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Kari (Eri thru Syao)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:51pm

Eri looked at Aspen and smiled. "She is feisty but….I think that is one of the things I like about having her for a friend. She knows what she wants and pursues it. She spirited but….kind. And keeps showing me like you did….a different world." she whispered then the one that ripped her apart a while ago. These two were trying to show her a brighter better one….she just hoped. She could make it to see it and that the baby could get the blessing he needed. She looked up though as the knock on the door sounded and Aspen mentioned it was breakfast. "It's okay if I join you both?" she asked not wanting to put them out….but it would…honestly be nice to not…try to eat alone for once. Maybe she could get something down she had some not a lot while Yuna was talking with her. It seemed to help.

"Of course I have the answers that isn't the issue." Dim said sadly. "The issue…is not know what you know and how to tell you what I do. But you are right. It would save much time to speak with all who it concerns at once…..a threat?" Dim blinked a moment beside the intense power of the Elvin Lanterns that were blessed by the Elvin Queen and carried it seemed one of Adriel's most potent protection spells laced through it he knew the blessing and hum of Adriel's magic entirely too well and the one who gifted these took no short cuts. "Something….about my aura….is similar to hers?" He said after a moment coming back to that and looking at Eros. "Your certain….there's something similar?" Confusion danced in Dimael's voice. "But there should not be….nothing in Danajora's realm…should hold any echoes of similarity to mine at all… bear any similarity to mine would mean she'd have traces of a Najatrina heritage somewhere in her blood line….that should not be possible though…" He said and paused as Whisper told him…that Eros would have no idea what he was talking about. He sighed. He looked at Eros . "Danajora is here…..your realm, the realm of day and belonging to the children of the light, mystrians, humans elves and the such and all the variations. Under the protection of the guardian spirit Pherenice Danajora which is how your realm became called D'joran or the children of Danajora. I'm from Najatrina or the realm of night and the children of the dark. We are a people in general who are not so lovely on the eyes for whatever reason. Gargoyles like myself, and others who your kind would often call monstrous too many races to list off….once existed there but no longer. Raiser took my world and corrupted it….she twisted those that lived there in a realm whose brightest hours are those of your twilight here. We were not an evil people Eros….not by a long shot darker in some aspects then all of you but…I suppose the Children of Rohdoran would be the best example dark children of night but not evil." He looked down at the table. "I like so many of my kind ascended and I became guardian of the gates to our two realms….but more then that because I chose Whisper a Shadow's light butterfly a familiar that would need my protecting more then giving me some great power… I was asked to come to the home of the Ancients and learn from them there to become a guardian on this side of the gate and not just my own realm. I received Nour's blessing it resides to this day over my heart and when Twilia awoke…Orkla worried she would collapse under the weight of the gift given to her and trying to help a very young world spirit fix the problems Raiser was starting to create here." he looked at Eros agitated because…..he said that there was something similar. But not in a bad way just so utterly confused. "I was sent to help her and Pherenice to keep Twilia from ever feeling like this world was her whole responsibility that is impossible. To protect her…" He closed his eyes. "she can't possibly….she just can't….have any traces of a Najatrina heritage….as much as it would protect her from the corrosion of the abyss it would have no effect on her….nothing remains of Najatrina that could have sired a pure child except…no…" He shook his head the pain when he let his thoughts come back to him it could not be. " He shook his head forcing himself to focus after rambling agitated trying to figure out how that was even possible…..unless she had been with….which would mean her first born….was no. He scolded himself for that line of thought. Not to go there, there love had been forbidden….he was reminded of that when she walked away and married another without once looking back he was one of her guardians a creature of Najatrina….he was not supposed to fall in love with her and he was certainly not supposed to sire a child by her. So it was rather foolish of him to think that was even a small chance of possibility.

