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Shiloh (Eros thru Sarah)
Re: No Subject
Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:12am

Eros listened, a little stunned as this being went about rambling on, explaining so much, despite the fact he may come to need to explain much of it again when he manages to arrange an impromptu meeting with Lords Acerbus and Samson, and Ladies Delilah and Judith… as well as Donovan and Mars… odds were they would want Twilight to be kept away from Dim until they could agree on his purpose here and his intentions with Twilight and Pherenice. Though, Eros felt more and more comfortable with vouching for the authenticity of the gargoyle‘s words, because… as he said, Eros could detect guile when he was looking for it.

He shook his head. “I think it‘s best if you stay here for now and not wander around where you‘ll be seen by others. Enough suspicion was raised when we brought in the Elvin Lanterns before the Abyss even became an imminent threat to our home… we wouldn‘t want to raise more curiosity or concern. I‘ll go to the Oak and try to arrange a meeting for you with the Royals. I‘m sure they‘ll want to hear what you have to say, especially what you know about Twilight and Aeon,” he said. He then nodded a bit, “And… yes… I really do see it… a similarity.” Twilia‘s coloring had been pale lavenders and, at their darkest, the indigos of Twilight‘s hair. But Twilight‘s coloring were darker and richer, touched with violets and the twilight end of the spectrums, hence her name… which had been stitched into the corner of the blanket Samson found her swaddled in, the one bearing the white trees of Aeon‘s heraldry. Those violets danced in her aura too, with a shimmer of stars… and in that way… he could see the similarities.

Nikki took a deep breath and sighed as she moved to get a bit comfier against Averie, in his arms. She rested her head against him and smiled. “Good… because I’m not ready to get up from this yet…“ she said, her purrs starting up softly, full of that contentment that she always had when with Averie.

Senn watched her, unsure what to expect… if she’d believe him, if she would be happy or upset… and then he smiled when she finally spoke. She’d done a number on his nerves that whole time, trying to read her expressions, her wings… all of it… worrying she would run out of the room or just say no… but she didn’t. She said… “Yes?“ he repeated and smiled before he moved in and kissed Yuuri. “Give me just a moment…“ he whispered to her upon breaking it, smiling brightly. He pulled away, getting up and sliding on his boxers. He moved to the bureau and opened the top drawer, going through things until he pulled out the satin pouch that held the ring. He moved back to the bed, moving onto it with her and pulling the ring out of it to show her. “I’ve had it for a while… just… I’ve been waiting for the right time. I asked your brother for his blessing last night… I meant to ask Juno…. But…“ He wanted Yuuri to know just how much he meant this, that he’d been planning on asking for so long. It was a lovely, delicate ring of white gold braided with shimmers of opal dust in it, with little iridescent diamonds that caught all of the colors of the rainbow, like her wings, all along the top, the central one being larger than the others and cut intricately to catch the most vibrant of the colors in it. He’d had it specially made for her… as nothing he saw lived up to what she was to him.

Topaz looked around the room a bit as she sat on the bed, waiting for Fii to tell her the bath was ready, knowing he would fuss if she got up just yet. Her body felt like it was rebelling since last night… She still felt wiped out from the physicality and the emotions of it, start to finish. Even the roo needed some recovery time from a day like that… and Fii seemed more than happy to give her that day of rest and pampering… she was, after all, carrying his kit and had said yes to marrying him last night… and the fact she would take his name, wanted to… seemed to delight him.

Bayla took another bite of her meal, trying to be casual about the fact she was actually on the same side of the river as Sable, let along the fact they were currently occupying the same room and the girl was so close . She blushed when Sable turned the tables, expressing gratitude that Bayla was alright and giving her credit for saving her. Of course… she couldn’t possibly tell her that she’d only gotten there before anyone else because she was never all that far from where the leopard girl was. “I’m okay now, though… so… no need to worry anymore,“ she assured her with a warm, shy smile.

“Well, how about you check the gardens… I’ll get going on her scent,“ Maks suggested, seeing how Shale could poof herself around the castle far quicker than he could, and there were far too many gardens within the castle these days for him to be able to run around to on his own as quickly as they hoped to find the pup.

Violet looked at Jupiter and then at the muffin she was offering. It smelled good and she wanted to take it, but she hesitated, just hugging Hank a bit tighter to her check and taking a small step back. She’d have her hands struck repeatedly with a bamboo chute by her mother for taking any offered food, even when it was just other packmates willing to give up their scant rations to see that the young princesses were fed. She worried she was being set up for a punishment and felt even more compelled to cry, which would also get her hit… She looked around, as though determining whether or not to run, which Juni likely recognized well, just as much as she probably recognized the signs of abuse and neglect. The pup seemed to put on a tough front for her sister’s sake, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t just as scared and hurt as Aster… She seemed to idle there if only because of the question… was she lost? … Her eyes did this little motion, up and down, as though she wanted to nod, but refused to move.

