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Averie continued to run his fingers comfortingly through her hair. He was in no hurry to move this morning no real big hurry to do anything at the moment really. It had been a real scare last night even if he was calm about it now. It didn't change the fact that fear even then gripped his heart but he tried to silence it then. It helped that during it all he could hear Solace cursing at Raiser almost yelling that she could not have him. And something about him being the retainer that Solace actually liked had helped settle his nerves some then Drak and finally Ivy/Nour showing up. He was able to go back eat and return to his wife's side. That was the most important part of all that to him. That he was able to come back to Nikki.

Yuuri paused and looked down at the ring after the second kiss and his affirmation that loved her too. He never seemed to have a problem understanding her actions and for that she was really thankful. Words were not her strong point not really the ones that expressed her warmer feelings as those didn't always come across right. Fighting…….well that was a different story but she wasn't fighting against Senn or her feelings for him. She tipped her head looking at the ring and blush prettily for Senn. Then looked at him and smiled. "It's beautiful Senn…" She said softly before moving to lean in and hug him it wasn't that she was feeling vulnerable it was just she was so happy she didn't know what to do with all the feelings inside at the moment.

Fii tipped his head as he walked with her. "You are." He retorted calmly but a gentle firmness to his voice as he walked into the bathroom. "Topaz love….you are my Fiancé no one else." he said gently. "You know I'm King of Arcadia, being engaged to me makes you a princess." He said gently as he walked in and sat down on the edge of the tub holding her gently in his lap. "You having our Joey-kit is a celebrated, honored and cherished among the royal's. They would rejoice all who hear it and do everything in there power to help you. Not hinder or harm." He said as he held her. "No royal would ever be punished or killed for having a baby a family Paz. Quiet the contrary the people of Arcadia and those here everyone would be doing everything in there power to make certain nothing happened to our baby." He said gently as he placed his hand on her belly where the baby would be showing before long. "They would protect you so that you can focus on protecting the baby and keeping strong love."

Sable paused as she glanced up at Bayla as she said she'd love to. She looked at the girl her ears tipping up a bit and blushed three shades of red…..her heart skipping a beat and oh gods did Bayla hear it skip? What on earth would she think of Sable being so….She looked at the drink in her hands. "There are several through the year and all last a while…..they celebrate different aspects of nature depending on the season…" she said softly. "This one….celebrates the bonds of all things in life……It'll be nice to show it to you…" She said quietly she was so nervous….she swore she stammered in there somewhere her ears raising and falling it didn't help her thoughts going back to the banter last night at dinner now and realized somewhere in there she admitted something she wasn't quiet aware of herself! Although her heart seemed to be guiding her just fine.

Shale nodded. "Sure thing." She said before she moved running along the wall and shadow sliding La'shire made allowances inside the castle for Daire and Shale. Being of a more shadowed natured Daire a Shadow Fae and Shale an Imp it was harder on them even just moving about under such heavy light so she found a way to accept them completely without jeopardizing the safety of everyone. She could be a clever spirit when she wanted to be. Shale though moved hitting one of the closer gardens and flickering about targeting any gardens which were open. As she really didn't think La'shire would allow an innocent little pup to wander in on adult playtime.

Juniper smiled. "Hank? That's a good name." She said smiling. "Hello Hank, I see your keeping your little princess safe and sound huh? I'm a Ice thorn dragon, and a Knight here at the castle." Which was not a lie she was no longer actually a part of Twilios having been signed on as a trainer for the rookies. "I teach the young Knights here at the castle so probably more like a teacher then a solider." she spoke to the stuffy as if he was alive and well and kicking. "I bet if you let me help you keep her safe, we can do something together about her hungry belly and being lost in the castle? But….I really need your help right now Hank. I don't know your little Princess's name can you help me with that?" Juniper asked, it was kind of funny really if any of the rookies she trained saw tough as Nails Juniper who scared them straight being so gentle and sweet with Violet their jaws would probably hit the floor. But…to Juniper this little girl was the exact reason she was hard on the rookies. Because they could not go in with half an idea of what they were fighting for. It cause little ones like her to be hurt even more.

Jarral stirred a bit more as he had let Wynter escape from his wings but now there was this odd gap beneath them that was no longer warm and cuddly but empty. He blinked and shifted stretching and yawning as he woke his wings arching up and back behind him as he did. His tail swishing in the air a bit as he looked about and paused. He was alone in the bed and he slowly sat up…..sniffing at the air just a touch trying to figure out if he had dreamed……..everything the night before or if it had been real but either way the idea of either had the dragon blushing.

Syaoran chuckled. "Oh undoubtedly." he said when she asked if they would come back and tipped his head. "However awake…….depends solely on there timing." he said sighing and shaking his head. "They seem to pick the most…..interesting of times to make there rounds this way." he said looking at her and chuckled. "We can hope."