Dimael looked up at him and sighed shaking his head coming back to the treat to anyone here. "The answer is no I am not hear to harm anyone in this village unless they are from the abyss and then they would not have been able to get past the Elvin lanterns. Your gift….if I had but lied once you would have seen it in my aura. Your sight is what would have had you cherished in my youth. Loved and adored because you could see what no one else could….a person and there truth at all times. Lies show as sins as darkness fowl and corrupt. To a gargoyle it is a fatal sin…one cast to many times will cause you to fall. And to fall is to loose our honor which for my race….is a core essential of who we are…or who they were. Raiser swept through my realm consuming all she came across corrupting them and twisting them bending there flesh to her will and becoming a Queen of a dead world. We stood not a chance because she came with sweet promises hiding her truest of intentions and so many came to her believing in her promises. I turned to light that Luminos emitted he and those with him they said I had lofty ambitions to wish to fully ascend the way to them and pass all of there trials. I did….Eros because I wanted to show I had the strength to stand tall and proud and could protect those who needed it. That I was not ashamed for being born so soft for a gargoyle….to my people I am far too….ugly not nearly enough stone to my skin….my arm and the stones that fan on my face make me monstrous to here…the two toning of my skin on my arm and legs…." he chuckled…softly sadly because to Twilia…he had not been ugly at all. She would get so mad at him for calling himself a monster or putting himself down. "it's not enough back home…..although I no longer have that to return to." He said…meaning his realm his lands his people all of it….were gone. Raiser had destroyed it all and was using what she had done there to fuel her attack here…" Najatrina is now what you know to be the abyss…the lands are filled with fear and terror….there is no light no nightfall anywhere only a empty darkness that if one looks for but a moment to long will draw you in…but you can see it from a distance can avoid it…the void left behind by what she has done. The void in them when the walk and move… home land….all should have had auras to you the same fashion dancing as if different stages of night fall…Raiser has turned my lands into a world of corrupted soldiers bent to her whim and fancy there is a crack somewhere here….a wound in this world I do not know where….or how she managed to create it but she's using it to draw little by little that corrosion to your world I know it's not the gates between our worlds….because my heart still beats and keeps it sealed." He tapped the crystal. "I am the only remaining guardian of the gates….you ask me if am a danger here to anyone…no Eros….I am here…because I am trying desperately to do what I am supposed to and keep all of you safe. I can't figure out for the life of me….how she's managed to get so much of my fallen world into yours. I can't save mine…I'm the only one left but there's still time and a chance to save you world." His aura to Eros would have remained ever pure and twinkling not once would it show any darkness any deviations to indicate a lie anywhere. He let his head fall to rest against his hand. "I can tell you all you need to know about what happened to Aeon about her curse and about how she was brought safely here. I can help her understand her gifts….and I can answer all of your questions….however for the sake of feeling safe and telling you I am of the abyss…if there is a place you would wish and feel safer detaining me…I will follow." He said simply. "I do not wish to harm you or anyone Eros…so for the sake allowing you to feel safe yet still in my presence I will offer no resistance if you wish have me detained until you can determine for yourself my truth."

Averie smiled as he looked at Nikki and moved to hold her a bit more snuggling up. "Sounds good to me." he said happily as he held her. "So far our kitten seems content to let us cuddle." he said chuckling clearly indicating he knew just like her Kiva could call one of them away but right now she seemed quiet happy to snuggle in her blankets and sleep away.

Yuuri looked at him her quills went down a moment as she blinked and then up and brought her hand up…more then anything to marry her…she blushed she knew very well what marriage meant…what it all meant she stumbled through so much and yet he….the warmth of her wings was bright as she looked at him at a loss for words Yuuri who usually spoke her mind quiet clear could not get the tears to stop she wasn't sad or scared, she was so warm and happy inside she felt like she could burst the heat from her wings was intense but not bad from the blushing. From the overwhelming feelings inside she swore she almost felt a nudge when the lights in the castle pulsed as if to say hey stupid speak…."I would love to…" She whispered…"Yes…" She hadn't realized she probably worried Senn by not answering at first but it was just…a overwhelming feeling of happiness of joy…she hadn't been able to think past it. To even realize she needed to speak a few simple words. Words though he needed to hear.

