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Shiloh (Aspen thru Sarah)
No Subject
Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:14pm

Aspen smiled and nodded a bit. “Well, I wish you luck on that one. She’s feisty,“ he said, but he figured this would be good for both Eri and Tria… just something else to let them get to know each other better. “But I think if anyone can do it, you might have the ability,“ he noted with a smirk. “And, of course, we’ll make sure you have something to wear for the occasion, Eri.“ He then looked towards the door and heard a knock from the main door to the suite. “Ah, that would be breakfast. I’ll be right back with yours… unless you think you’d want to eat out at the table with Tria and me?“ he offered, unsure what her comfort level or energy level was at this morning.

Eros was, indeed, still confused and it didn’t seem like Dim was prepared with explanations, rather needing to know what Eros wished to know first. “I don’t speak for her… or her family… not entirely. I think that I should tell Lord Acerbus about your presence here and arrange for him and the princess’s parents to meet with you. They’ve been trying to get answers about her for a long time. If you have them, answers about Aeon and her… and Pherenice… all of it… I shouldn’t be the only one to know,“ he said, reasonably. “You’re not a danger to anyone here, are you?“ he more stated than asked, figuring if Dim intended to try something against anyone here or, specifically against Twilgiht, he appeared to have the ability to have done it already. He then shook his head at mention of his aura. “Not dark like you think. You… look like the night sky, true night… pure, as you called yourself. But there’s something in the color, a hue… that is so much like her’s…“ he said offhandedly, meaning Twilight’s obviously. “It’s why I figured you had some connection to her in all of this.“

Nikki smiled when he said that and seemed pleased with the idea as well, hearing it put the way he did. He always worded things so well… when he wasn’t over thinking them. “A letter it is, then. I’ll write it today… just… not right now. Right now, I just want to be like this with you… as long as Kiva allows it,“ she added with a smile.

Senn looked at Yuuri as she drew his attention back to her and to the words he’d trailed off on. He felt suddenly so nervous and yet… at the same time, he felt oddly comfortable in the moment. “Yes… a mate… You have a mate… who would like more than anything to be your husband… to marry you…“

Topaz nodded a bit and watched him get up and go to draw the bath for her. She looked down, slowly pulling up her nightshirt a bit to expose her tummy, still taut at the moment, trying to imagine the fact there was a little roo-kit growing in there… that she was going to be a mother, something she never thought would happen… without it meaning her death or the death of the baby, or both. She still had those fears in her, but Fii was obviously going to reinforce with her as much as he needed to that everything was okay. She would not be punished for becoming pregnant, nothing back would happen. It was a good thing. She wanted to be happy and he was patiently going to reinforce for her that it was okay to be, that she should be happy and he was happy too. She lowered her nightshirt, rubbing her stomach a bit. She wasn’t feeling hungry yet, her immediate nausea having been calmed by the potion, but it still didn’t feel like she could handle food yet… maybe after the bath. She looked at the crystal and picked it up, sending Yuuri a small message, just to let her know that… she really needed to see her today at some point. She felt like she couldn’t fully relax over this until her friend knew… and gave her the reassurances as one ex-sklave to another… that it was good and that none of the horrible things that would have happened to them in that life if they were to become pregnant would happen here.

Bayla watched Sable as she got settled and she smiled a bit. “I did?“ she asked, “I mean… I’m sorry I worried you. I… didn’t realize how badly he hurt me, I guess,“ she said, honestly. She hadn’t even thought about it when she ran in at Singo, so much bigger than her, so much stronger… but she’d done it to protect Sable, the same way Singo probably did it to protect Suna… only he could’ve killed the lycan girl if he hadn’t been stopped by the dire and Sable. “I’m just glad you’re okay. If he’d taken you back…” she said, her ears falling back, not wanting to think about it.

Maks sat up a bit and took the crystal from Shale. “Just stay put with your other sisters, Fauve… in case she come back. I’m sure she’s just exploring. We’ll find her,” he said. Maks had proven his value tracking others… after all, he’d tracked Shale all the way here over a course of months. He handed the crystal back to Shale and then moved to get up and get some clothes on. “Where do you think a little girl in a big place like this would go, Shale?” he asked, seeing as children were as impish as imps at times.

