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Kari (Braska thru Opal)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:52pm

Braska murmered morning yawning again and stretching before feeling something crack in his back a good sort of hello crack that wasn't painful but made everything sorta tingle and feel good. He yawned again and blinked then looked at Gypsy and then….slowly looked down at himself and his 'good morning to her' "Aye ah…..oh…um…." he said stammering as he woke up blushing which would let her know he wasn't up to some sort of mischief this morning at all and of course seeing her all pretty in the shower and that and he responded before stepping down and turning coughing into his hand he was so beat red….he could not believe he just did that. "Morning Gypsy…" he rumbled but she'd know his tones well enough to know the bear was a bit bashful and blushing at the moment!

Keyon. "Oh that's the easy part. I enjoy every moment with you." he said simply as if that was just a natural part of his day as long as he had it with her enjoyed it. But he knew what she meant and leaned down snuggling her a bit and nuzzling. "I'm still wondering…… our threesome is going to be." He meant it innocent as he reached down and touched her belly. There threesome of incoming pups. Three girls, three boys, two girls one boy, one girl two boys…..there was simply no telling.

Vanille was half asleep herself holding the shy tassie in her arms feeling a bit lazy this morning as she let her wings wrap around her offering a bit of added warmth and comfort. It was so easy to be so patient and understanding. They had both been through so much but for Vani who had had a family and lost it she learned……..that rushing anything was bad. Every moment even if they are a slow dance instead of a fast gallop at speed throw it………she'd take the slow dance treasure these sweet moments. Just getting to spend them with Shasta was enough they would work there way little by little to more there was no rush.

Traya listened to him and nodded as he spoke. "I have to go by what your saying…I don't know here well enough in the past but I do know….what was happening to Finn was not anything that should have happened with a tether to a night elf. Whatever is happening to her it was consuming Finn…" She looked at Sylar. "There was talk once….the Skyloran Elves had come up with something when we were little during the last war with Raiser. Some back home called it blasphemy that the Sky elf who created it stole something precious from Adriel to do it. Others said she worked her blessing and showed her love and grace through him. It was a big….dispute because many in the forest of Vale believed that Adriel would only send such a blessing through one of them. I always thought they were incredibly short sighted all Elves even those of night are precious to Adriel just as Rohdoran is." She said as her fingers played against her belly. "They said that the Sky elf lost his Airee for the insult to Adriel and fell to his death….that his creation of Elixitos el aimina Miravanna that could not only purge the abyss but restore the one it had eaten away at." She looked at Sylar the first of what she said was the 'Healing Elixir of Miravanna'. Traya ran her fingers over her belly as she looked at the wall. "Last night….I had the strangest dream which is why I bring it up….Spiritus whose light has been consumed by the wars and waning for a long time….being eaten by a horrible darkness reaching from the depths from somewhere and then she was being bathed in a pure liquid light. I felt saw Spiritus's spirit lifting smiling and healing as if she was just born to this world….and I felt her surge her song as she whispered that she knew….that that child could do it." She looked at Sylar. "Did anyone speak of it when you were younger? What do you know of the stories around the Miravanna most said it never existed back home it was a lie a myth made up to try to make the Skyloran Elves 'save face for there blunders the last incident'." She said but her tone clearly showed how much stock she put in the elders still not happy with them for putting a binding curse on her to make her body refuse to be near her soulmate. Seriously….she wondered about the old ones at times.

Frau blushed in return knowing he called Lea just to see her blush in return and he got it alright she always did. So was so used to hearing Frau all the time that when Liam called her Lea well….it made her heart do funny little flip flops and the blush danced in her cheek bones. "Sure thing." She said she'd have to think of a very fun way to wake him now if he wasn't already awake.