Wynter climbed into the bath that she’d drawn for herself. It’d taken a bit of figuring out, since Jarral always drew them for her, usually. Showers were easy, but baths… He seemed to dote on her from day one after arriving here, though she never thought anything odd of it. He was always there for her… just seemed now it was clear that it was a deeper instinct and affection than he could outwardly admit before that made him so attentive. And Wynter had never minded, because Jarral always made her feel happy and safe, even if she had little experience with others, he made it all feel normal to her.

Zyna listened to the explanation and blushed a bit when he mentioned that Menda had only been able to do the test in advance, because she’d come into their room… while they were sleeping off all of that mating… still in a very intimate position. “Famye queri ,“ she said, harmlessly, calling them a ‘strange family’ in Purian, which might make Syao laugh a bit, because he couldn’t really deny it!

Gypsy realized pretty quickly that Braska hadn’t come into the shower intending to catch her bathing, he seemed to just wake up to the realization she was there this moment, making her blush more. “You… sleep well?“ she asked, though by the looks of him, he’d had very pleasant dreams.

Jin smiled as she happily accepted the snuggling, cudlding up with him in bed some more, even though breakfast would be arriving within the next ten or so minutes, most likely. She nuzzled him a bit and felt his hand on her belly. “Hmm… I mean… once they grow a bit, we could always find out… unless you’d rather be surprised,“ she said softly.

Shasta shifted a bit, stretching out some and then curling up, her tail curling around her and over Vanille’s leg. She murmured in her sleep a bit, something she considered a bad sleeping habit, but that Vanille always remarked was cute, even before Shasta knew about Vanille’s feelings.

Sylar listened to her and was quiet for a while, seeming to search his mind and contemplate his words. “It was real,” he said in his monotones. “I remember the stories… not so much stories as histories. Truths. It did exist, and it had a part in Traitorin’s victory the first time against Raiser, but… the Miravanna was fighting against a much weaker enemy then than what it would face now, were it to be discovered once more,” he said, not to sound the pessimist, but he knew it would take more than the liquid light to see the end of Raiser and her Abyss this time… It could heal the sick, wounded and infected… perhaps even serve as a vaccine against it afflicting others in the future, but… enable warriors to actually confront it head on without risk of infection and becoming one of her fury minions… but it could not do the job alone. “If it existed today, I would have you take it… to protect you from what may be afflicting Blaise, from what nearly took your brother.”

Liam settled in once Frau left and sighed, trying to get some sleep. Hopefully with the sun up, Cecelia wouldn’t think he’d be sleeping and she wouldn’t keep him awake with her incessant squawking, as it was always easier to get to him in his sleep, especially with the barriers up.

“That’s why she was so drawn to Quinn, I guess, and him to her…“ Ashe reasoned. “You’re still worried he’ll run off and she’ll go with him… but I think the fact that he’s stayed in one place this long for her as it is should make you worry less.“

“Well, I’m not dating a fish. I’m dating a mermaid, a warmblooded mermaid,“ Rostan corrected with a smile as he took another bite of his food. “And… I don’t know… I guess, if I really think back, I never really thought I’d be dating anyone. Maybe even be a celibate career Sea Wolf… though I know Tri would have never approved,“ he chuckled. “You were the first and only one I’ve ever seen a future with, River. You‘ve always been special.“

Odette’s ears perked when Soliel smiled and agreed, even saying it sounded fun. She nodded and smiled back. “It will be fun,“ she agreed. “Maybe we can get Lance to take some time off and do a few things with us,” she suggested. “I’ll talk to him about it, if you want.”

Lassa returned the nuzzling and moved her arms around his neck gently to hold onto him as they exchanged such adorable affections. She smiled and gave him a soft kiss. “Is it okay to have breakfast first?“ she asked, her tummy quite hungry… and for good reason… not just from the extensive ‘embracing’ that had occurred, but now they knew she was with pup… “Tri? You can still embrace me, right?” she asked after a moment. She enjoyed being close to him and thought because she was now pregnant, maybe he wouldn’t be that close with her again until after she gave birth, unaware of just how wrong she probably was!

Vespa looked at her hand in his and then at him and smiled, nodding a little, mindful of the fact she still felt off and not to jostle her head around too much. “I’d like that,“ she said and then looked at the food. “That stuff smells good… can I try some of that?“ she asked, as it was closer to him than to her and if she reached, she worried she’d make everything slide.

“Thank you, Opal,“ Sarah said, taking the dropper. She opened the box and removed it, screwing it onto the top of the vial she was holding so it was secure inside the liquid. “Alright… are you sure you’re okay to come into the room with him?“ she asked. They’d kept the patient closest to turning into a Fury separate, even in the quarantine wing, in his own room, strapped down to the bed so he wouldn’t hurt himself or others.

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