there was something there he was hesitating to say. She pushed up a bit rolling up to look at him and tipped her head curiously her quills moving in such a way to indicate that curiosity at his hesitation. "A mate?" she repeated in question curious where he had been going with that train of thought. "Senn what is it your trying to say?"

Fii did feel relief at that, that she offered when she was done with her bath if he was not done with his tails to help. He smiled. "I'll be looking forward to it. I'm sure I'll still be trying to work my way through them when your done." he said leaning up and kissing her cheek before shifting. "I'll go draw that bath for you." He had not expected her to offer but just the same knowing that she was feeling better to a point willing to sit there and help him fuss his way through the fur on his tails was reassuring.

Sable tipped her head and nodded. "If your sure…" She said her tail swishing behind her then moved and collected the chair pulling it closer and sitting down with her down drink and pastries. "I'm just glad your feeling better….you had me worried sick." she said as she sipped her coffee not giving herself time to think of her responses to Bayla more worried about the pretty lycan before her then about being proper.

Shale smiled. "Can do." she said happily as the crystal chimed. Fauve had just woken to finding Aster having fallen back to sleep snuggled up around her stuffed animal against Ginger and no sign of Violet….anywhere. Fauve had checked the bathroom the bedroom under the bed everywhere the pup could have hidden herself away at….and nothing no sign of her or Hank. Shale picked up the crystal and blinked. "Fauve?" She asked thinking the girl would be snuggled up sleeping in with her sisters.

"Violet's missing." Was the response not panicked but tense. Fauve knew this castle was huge and she was one little pup all by herself having wondered off and gotten lost…..

"Okay…don't worry I can take Maksim and start searching for her….." Shale said as she sat with Maks holding the crystal.

"Thank you Shale, Maks." she said having a feeling she was sitting there with Maksim the little Imp was a handful but she was good at heart.

"Mm kay…" he said sleepily as he lifted his wing up for her the mass shifting into the air so she could wiggle out. He yawned though clearly still very tired and unaware at the moment…..but at least Wynter could get up and move about not that Jarral intended to pin her with his wing like that he had just been comfortable.

Syao chuckled. "probably not." he said as he placed the order for them after she said the usual to drink and placed an order for his preferred breakfast as well. He glanced at her as she purred contentment as they snuggled. "If I had to wager I'd say the only three at the moment that actually know are Menda, Gyspy and Braska…those three have been determined to see us a family since we met." he said chuckling letting her know it was because they were certainly behind the happy couple one hundred percent.

Braska woke to the absence of warmth in the bed next to him and rumbled a bit yawning and moving getting up as he sorta lumbered his way into the bathroom. His ears twitched as he was moving a sleepy bear indeed he didn't seem all that wake or aware yet and seemed to have forgotten at least in his sleep addled mind that Gyspy had stayed the night. He got ready to climb into the shower and stepped in behind her feeling the spray as he stretched yawning. Not fully clicking in yet….or rather at all that he just walked in on Gypsy in the shower!

Keyon held her gently in his arms. "yeah but I have a feeling my siblings will feel the same way as us." he said as he held her. "I have a feeling they will want to stay here. I don't think Aussie wants to go back, the way he is here I get the impression he feels like this is his home now But I want to be sure and Shasta well I think she's just happy to be here with Vanille…I don't know if she wants to go back."

Traya nodded as she looked at him. "I'll stay close to Bane." She said she was skilled enough in fighting sure self defense and stuff but she was certainly no warrior as she had learned that grand difference while using her magic to help defend La'shire and shield it. A human warrior and mage broke through her barrier from behind and would have destroyed her and her magic if Finn had not sensed her danger and come running before they could. Self defense was not the same as being a skilled warrior she was a princess and queen a healer….and able to cast incredible barriers and save people but she was certainly not capable and she understood that of fending off and fully enraged Blaise. Traya looked at him. "I….can't say for sure if she has or hasn't Sy." She said sadly. "I can't see her clearly that might be in part to the tether she had with Finn his light might have been distorting what I was seeing…..but She's not like you for sure. She not like looking at the night sky full of stars." She said which was his presence to her his aura if she looked it was deep and dark and immense but it was not frightening to her. Oddly enough the night sky had always been a comfort to Traya because she could see Adriel's star there and now knew Rohdoran's as well so close although dimmer then it should be to Adriel's. Sylar to her was like looking at that night sky. It brought her such peace and comfort.