Vi was nervous, but hiding it well as she clung to Hank tightly and wandered, lost, around the castle. She would tuck herself against a corner or a wall as knights and guards patrolled, talking amongst themselves as they checked perimeter crystals. Mystrians she’d never seen before… some with swords… some with trays of yummy-smelling food… Some noticed her and those that tried to acknowledge her, she’d quickly run off from… Her tummy growled and she hugged Hank up to her face, nuzzling into him a bit. “I’m hungry, Hank…” She didn’t know where she’d come from or which way led back to Fauve….

Wynter wiggled to the edge of the bed and sat up a bit, gently touching his wing to guide it down. She then climbed down off the bed and moved to go back into her room via the double doors that connected their two rooms together. La‘shire didn‘t seem to be aware of their activities right now, too busy at the moment celebrating Trilander and Lassa‘s pregnancy, so Wynter was able to get into her suite now. She moved about, gathering some clothes and then heading into the washroom to take a shower, the scents of arousal and release still in her nose from last night, making her blush every time she caught the scents and remembering the things that happened last night.

Zyna nodded a bit and smiled, still purring softly as she snuggled up with him some more as they waited for their meals. “How do they know without us telling them, though?” she asked curiously. She knew they were nosy, as Syao coined them, but she didn’t know just how nosy!

Gypsy froze a bit when she heard the curtain move and then she turned a bit and blushed deeply, holding the soapy washcloth in front of her chest, balled up in her hands. Her eyes traveled down and she blushed deeply. Braska clearly had some… good dreams. “M-m-morning,” she said shyly. They’d showered together before, but last night had felt like a weird, surreal dream. This morning felt really…. Real!

Jin nodded a bit as he tried to rationalize it out a bit. “I’m sure you’re right, but we’ll check in with them… but for right now… let’s just enjoy our morning together, hmm?” she suggested as they were waiting for breakfast to come and Jin moved up, resting against Keyon and kissing him, her tail wagging a bit behind her.

Shasta was snuggled up to Vanille, sleeping one of the most peaceful and restful sleeps she had in… years. She was still out like a light, the curtains drawn in the room to keep the daytime at bay a bit longer. Shasta had been so shy last night with the prospect of more… but all the two did was get lost in kisses and cuddles… easing the inexperienced tassie into more. Vanille’s love and patience meant a lot to Shasta, as she kept reminding her.

“Well… I spent a long time with my sister… and I know her. And this isn’t her, not completely. She’s always been a selfish and spoiled thing, always demanding her way and going to any extent to have it. When she tethered to Finn, that was her. That was her wanting to be queen of two Elf nations, of wanting power and control and of just having him in a way no one else could. But as this unnatural darkness rolled in, she was so intrigued by it, so drawn to it… what she is now… the thing that was draining the light out of your brother like a leech, that is not my sister,” sylar said simply. Finn never should have waned quite the way he did in a tie to a night elf of Rohdorn. Which meant, over time, he was tied to something darker, unnatural…

Liam actually blushed, which wasn’t something he did easily, when Frau’Lea teased him about having fun waking him if he wasn’t up already when she got back. He chuckled a bit and nodded before getting more comfortable in bed. “Mmm… I look forward to it, Lea,“ he said, knowing she always blushed when he used her softer name.

Meeka was still curled up and sleeping off the last round of love making between she and the frisky fae who always seemed ready to make the bells sing for his playful girl. She didn’t know Daire was up and watching her sleep, having let Frau know that she could come and collect his fiance for a day of pampering and dress shopping.

“Well, they have to balance each other out,“ Ashe said with amusement. She then let out a soft, hushed laugh, as though something just came to her. “I just find it interesting that you and Seanan are sort of the reverse. You’re always the more reserved one… while she’s always running around getting into something or other,“ she mused. Yet, here… Fio seemed to take after her daddy, while Orrin appeared to take after his auntie Seanan. Rumi could get wild and riled, but usually that was only in the bedroom, or wherever he and Ashe deemed worthy of mating.

