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Kari (Dim thru Baillie)
Re: No Subject
Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:18pm

"Of course I'm sure my presence here alone in this place has caused quiet the stir. I'm afraid your friends may have many questions and I have a feeling the royals take great care to protect her." he said looking at Eros. "I'm not opposed to answering questions I will avoid any with our lady in question until I speak to those you wish. However if they have those I can answer should they ask, are you comfortable with my talking to them?" Dimael asked this was his home his friends and family and his duties to the Royals he mentioned and his protecting Pherenice. "If Royals will speak with me I will answer all of there questions." He said nodding. He did pause though as Eros said it was certainly there. "Although now with this bit of knowledge I have questions of my own." He said and paused. "And my manners have evaded me forgive me." He said bowing to him knowing he'd see the shifting of the aura in the manner of a bow the forward motion. "Thank you for speaking with me on such short notice."

Averie wrapped his arms around his lovely wife holding her gently in his arms and hearing the contented purrs starting up he reached up to gently comfortingly run his fingers through her hair. "Sounds good to me." he said holding her close he enjoyed the intimate embraces as much as he enjoyed this. Just holding her in his arms in quiet moments cuddling up with Nikki. He had never in all of his years ever thought he'd fall in love with anyone. But when he found himself in that cage and saw her although it was not the way he had ever hoped to meet anyone he had become smitten with this beautiful girl. Her eyes even in all that fear were so pure and beautiful to him she was too. And she gave him the world after. Even now he was at a loss on how to give her everything and yet what seemed to make her happiest was right here in this room with her, him and little Kiva. That he could do he could love and protect both of his precious girls.

Yuuri looked at the ring and maybe it was the seeing it that made her heart skip a beat it was really real he had asked her…she said yes. But the ring his words she looked up at him as the tears fell happy tears that made her wings dance with warm colors, warm reds and deep pinks shimmers of silver and gold going through them she was so happy in that moment she felt like her heart would burst although she knew it wouldn't. Yuuri reached out and closed her hand over his in the same motion she leaned in and kissed him with everything she was feeling in that moment she didn't want to make him drop the ring at the sudden forward motion she knew she tended to dart at times. And yet it never bothered him her free arm looping around his neck. When she finally broke the kiss she looked at him. "I love you….so much Senn." She whispered. It was so hard to talk loud and brassy at the moment to be her 'normal' self and it wasn't because she was ashamed she had never felt so at a loss for words for how to explain everything anything and so she hoped….that kiss put everything into words she could not say to the sweet mountain hound before her. Who loved her while she was still the brassy closed off ex-sklave.

Fii finished drawing the bath and walked out seeing her heat signature still nestled up on the bed. He smiled glad she was taking it easy today it wasn't that he was worried at this point about her loosing the joey-kit. He was worried what the stress of all of it would do to her, herself. He knew ex-sklaves carried a internal fear of being pregnant of becoming a mom because it meant certain death for a 'useless' sklave. But she was no longer a sklave and that was an ingrained thing that would be hard to work through but not impossible. As much as she pulled him back last night from the toys training he could help her through this little by little one step at a time. He walked up to her and gently scooped Topaz up into his arms bringing his tails up around her as he always did a sort of comfort when he carried her he wasn't sure when it became a habit but it had. "Bath's ready love." he said gently as he began walking that way. He wanted to pamper her a bit, although she usually didn't allow him to pamper all that much as much as he fussed she was a rough and tumble roo and he loved her for it. Today he could get away with pampering her a bit. "You know….your a Princess too right?" he said wanting to give her something else to focus on. "You said yes to marrying me……I fully intend on giving you the last name Arcadiana….." He was saying because he had been thinking about it. She was not a sklave not anymore. "And A Princess is most certainly allowed to have her baby, the people around her rejoice for it." He said princess now….but when she married him she'd be a Queen….but he'd leave that alone for her to mull over later. Little bits at a time. He just wanted to give her something to chew on the knowledge that her past life as a sklave was well and over…..she was a princess there was no one out there that would ever dare tell a princess she could not have her beloved child.

