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Shiloh (Del thru Eros)
Re: No Subject
Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:08am

Del placed the plates on the table as Acerbus came over and she took a peek back to the other room and smiled, seeing the twins playing quietly together in the pen. She set down a pitcher of juice and then moved to sit down, waiting for Acer to join her. “I’d say I’m going to miss your mom cooking for us so much, but I have this feeling it’s not going to stop any time soon,” she noted with a soft laugh, since Judith had more time on her hands now. She and Samson really served mostly as advisors to their children now and Judith seemed to be enjoying getting to be a doting grandmother to all of her grandchildren.

Twilight smiled at his remark and then snuggled into him a bit more, giving him another little coo. “Do you ever miss your old job?“ she asked him. She wondered if it got a bit boring protecting her when rarely anything bad actually happened in Unkindness these days, especially since the lanterns went up. Of course, odds were that with her gift and the episodes that seemed to always be happening, boring was far from a descriptor one could give to Twilight. Plus, she was his wife!

Koi seemed to relax a bit when Mars confirmed that Soraya didn’t know it was Twilight -- as far as any of them knew, anyway. “Hmm… I wonder who she’s been looking for. Must be someone very important to her for her to go through all of this… Couldn’t have been safe or easy for them to make it here. The woods have become so much darker beyond Unkindness lately,“ she said with a small shiver at the thought.

Vera smiled as Rio riffed with her a bit on the purpose of their newest arrival’s visit. It was actually pretty fun, and she could tell Rio was enjoying it too. Of course, it helped that it took her mind off of the fact he’d agreed to go to the wedding with her tonight, which -- if she thought about it -- would just make her start blushing. “Well, maybe we’ll get the chance to ask him that question,“ she said, since it looked like Eros appeared to be finishing up his conversation with the… guest. She didn’t know, though, that Eros also was instructing Dimael not to answer any questions regarding Phere or Twilight until he could clear his presence with the Royals. Rio and Crys knew a little, but not enough… Crys saw and heard a few things yesterday and this morning to probably start her wheels turning, but she didn’t have concrete answers yet. And Pops, Vera and Orion were all pretty much in the dark, though Vera could prove equally helpful on any excursion to Aeon… and probably wouldn’t be left behind if Rio went anyway.

Soraya looked at Donovan as he landed and then touched Abbadon’s arm. “It’s okay, Abbadon. He’s here now,“ she said, being diplomatic. No sense stirring the pot. It was, in a sense, true what they say. As far as work and dedication went, Abbadon could be much like Jupiter. He expected others to be on time, as he would be. But soraya wanted that favor from Acerbus and so she was trying to quiet her friend some. “Where would you like to get started?“ she asked Donovan, meaning on the perimeter.

Sandy’s ears twitched a moment before her purrs revved a bit, “Aww, Pan,“ she purred, moving in to kiss him deeply. He had no trouble at all with charming the Highland Tigress. Everything Pan did was the right thing as far as she was concerned.

Saffy sighed contently, almost as though she could go back to sleep, but she wouldn’t. She was enjoying the morning cuddling. “So, other than work… anything you want to do today?“ she asked. “I have a theraputic massage late morning, but afterwards, I can bring you some lunch in the Archives… and maybe dessert,“ she teased softly, smiling at him.

Blake heard the sound from the washroom and approached, leaning into the door a bit. “You okay in there, Mela?“ he asked, as she hadn’t emerged right after… Unaware it was just another magic spell she needed to learn a little better, otherwise her hair would look like like a poodle’s fluff!

Nashca came back with her crystal in her hands, sending messages to Mela and Sally that she was almost ready to head out and would meet them at the dining room. She looked at Serg and paused, smiling a bit, but noticing the look on his face. He seemed like he was having some bittersweet thoughts. “You okay?“ she asked him, walking over to him.

Juno looked at Torin and felt his hand on her’s, heard the reassurance in his voice, a strong and confident tone intended to set her at ease… and it did. She nodded a bit. “I know… he is.“ She took a breath and then moved in closer and laid down with him, wrapping her arm around his waist. “You’re right. You usually are…“ she said with a small smile. “I wish I’d dreamed about better things. About you… or you and me,” she said, calling back to his teasing about hoping his dream self was as good as his real self, trying to work away from the uneasy feelings that still held on from that dream.

“Well… you can change that whenever you want, Lana,“ Garand said, encouragingly. “Like I said… we just need to find what you want to do… If you think you want to get a job around here, we’ll find something. Something you’ll enjoy spending your time doing,“ he said.

Aspen got the cart with the food and moved it into their dining nook, setting the places. He double checked that Eri’s food was as it should be, and it was. Seemed Tae had handled the issue in her kitchen promptly. He could hear the girls talking in the other room and smiled to himself as Tria mentioned a seamstress of her own. One who her friend Ikki had been around with since they all came to stay in the castle. Kettie was one of Cinnamon’s favorites under her tutelage, and so he suspected they wouldn’t have any issues with her.


Orion looked at Pherenice and smiled when she introduced herself. He nodded and sat up straighter on the stool beside her, turning a bit to offer his hand to her. Of course, she’d been here long enough to recognize the gesture of a handshake in greeting. It wouldn’t be her first. “It’s nice to meet you, Pherenice. I’m Orion Cerulea.” He had no idea the cute, enigmatic girl was the Sword of D’Jorin, far more impressive than some common Guard in Unkindness…

“Then stay here… and I‘ll go to the Oak and try to speak with Lord Acerbus,” Eros said, wanting to keep Dimael out of sight for now. He then looked over at the others and shook his head. “Not all of them know,” he said, “in fact… none of them know the extent of it. I think it‘d be best not to answer their questions if they have any, not as far as the princess and Phere are concerned,” he said, obviously saying so out of a protectiveness for his princess and for Pherenice. He nodded a bit before standing up, having noted the shifting of his aura, indicating the bow. “I should say thank you for being so cooperative. I’m sure you have your reasons for being here and I’m making it hard to do what you came here to do, but once the Royals approve, there won’t be obstacles any longer,” he said simply, aware from what Dimael was saying, he was here to help Twilight… and Phere. But no one got close to Twilight these days without getting through a gauntlet of her family these days, between her parents and her brother and her husband, it was pretty hard to gain an audience with her without first being cleared by them, and even then, it was only if she agreed to it…

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