Rostan eventually returned. He moved a few things around and tossed a towel onto the floor, taking a seat and setting his tray beside him, so he was at River’s level. He took a drink from his glass and started to eat, looking at her as she checked her tail. “It takes longer than that, love,“ he reminded her. This wasn’t the first time she’d been through this… of course… he knew it was worse when she was emotionally distressed prior to the molting. She’d been through a lot… to protect Lassa… and put on a brave front, but it had been horrible and if Rostan could… he would have torn both Oceanis and Oberon up over it. But only Trilander could conduct that confrontation, by doing it politically through the Mercarian king. “Don’t look at it. Just try to relax…”

Odette paused a moment and blushed a bit when Soliel said she was happy Odette was with Lance. “Thank you, Soliel,“ she said. When Lance discovered his sister was one of the Gladiators sent to attack them on the battlefield… Odette had made a point to connect with Soliel quickly where lance struggled to cope with what they’d done to her. So… it meant a lot that Soliel accepted her. “As for the free time… I think we can find a few things to try. The possibilities are endless. There’s something for everyone here, so there have to be things you’ll enjoy. We’ll just try something new every time and eventually you’ll figure out what you like to do.”

Lassa listened, afraid she might never understand it all the way Trilander did. But she trusted him implicitly and if he said that Marin would be happy for them, would love that Trilander got to be a father with the wife who was happy to be a mother… then she believed him. “Okay…” she said before smiling and nodding, saying it with more certainty, “Okay, then.” She hoped his father would be happy about it, too. Corbin appreciated how Lassa balanced his son, understood her importance, even if he’d wished for Trilander to marry only one wife, unlike the kings before him, and have favored Marin… so he would probably be happy at the news.

Vespa seemed a little taken aback at his words… this family is… huge. She felt a little sad she didn’t meet more of that huge family she seemed to be a part of now. All she really knew of was her brother and sister… she’d spent some time with Juno and Yuuri, even though they weren’t technically blood related to her, Trait sharing a mother with Vespa and a father with Juno and Yuuri. But she just didn’t really get around to meet many and didn’t really know how big the family was. “It all looks good, though… and I’m hungry, so I don’t know how many leftovers we’ll have,” she noted with a smile.


Sarah nodded at Opal’s remark about the other vials. She read the directions closely, again and again, not wanting any room for error. She didn’t even know if it would work, but if it did, she didn’t want to give too much or too little and risk it failing or doing something awful to the patient if they were given too much too quickly. “These vials came from the same alchemy lab… so whoever made the Zion and whoever made this are from the same village…“ she said, marveling at what the Druids had been achieving as of late, not that they hadn’t spent ages getting to this point. “Opal… could you get me one of the sterile droppers… it’s saying merely drops of this stuff at a time… is all that is needed… the amount of doses depending on the extremity of the case,” she said. She was going by the book on this one.

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                      • Re: No SubjectKari (Rumi thru Opal) , Wed Apr 25 7:19pm
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                            Having left his and Sarah's room Drak found himself sliding into the kitchen unannounced earning a disapproving frown from one of the staff. He knew well enough that he should have just taken a seat... more
                            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Nikkala thru Sarah), Fri Apr 27 12:08am
                              Nikki sighed through her purrs and closed her eyes, just relaxing into Averie and enjoying the feel of his arms around her, his fingers running over her ears and through her hair. She wanted to check ... more
                              • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Del thru Eros), Fri Apr 27 12:08am
                                Del placed the plates on the table as Acerbus came over and she took a peek back to the other room and smiled, seeing the twins playing quietly together in the pen. She set down a pitcher of juice... more
                                • Re: No SubjectKari (Fai through Tae) , Fri Apr 27 1:35am
                                  Fai heard him rush off and knew from the wing beats that he was running late. She would have to do something here to ensure she could be up earlier and wake him in time. She certainly didn't mind... more
                                  • Re: No SubjectKari (Averie through Opal), Fri Apr 27 1:36am
                                    Averie continued to run his fingers comfortingly through her hair. He was in no hurry to move this morning no real big hurry to do anything at the moment really. It had been a real scare last night... more
                                    • Re: No SubjectDkhoran, Fri Apr 27 11:21am
                                      A kind chuckle escaped Drak's lips as he heard Tae talking to her staff "Ah, I don't fault em for the frowns as it stands I"m kinda an invader in their workplace" he said even as he took the head... more
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