Sable smiled. "I'm glad." She said as Bayla said she was alright now. "If your feeling up to it later today or tomorrow Ethion is….having a festival for the next three weeks celebrating bonds…." Sable turned the cup in her hands why was so fidgeting and nervous….She herself would of course be expected to walk through and make appearances at points to give blessings to bonds wither friendship, lovers or family. It never bothered her but…"If…you don't mind going to it a bit with me…" She said staring at the dark liquid in the cup oh it was so not helping settle her nerves at all…..why was she so nervous asking this??

Shale nodded as she got dressed herself and looked at him moving and jumping up on the wall shifting form. "Sounds good to me. I can zip through them and well I know better than anyone how talented that nose of yours is." She said teasing the dhole a bit but it was true at the same time. Shale always knew he was tracking her and he was not easy at all to shake she'd have to loop her scent trails over and over and could not make it obvious but that only worked for so long! The Dhole was really good at tracking for a reason! She was just lucky he was also really sweet….and hot.

Juniper knew it all to well…she had lived it. She remembered being 'owned' by the tribe being punished for thinking it safe to take a muffin or food and it wasn't being tricked. As they tried to force her to be mean, she knew it when she saw it with kids and others. It was this reason…Syao was insistent in the beginning with Twilios that they took her in despite her seeming attitude because she understood these little ones in a way others did not. She had lived through it. It was not the same as abuse from strangers it was the abuse of family of aunts and Uncles of parents people who should make you feel safe and instead made you fear everyone because to you nothing was safe. Juniper set the muffin down on her knee and looked at the little one. "Aww sugar." She said softly sweetly as she looked at the pup before her then moved her hand into a position that Violet would know splayed out to give the 'attacker' the most surface for whipping and there a lattice work of thrash marks. "I know how much it hurts better then anyone when your hungry and your made to fear that food." Juniper looked at the little one. "Here Sugar how about I give the muffin to your stuffy and then he can give it to you that way you won't get in trouble because it was your stuffy who gave it to you, how's that sound sweetie?" she said looking at her.

Juniper was willing to wait as patiently as this little one needed her to be it was perhaps one of her biggest soft spots. These little ones because she had been in there place she knew what it was like to live with that fear and uncertainty and it wasn't a nice place to be she'd still be struggling with it all her attitude everything if not for Nico. His mere presence his acceptance and quiet spoken nature the way he just accepted her being at his side as if it was the most natural place for her to be everything about him was soothing and comforting wither or not he realized it, he wasn't aloof to her just quiet and that didn't bother her at all. Juni looked at the little one and saw something that made her tip her head and smile. A warm gentle smile she had entrusted that necklace to Fauve and for Fauve to entrust it to this little one meant she often buried her fears and worries like Fauve had when Juniper first met her. Juni had refused she was brassy and loud when cornered….when upset she got angry and wily but Fauve buried it much like Hollyberry her identical twin had. Because they were identical that was the tribes way of telling the girls apart and when Holly died when they were little from all the abuse….Juniper wore it. She gave it to Fauve to keep safe and to give her the courage to face her fears and worries head on. Because Juniper as a child had been much more like Aster then she was now it had been Holly who had been brave who had faced everything and when she got sick she told Juni her necklace would keep her safe. "You must be one of Fauve's little sisters huh sweetie? Bet you face everything being very brave but so scared inside." she said softly. "Holly was a lot like that….my twin I lost her about your age and she made me promise to keep her necklace until I found someone who needed her strength more then me. I gave it to Fauve to keep safe. Looks like she gave it to you." Juniper knelt there not approaching or closing the distance. "She was always so brave to me never scared of anything but looking back she was scared just as scared as me. You're the same huh? You're willing to face anything to protect your sister even if you want to curl up hide just as much as her." Juniper smiled gently. "My name sweetie is Juniper, you can call me Juni it's alright….and…I think Holly would want you to keep her necklace for her. I think she'd want to help you feel safe and protected, so…can you keep it for me? Keep it safe?" She asked the little one before her wanting her to feel safe if even for a moment. Wanting to let the pup before her know it was alright.