Braska all but groaned as she turned and started to rinse off. He had to behave had to….but his body was happy to remind him just how much in that moment he wanted to be with her and it he knew it was more then physical attraction to react this strongly to her. He took a deep breathe and fought the urge to lean in and nuzzle her in the shower but he did move lifting a wash cloth not that…..being a grizzly bear and starting to get aroused by such innocent actions could be so easily hidden behind a small square of cloth…….darned small wash clothes……….was about the train of thought going thru his head as he tried desperately to squash his reactions and keep this from getting awkward well more so then it already was it seemed. "Ah yeah…" He said after a moment but that was because he was too busy watching her to think of an answer right away!

Keyon smiled. "Honestly love I'm open to it." he said meaning he was open to both. "Right now…I don't feel any need to rush to know. But…if that changes later and you want to know I'm okay with that too." he said holding her in his arms. "I just want us both to be happy and either way…..it's not going to change how excited I am to be their dad."

Traya looked at him and blushed bright red as he caught her error. It was a small one but it was the difference in there language and it would bother some. "Ah…." She looked at him and nodded. "Rohdorn." she corrected but was blushing still as she spoke his name in the correct tongue it wasn't that she meant anything by it and Sylar knew it. But….it was getting used to the subtle differences. "I keep slipping back to….the Adrelian….pronunciation…I'm going to upset someone." She said in agreement. She nodded though as she laid her head back down against him. "I can't help but feel a hum Sylar….like Adriel is excited about something….and that dream. Perhaps just perhaps…it was more then a dream?" She said talking about the light and the Spiritus.

Frau smiled it was so obvious they had been celebrating and yet she would not bring it up. "Yes sweetie. I do believe….you wanted to get a pretty dress to marry Daire in tonight right?" She asked her seeing she was sleepy but…..she had a feeling that would get the adorable girl to wake right up.

Daire just smiled, Meeka loved being with Frau. The phoenix had this way about her that just made Meeka feel safe when he and Liam were working although they both had time off right now for which both men were grateful even Thayne did. Trait didn't believe in punishing them by making them work endlessly and neither did Movado who said they far proved themselves.

Baillie sneezed some water out of her nose and reached around for the wash cloth. "I slipped…" She answered Thayne as she splashed the water a bit missing the cloth but not wanting to open her eyes until she got the soapy water off of them. "I think so….I landed on my tail though…" She said honestly she knew better then to not tell him it wasn't so much that he'd punish her but that…he'd be more upset and worried that she hide the possible injury.

Rumi nodded as Ashe spoke. "I'll stop." He assured her. "Besides I have our twins to be fussing over as well as you." he said. He didn't worry not like he did. Not since Sean coming out and saying that she was pregnant and Quinn had been standing there with her not running off like the stallions, but standing shy but firm a clear 'I'm staying with her' even if the jag-wolf didn't say it himself out-loud his actions spoke plenty. "Quinn seems to speak easier with his actions."

River laughed as Ros said Tri still liked playing match maker which Ros knowing the prince like he did they were the best of friends she was sure he was right but she tipped her head when he paused. "Ros?" She asked as he looked up at the lights La'shire was dancing with the pattern that was not stopping but seeming to be looping….."wait what?" She asked missing it herself although he seemed to be picking up on something.

Soliel looked at Odette and nodded. "I'd like it….if he was there." She said softly. Thinking about it she'd like to close that gap some between her brother and herself and Odette would be a big help with that she knew as she had become friends with her.

Trilander smiled. "I think I can manage to order that. Maybe even an extra potato patties or two." He said teasingly but he said it often enough Lass would know he knew exactly what she was asking for. He placed the order for her and one for himself smiling as it was accepted. Sometimes he wondered how on all of D'joran Tae kept up with it all even with a full kitchen staff!

Haru looked at her and smiled. "There is a place to rest out there…." He said looking at her. "I can be close to the gardens bond with them and heal and you can get your rest as well. There is a swing bed out there in a lovely gazebo in the gardens." he looked at Vespa. "It'll allow us both to soak up the warmth of the sun for a bit." he looked at her and smiled. "I don't mind taking you out there if you'd like to rest there Vespa." he said she having said no, but he knew why. She was no doubt still very tired. He himself was eating as well as he thought it, she'd have no way of knowing that bed was out there.
Opal walked in with Sarah, she walked tangent with her as a nurse coming in to assist should in a position ready to help if needed and yet stay back to keep from interfering with the doctor. She looked at the severe case and had to wonder if they would be able to handle him if he started thrashing about but he seemed sedated. "As you need me." she said lightly to Sarah meaning she would move as Sarah needed her to be her second set of hands whatever she needed right now.

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