Frau smiled. "I should." she said chuckling. "I'll go collect an adorable little Mink and spoil her a bit this morning." She said leaning in to kiss him good night. "Get some rest." She said winking and moving to walk out of the room to go collect Meeka. "I'll wake you when I get back if your not up….I might think of a way to have fun doing it to." She teased. She might wake him with a kiss or get a bit playful she certainly didn't mind finding interesting ways to see if she could wake Liam always affectionate.

Rumi chuckled. "Yeah….he will but that might be a good thing for a bit." He said as Orrin was still kicking away. "It's kinda cute and funny how different they are. Fio there is calm and sweet and gentle unless this one gets her all wound up." he said glancing down at Orrin who looked up at him and letting out as strong of a whiny as the little colt could manage. "Although where he gets the boundless energy from I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy his nap times." He said having a feeling that if the little charger got out of any play pen when they put them in it…..they'd have quite the event trying to catch him. He was a runner.

River nodded. "I'm sure." She said as she leaned back and waited for him to return. It was so funny Ros never minded little things like having a meal in her with her because she had to soak. She looked up at the ceiling though and relaxed lifting the tip of her fin out of the water a moment and pursed her lips instead of all shiny scales it was all scaly still….she knew why it was partly because she had been out of the water so long and partly because the anxiety and stress of yesterday got her to. The light in that mess had been Rostan. He was always her light.

Soliel nodded as she listened to Odette. "Thank you." She said feeling better hearing her say it. Odette knew her brother so well had been with him so long. The two were good for each other. "Odette…I'm happy your with him." She said softly. She had been floored though Lance had been searching all this time for her never giving up on finding her. So many others had learned there families had given them up for lost and yet there were others like Lance. Who had been determined to find and take back there family. She had learned of the Triplets Keyon, Aussie and Shasta. And the miracle that brought them all back together. "There's still hope." She said thinking about rebuilding her relationship little by little with him and everything here. "I’m not sure what to do with all the free time though." She said her ear twitching she wasn't used to having all of her time to do with what she pleased that was for sure!

"She will be." He said in agreement knowing Marin well enough. "Marin…is more of a protector then a motherly figure. I would never force her to fully settle down. Where you and I…have this….she's more the sort that would be happy being in the relationship and protecting the baby then being the mom and figuring out how to bring the baby up." He smiled. "It's hard to explain I suppose mostly because I grew up around her and Rostan they were dear friends. We all sought to become Sea-wolves together warriors of course my father….was not thrilled that the as he put it 'Crown Prince' was going to risk his neck out in battle but….they understood. It wasn't about….being prince it was about protecting those I cared about." he traced her cheek. "For Marin it's like that. She's not ready to bear the title of mom because she's not ready to hang up her swords and stop fighting for what she believes in and for those she cares about. If she became a mom she'd want to put those up for the sake of taking care of the pup. She'll be happy for you, for us because you my love are not a warrior your more the one that calms the spirit and brings peace then the one who drives off the sharks."

Haru picked up the note and read it then chuckled. "A lot." He said shaking his head. "Apparently we slept through a big family dinner last night." he glanced over at her. "So since we could not make it to the dinner they brought the dinner to us." He looked at the arrangement. "There apparently was a lot to choose from and somehow I get the feeling that this isn't even half of what was there. This family is huge." he said thinking about it. But he smiled as he glanced at Vespa.

Opal handed the instructions over to Sarah holding the vial as well. "The rest of the vials are on your desk….whoever made this sent a full parcel like they do of the Zion." She said letting Sarah know this wasn't the only vial. If it worked…..they had a lot to work with. She glanced over as she waited while Sarah went over the detailed instructions again. Opal's tail swished slowly behind her she was nervous was this really….the hope that they all needed that there was a way to save these people to protect everyone from the furie's virus from the poison that threatened to take away so many.

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