Jarral shifted a bit stretching and yawning in his sleep before curling up. He had been afraid for a bit to go to deep to sleep battling it for fear of his body doing something in his sleep that would put them in another one of those situations but during one of the lulls his brother and Keelin had when Jarral wasn't responding so easily to what his brother was doing not knowing how to block the intense sensations he had fallen asleep and so now slept in a bit giving Wynter time to take a bath and relax. He'd be so chagrined but she looked more upset that he was upset about it last night then anything else.

Syaoran looked at her and laughed the light musical notes of his voice making it dance in the room as it was a warm hearty laugh. He could not deny it at all. "Jesu ve" he answered her 'Very much so' letting her know she was not wrong at all that it was indeed a strange family. They were all different all with there own quirks but during there travels and coming together that was exactly what Twilios had become a family. A band of mercenaries going around helping others. Asking for nothing in return but perhaps a place to rest there wary legs after and then after making sure those they saved were safe and settled in and had the means to hide and protect themselves moved on to help others. Until they came here with a band they had rescued one thing lead to the next and they stayed and he met Zyna. Part of Twilios moved on feeling that they still had much work to do out there but they left on good terms hugs and good byes see you again when they came back this way. And many stay safes. Those who were closest to Syao stayed on wanting to be there to support there 'leader'. How and when he became leader even he wasn't sure they didn't really have one at the start but at some point they all defaulted to looking to him as the head of there family. That still blew his mind. Especially since among his people it was the Women who held all the power.

Braska scratched his nose a bit nodding as the blush he swore was gonna spread from the tips of his ears to his toes. "Um yeah…" He said a bit humbly as he looked at her blinking himself awake. They had seen so much of each other last night but this morning he….had with out even thinking about had woken and come stumbling half sleep into the shower. "And you?" he asked trying to not make this an terribly awkward situation mind you….he was nuts about the girl and they were both….in the shower in a state that was making it very hard for the bear to not show just how much he desired the lovely fox-bat before him.

Keyon was quiet a moment as he held her his hand resting gently on her belly and his one ear tipped. "I think…it might be more interesting to be surprised." he said softly. "I don't know if I want to know ahead of time. You?" He asked her not sure where Jin felt he'd feel horrible if he said wait and she wanted to know. "Of course they say…a lot of the times Mom's will get a feeling and know if there babies are boys or girls." He said amused.

Traya nodded as she listened to him. When he mono-toned like that she knew he was reflecting on memories or histories he had researched. She had found it cute and quiet interesting when they moved into that abandoned city and Sylar's library was unpacked the man….had quiet the extensive library books he had saved so much. Sylar was brilliant her knowledge was more of the histories directly influencing that of Adriel, and the others and although it had been forbidden she had been trying to learn about Rohdoran to which Sylar had helped her when she came to live among them the books he would hand her to read when Adriel was not using her as a vessel to do something. Or show her something. She did look up at her husband though regarding him quietly. "Then if by some chance Adriel and Rohdoran find a way to send it back to us let us hope it finds it's way here." She said looking at him. "I would take it, for the protection for myself and for our son." She said letting him know she took his words to heart listened. It was his research after all that saved Finn.

Frau made her way through the halls it wasn't far from there room to Daire's. And Thayne and Baillie were just down the hall from Liam and herself and as she walked past it she swore she heard a loud splash no doubt that playful kitten was taking a bath and when she went to get out slipped right back in the tub. She'd worry and fuss but she knew Baillie had this dashing knight in Thayne who would do that for her. She smiled though and shook her head walking down the hall and knocked on the door to which Daire opened dressed obviously having done so when she called. He nodded and smiled stepping aside to let her in. Frau walked over closing the distance and reached down letting her fingers trace the delicate minks hair and ear gently. No doubt a familiar touch from the countless times she had been frightened and held safe by Frau. "Meeka sweetie…morning."

Daire leaned against the door frame letting the girls talk. Having no idea at all that Thayne might have a very soggy and disgruntled gatan of his own to deal with.

Baillie had moved to get up the bubbles had been fun to play with as she had been bathing but when she got up she put her hand in the wrong spot slipped and letting out a meworl went right back under the water, pushing up she sputtered and coughed her ears flat and her eyes squeezed shut and boy did her tail smart as she had landed on it in the tub.

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