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Kari (Rumi thru Opal)
Re: No Subject
Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:19pm

Rumi nodded as Ashe said that. "Yeah." He said walking over and sitting down with there colt who paused and looked up at him stopping his kicking once daddy was sitting. It wasn't as fun to do if he wasn't in the air to do it in it seemed. He looked at Ashe and smiled though shaking his head. "No, not so much anymore. Quinn has stayed by her side and has protected her countless times from Stallions who would have forced her to bear there colt." He said holding there little one. "I had worried because he had it more then her or so I though that wish to run…but as much as he wanted to run he never wanted to leave her either. I can see that. Last night even it was perhaps so much clearer how much he adores her…" he looked over. "When Sean said she was pregnant as shy as he was about it he was happy to be a father I got this sense he was still amazed about it…like some part of him longed for and believed he'd never have it…I think Sean sensed that longing in him too….in a sense a want to have a family." He had no idea at all that Quinn's people had been poisoned been made sterile in order to ensure they could be used without worry of them 'breeding' and that it was the gift given to the silver mares of Arcadia that allowed Sean to give him back what he would otherwise not have. And Sean would cherish it all Quinn and the little ones they had.

River looked at him and chuckled as he corrected her that he was not dating a fish but a warm-blooded mermaid. "Mm Celibacy no." She said looking at him. "Honestly I was trying to figure out how to get your attention for a while now. I wasn't willing to let you drift off into the sunset." She said chuckling as she looked at him and then shook her head. "Tri….had a habit of playing matchmaker didn't he?" she asked amused. "He set up quiet a few of the couples in Lemuria, I have to give him credit though he didn't do it just because he thought they would look good together, he brought them together if they were gazing at each other and didn't realize the other was gazing back." But River did blush at his words it made the coral hues light up in the translucent scales that covered her skin when she was in the water a protection of sorts. Out of the water her skin was as smooth as silk but in it, it had scales but as a few girls said the mermaids glittered like moving gems in the water. The coral tones were hinted at when her scales were present unless of course Rostan said something like that make her blush. "Ros…." she said her voice falling on a singsong.

Soliel's ears tipped slightly perking and falling all at once. "You…think he will?" She asked a bit….timid for a girl used to fighting to the death for her life and freedom she hesitated. Her brother had so much he did here would he take that time off? She wrapped her tail around the chair leg a bad habit on her part but it gave her something to hold onto without being obvious.

Trilander blinked a bit and smiled leaning his head in to nuzzle along her neck and cheek before moving down and up again. "Yeah…I can still embrace you." He whispered against her skin knowing she'd hear it and knowing for the moment at least that he needed to behave they needed breakfast he could not wear her out so much it made her sick but he certainly…had no problem embracing Lassa while she was pregnant. His tail bounced on the bed as he tired so hard to not make that so clear to her…by showing her in this moment! He reached up flicking his hand to use a bit of magic to call the crystal over to him. "What did you want for breakfast Lass?" he asked her and she might notice he certainly did his voice was husky….he had to behave he had to be a good wolf!

Haru smiled. "sure thing." he said picking it up for her and holding out the plate he knew why she wasn't just reaching it would be the same for him, they were sitting on a large soft bed after all but it didn't make for the most stable surface as comfortable as it was. He smiled as he looked at her knowing also why she wasn't willing to move her head about so much. "I need to go back out to the gardens later….there helping me heal…you're welcome to come there with me." he said to her warmly. "The flowers want to met you they were worried when we brought you here last night. They'll be happy to see you doing well." he said it wasn't words. So many didn't understand it wasn't like they actually spoke but it was feelings. He could feel there feelings as much as they could feel his. They held spirits of there own and he was happy his father had agreed to transplant plants that grew too far out of the gardens he had them in so as to not hurt them. He realized to Drak it wasn't a bad thing to cut them but to him…it was. It made things tense at times when innocent things were said. Especially since he knew his dad wasn't saying those things to hurt or offend him. And in his own right was just as worried about the plants health as Haru was.
Opal smiled and nodded. "You're welcome Miss Sarah." She said and then looked in the room. "I'm okay I'm on the rotation team to change out the clothes and water, to check the medicine bags. Dr. Riggs and Dr. Menda who have been in charge of this area insist I take a daily dose along with the others of the Zion preventative." Opal looked over. 'it's hard to see them like this….but I have hope. That we can save them and I refuse to give up on it." She said looking at Sarah more worried about the dragoness going in without taking the Zion preventative it wasn't enough to stop the infection if she got cut by them but it was enough to give her the strength be in the room with them without feeling sick or getting overwhelmed.

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