Daire smiled as he sat there relaxed just holding her gently in his arms. He figured she could use the pampering and would have fun doing it. He knew it wouldn't be long before Frau was there and it would make Meeka feel good to spend the day with her he knew his sweet girl still worried about how hurt Frau had been when Aether had punched through the defenses and taken her he also knew Frau had been more upset and worried about Meeka's safety being a phoenix her body would heal the damage but plunging her back into the fires of rebirth which was painless for a phoenix but the dangerous part had been his dear friend Liam deciding he wasn't going to leave Frau for even a moment and lucky for them all he had come back with her a bit reborn but……..he looked good with feathers and wings.

Rumi nodded as he looked at her sighing. "You're right….I now know where he gets this boundless energy from. I'll have to thank Sean for it later." He said looking down at Orrin who was all wound up. He sighed. "When you mention it…..I'd be more adept to reading or doing something quiet while she'd be racing full bore across the plains…….our dad often worried she'd fall and break a leg then she'd fall roll and laugh like it was nothing just get up and shake herself off again….she's spirited." He took a deep breath and sighed. "Probably why I worry so much about her…….she has the Mustang's spirit our dad and grandparents would say….that her heart was wild….untamed. And would never tame….." He said which was why had head worried about her relationship with Quinn because Sean could run…she could just up and go with him and run and not worry about looking back or the consequences.

River sighed as he came in and called on it on wishing it would speed up then glanced at him as he told her to relax. "did you ever think you'd date a fish?" She asked playfully trying to get her mind onto other subjects then the chaos the day before and not wanting either her or Ros to dwell on it because she knew he would….if he got but a whiff of a chance……tear them both apart. The funny thing was Trilander wanted to tear them apart two for hurting her she was the guardian of the heart which was a noble place among the Lemurians. And more importantly to Trilander she was his best friends mate. That was enough to make the normally calm and gentle prince want to gut a couple of Mercarian nobility. Not to mention there holding and threatening Lassa…….they were lucky really that Lassa would not allow Trilander to go dark even for a moment she'd call him back to her. Keep him safely in the light.

Soliel smiled and nodded. "Sounds like fun actually….I have yet to figure out the limit of what this place has…it seems to have everything." She said shaking her head. Then looked up as Odette thanked her and shook her head. "You don't have to thank me for that Odette." She didn't….Soliel was happy mostly because she didn't know if she'd come up out of being a Gladiator as much as she had if not for her. Odette had been determined to reach her to pull her out of the training of that life to show her she was still Soliel when the girl had been on the battle field still lost in the training in the being one of Severn's elite mystrian fighters because……….it was how to survive to live it was the only way. Only it wasn't. Odette hadn't been willing to let her become lost and Spartan helped with that the first……Gladiator the only one who fight and win his freedom. He preached there was a better way then the one he was forced to take.

Trilander smiled and leaned down nuzzling her as she said okay with more certainty feeling better and okay with it. He knew it was probably making little to no sense to her, but that was okay the girls were as different as night and day but that was why he needed them both. His father would be happy he knew that a little disappointed perhaps that he wasn't going to marry just one wife. Trilander knew he needed them both. He felt it…….each girl balanced the currents in him. He was just thankful that the girls both loved him and understood.

Haru smiled. "That's fine I'm just glad your feeling better and well…….this is just what they sent last night for us to enjoy my father keeps the kitchen here stocked…….so there's plenty." he said chuckling and at her seemingly being taken back by the knowledge of how huge the family was he reached out and caught her hand. "We'll meet them all together for the first time one by one……once we're feeling better." he said he made it a point to let her know…….he knew probably as many or less of the family then she did!

Opal pulled out the small case from the pocket of her nurses jacket and held it up closed and still magically sealed. "I stopped on the way here in case you wanted to go forward." She said holding out the sealed box with the sterile dropper in it. "I wanted to hope this is the real deal….that….we can save them." She said looking over and then at the vials. "When I saw that I rushed to show Dr. Menda she insisted I take it to you right away." She looked over at them ready to be the extra set of hands for Sarah. But to Opal it was the drops………she had never heard of any medicine needing only drops at a time. But she had to trust she just had no idea how potent this stuff was. Which was why Kirie made sure to refer to and learn her grand father and fathers notes about giving doses for treatment on a patient as opposed to a core spirit like the Spiritus.

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