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Nikki sighed through her purrs and closed her eyes, just relaxing into Averie and enjoying the feel of his arms around her, his fingers running over her ears and through her hair. She wanted to check in with her brother at some point too, but right now she needed to just be with her husband. To be close to him and appreciate the fact he was here with her and he was going to be okay… and Kiva would be okay. They would have Ivy come by and bless her with Nour’s mark and she’d never have to fear her great grandmother’s influences.

Senn was a little taken aback by the kiss, but that kiss spoke volumes, and he knew his girl sometimes found it difficult to find her words… so she spoke in actions. “I love you too,“ he said before kissing her again and then breaking it and smiling as he turned her hand over and moved to slide the ring onto her finger. A perfect fit.

Topaz looked up at Fii, snapping out of her thoughts, then making a little sound of surprised when she was whisked off of the bed and into his arms. She didn’t weight much, but you’d think she weighed nothing at all, the way Fii carried the Blue Nocturne Roo around. She watched him as he carried her into the washroom, her ears twitching a bit when he called her a princess, explaining how she came to have such a title, making the roo blush out of embarrassment. She’d never thought about it. He’d told her plenty of how he was the King of a ‘dead’ kingdom… which may very well only be ‘lost,‘ ‘hidden’ and sleeping in his absence. But she never really put it together that becoming engaged to him would make her a princess, let along that marrying him would catapult the roo to Queen… which he probably wisely didn’t hit her with just yet! “But… I’m not…“ she said quietly. She didn’t feel like a roo from the Nocturne savannas and forests, who had lived half of her life as a sklave, as rough around the edges as she was… deserved that or could ever be worthy of it or do the role justice… But, if there was one thing he said about it that might make her reconsider her objections to the status… it was the truth that no royal would ever be punished or killed or forbidden from having a family…

Bayla listened and continued to eat, noticing Sable’s intensifying fidgeting. She seemed… nervous… but Bayla wasn’t sure why. Then she asked about the festivals… “I’ve… never been before to any of Ethion’s festivals,“ she said with a smile. “I’d love to,“ she said in agreement, not looking as far into it as her heart would like to, but… then again, Sable was nervous. Could she…? Bayla couldn’t really let herself hope fully yet. “I feel like there’s always something happening here,“ she said, always watching from across the river. It was only recently, with Aiyan’s return to Ethion, that the Gildean Pack had become visitors on occasion in Ethion and made the agreements to help protect it from beyond the river boundaries. Bayla watched as festival after festival happened throughout the years… from across the river. They had the star flower festivals in the summer and the lantern festivals every solstice where they released the glowing lanterns in great quantity into the night sky… looking like a million stars. She loved that one.

Maks smirked and nodded, “Alright. Alright,“ he chuckled, then became a bit serious as he stood up from getting his shoes on. “Go on, go do your thing, shale. Let me know if you find her and I’ll let you know if I do,“ he said before moving to the door to head out. He approached the closed door to the double suites that the girls were all in. He took a deep breath, picking up the freshest scent… that had to be Vi’s. He then looked down the corridor, almost able to see her trail. He then pursued it.

Vi nodded a bit after a while of quietly just starring at Juniper, as though unsure how to feel about her… and maybe trying to figure out what she was, having never seen anything but her kind before… and then the Furies… but they were scary. She looked down at the necklace and then at juni again as she gave her name to the pup. She seemed to remain cautious, but at the mention of Fauve and the fact Juni seemed to know her… “His name’s Hank…“ she said about her stuffy, seeming cautious about giving her name, though perhaps she would if Juni prompted, maybe by asking Hank what his friend’s name was instead of asking Vi directly.

Wynter washed up rather quickly, but now she just soaked in the hot back, her light rippling all around under the water and bubbles. She was blushing, remembering last night… the way she touched him in the bath. The way he touched her in the bed. The feelings that were so new and good and scary and embarrassing. Yet it’d all been so tame compared to what La’Shire probably wanted from them, and especially compared to what Keelin and Solan had been up to last night. She didn’t know that Jarral waking without her might leave him wondering if he’d vividly dreamed it all…

Zyna smiled when he laughed an agreed. “Do you think your friends will come by again? While we’re actually awake?“ she asked curiously, resting with him and running her hands over her smooth belly, imagining what it’d be like to have it round and full with growing golden kittens, as their babies kept being referred to. She’d seemed pregnant Mystrians before… and they always looked for pretty and practically aglow with something otherworldly… She wondered if she would look like that.

“Yeah… slept well,“ Gypsy agreed, blushing deeply. “I’m pretty much done, so… I can get out if you want to get washed up alone,“ she said. “I just have to finish rinsing my hair. I’ll be quick,“ she said before moving to do just that. Her arms no longer wrapped around her to hide her chest and body a bit. She ran her hands through her hair and over her body, rinsing the last of the conditioner off, unaware in her efforts to spare him more discomfort in a potentially arousing situation, she was probably actually making it worse for him as he watched.