Fii walked into the bathroom and sat down beginning to set about drawing the water he reached over and lifted the salts that he used and although she didn't bath in them liked the smell of them on him after it was good though because they were relaxing. He added them to the water the other benefit was the salts leeched out stiffness and soreness helped relax tensions in the body and dropped a bit of the oil he used with it as he continued to fill the tub. His ears twitching as he glanced down at his tails. He knew what she was worried about knew it very well….heck he had heard as a pup how one of his owners was thinking of 'fixing' him so that they never had to worry about him producing a kit. That had been a nightmarish thought he had not wanted to get any of them then pregnant but…the idea that some day he could never be a father although….in that life then that was just it. He never wanted to sire a child and bring them into that life. But that wasn't that life this was something bright and warm. He was going to marry her and they were where going to have a family he'd help her find her way through this let her know it was all alright. He would give her 'Arcadiana' his last name by birth. To him that was so important. That it there freedom there lives and nothing was going to take that away from them.

Sable looked at her. "I'm fine my pride is a little bruised and my ankle still reminds me I did a number on it but otherwise…I'm okay." She looked at her. "I've been told I have you to thank for that. Arieta said you got there before anyone else even her….and stopped them." She looked at Bayla. "I'm fine though my pride will heal and my ankle will as well. However my heart would never heal if it had cost you’re your life. You did worry me….greatly you were so badly hurt I feared you would never open your eyes and I'd not hear you talk to me again." Sable looked at the coffee like drink in her hands. "I owe Naiya and Kirie so much for saving you and Maize for helping them…."

Fauve shut off the crystal and looked at her other two sleeping sisters. Oh did she hope she was alright.

Shale looked at him as she dressed. "A little one who is in a fantastic magical place? She's gonna wander mostly following the lights swimming in the walls the currents as they change and lead her on until something catches her eye. But if it was me….I'd probably end up in one of the gardens or somewhere with things that I had not seen before but they would have to be wondrous. She's also probably going to be a bit skittish to get into a place with too many people alone with everything those girls have been through. She's going to want to be brave explore this place but cautious about getting around what could lead to problems."

Juniper didn't know who the little one was who was pressed hiding against the wall she had gotten up a bit ago gone to get some breakfast for herself and Nico who was still sleeping in his room a message from Trait to take the morning off please. He had originally wanted to meet with him about traveling but this morning Trait wanted to spend it with Dia so he was shifting things about. Juni though looked at the little one hearing her tummy growl as she walked up behind her and then knelt slowly beside her holding up a rather warm plump muffin loaded with fruits and a cream inside. They were incredibly good and she had other stuff on the tray she was holding eggs and bacon, sasusage and toast. Waffles she had just been having fun collecting small amounts of everything think of having a morning where they treated it something like a try a bit of different things different small containers of syrups. "Here ya go sweet stuff your tummy is saying you’re a bit hungry huh?" Juni said just being herself and part of Twilios it had been nothing to see a kid on the street and help them out so….seeing the little one tucked in the corner. She just had no idea at all that somehow she had managed to wander from the west end of the castle where Maks, Shale and fauve were all the way over to the South east End were Nico and Juni were because it was quieter. "You look like your torn between crying and running you lust hun?"

Jarral had lowered his wing at her guidance and shifted a bit yawning before curling up. She was safe at least from him walking in at the moment. He was still out for the most part. Being a sleepy lazy dragon this morning.

Syao sighed as he looked at her. "Those three are incredibly nosy…" he said shaking his head. "They mean well and I'll be sure to give all three of them an earful at some point here." He sighed. "Apparently Braska and Gyspy were hovering outside of our door yesterday trying to decide if we were going to be lucky enough to have 'golden kittens' as Twilios has taken to calling kids we'd have." he sighed as he held her gently. "Well Mendalena….found them and decided to help them and put an end to there snooping a bit….Menda excels at getting into locked room but when you’re the size of a tiny kanagroo mouse….getting into cracks and into rooms is impossibly easy. She came in and took a test while we were sleeping and took it back to check the results. Those two followed her…and no doubt waited for the results how there not………yelling and jumping up and down outside of our door…is beyond me at the moment. Menda may have told them to keep hush….they actually managing it which is amazing." Syao voice took on that dead pan tone that Zyna would know meant he was so wary of wither or not they were actually being 'good' about this that they were being 'hush' about it at all….Twilios liked to celebrate stuff big and well his and Zyna's having a family…….good grief he did hope they remembered this was Lord Traitorin's home not………a place to throw a party to blow the roof off…and personally he'd rather not have this big party so he hoped Menda could keep it hush. He just wanted to keep things calm and settled and happy with himself and Zyna.

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