Jin smiled and shrugged a little, being honest in her gesture. “I don’t know. Right now I think it’d be fun to wait and see, but… I have a feeling that might change. It might not. But if it did… would you be okay with knowing?“ she asked curiously.

“Rohdorn, love… not Rohdoran. You have to be careful with saying it in the Adrelian tongue…“ Sylar said, knowing that some might use it against her and neither of them wanted that while she was trying so hard to become accustomed to their ways. Some didn’t mind it, others would accuse her of not caring about their culture, which Sylar knew was far from the case. “And, I’m glad… if it exists, I’ll make certain you get it,“ he said.

Meeka gave a little squeak as she stretched a bit and curled up some, hugging the blanket around her and rolling onto her back a bit in that usual, playful mink fashion of her. She slowly opened her eyes to the familiar, sisterly touches. She didn’t even have to see Frau clearly yet to recognize the vibrant colors all blurred together. “Frau’Lea?“ she asked sleepily. It was pretty obvious Daire had made the bells sing for his mink quite a bit for her to actually be this sleepy! But she was sure to wake quickly at the promise of getting her ready to marry Daire today!

Thayne had woken to the sounds and moved into the washroom. “Baillie?!“ he asked as he stood in the doorway, watching her in the tub. “Are you okay? What happened?“ he asked, moving in and over to the tub to check on her.

“Well, whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re finally good with Quinn. And I hope you’ll stop worrying so much. They aren’t going anywhere… I think that’s been made clear. We’re all a family now, Rumi… and if there’s one thing I learned about Quinn from knowing him out there, after he saved me and brought me here… it’s that family is really everything to him. He lost most of his, so… I think he got used to being alone and wandering to avoid finding it and losing it again, but… he knows he doesn’t have to worry about that with all of us… I think he’s ready to settle more,” Ashe said.

“Tri still has a habit of playing matchmaker, he just has his hands full with his own love life for once. Marin and Thalassa keep him very busy. I know he’s just aching for the chance to have his own-- wait…“ Rostan paused a moment as he looked at the walls again. The pattern.

“I don’t see why he wouldn’t,“ Odette said. “I think he’d been keeping busy because we haven’t asked him yet. He doesn’t want to overstep. He wants to connect with you Soliel, to rebuild what you two had and what you missed… so if you wanted him there, I guarantee he would. Absolutely.“

Lassa felt her breath hitch a bit when Trilander nuzzled along her neck and back up, able to feel the resistance in him as he tried not to continue lower. It made her blush, able to tell how true his assurances were. It seemed he wished to embrace her again right now, if he could, but he knew she needed her energy and strength with some breakfast first, especially after the news they’d gotten this morning. She smiled and nodded, happy he would still embrace her, even with pup. Then she thought a moment. “Those puffy pastries with the pudding and fruit inside?“ she asked. She loved them, especially with the whipped cream… “And… scrambled eggs and… what were those things… the patties?“ she asked, meaning potato patties, which she loved. And Tae always made the eggs for Lassa with something special in them to make them incredibly fluffy.

Vespa took some of the food onto her plate and smiled. “thank you,“ she said before picking up her fork to try it, pausing a moment. “Mmm.. It’s so good,“ she said. She slowly shifted on the bed, getting a bit comfier. She felt like she was bound to fall asleep again once her belly was full. She looked at him as he mentioned he’d be going back to the garden after they eat, but she was welcome to come with him. “I don’t know if I feel up to that,“ she said, honestly, which was rare for Vespa to say… one even wondered if she knew what it was to turn something down. But Haru would likely remember the swing bed out there that Drak mentioned in the middle of the gardens… They could bring a pillow and a cozy blanket out there for her to snuggle in and then they could be together.


Sarah nodded, feeling more comfortable letting Opal into the isolated room with the most advanced case after hearing she was up on the most recent Zion preventatives. Zion couldn’t cure the Abyss infections, but it did help protect against the infections happening, built a protection in the blood. It wasn’t without risk, still, going in there, but if it worked… they would never have to worry again, because it would mean they had Miravanna. “Let’s go..“ she said, moving through to the room. Part of her wondered if she should have had Drak come along... just in case, in the midst of the Miravanna working, their patient became... difficult.

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    Having left his and Sarah's room Drak found himself sliding into the kitchen unannounced earning a disapproving frown from one of the staff. He knew well enough that he should have just taken a seat... more
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        Del placed the plates on the table as Acerbus came over and she took a peek back to the other room and smiled, seeing the twins playing quietly together in the pen. She set down a pitcher of juice... more
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          Fai heard him rush off and knew from the wing beats that he was running late. She would have to do something here to ensure she could be up earlier and wake him in time. She certainly didn't mind... more
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            Averie continued to run his fingers comfortingly through her hair. He was in no hurry to move this morning no real big hurry to do anything at the moment really. It had been a real scare last night... more
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              A kind chuckle escaped Drak's lips as he heard Tae talking to her staff "Ah, I don't fault em for the frowns as it stands I"m kinda an invader in their workplace" he said even as he took the head... more
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