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Rudy (Ex thru Dia)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:15pm

There was no way Ex was holding on after this, even with how tight his wife was. Thrusting wildly, Ex whined and yipped as he exploded in a massive orgasm, holding Seda close as he pumped and releasing so much of his essence the was no way she could take it all!

"R-really now?" Rocky mused, barely having the sense to move their trays. "Don't think I'll just *whine* take this lying downnnnn..." He stayed still as she told him, finding it exciting when she took control, but continued to tease her ears.

"Awesome," Dante said with a smile, kissing Flurry once again.

"Figured. Things like that rarely have easy solutions," Marigold said, noticing that the Quads surrounding her, Cinder, and Zuri as they walked. "What are you doing?"

"If we can't control her allure, we gotta do something to keep the boys away," April replied.

"Yeah, Zuri can do it, but she's only one girl," May added.

"Besides, being friendly is a lot better than being violent, right?" June continued with a wink.

"So leave it to us! We'll pleasure those naughty boys to submission!" July finished, causing sighs from Mari and Zuri.

"Lord Perry... I don't see why you doubt yourself," Sally said, catching onto the snow leopard's emotions with ease, "Lady Tera didn't fall for you because of your fighting skills right? I wouldn't think so. I didn't marry Movado because he can fight; I did because his heart is the one mine seeks out, and I'm sure it's the same for her."

"Oh, Cyan!" Tera said with a smile and a wave as the tigon walked up to her. "To be honest, I'm horrified! I mean I did okay teaching Mira, but that was basic magic, not combat." She paused as she sensed Cyan's unease. "Trouble in paradise, girly?"

"Don't make me do it again," Sinder said as he looked at Tyce. He didn't like the Serpent's methods; it was cold and ruthless, devoid of any honor in favor of any underhanded tactic to survive. He was able to keep it at bay most days; it wasn't nearly as stubborn or troublesome as the Hellcat, but when he got too angry it got more sway. "You know the thing about pain only the mind produces is that it takes a lot longer for your body to get used to it. It'll hurt just as bad today as it did yesterday."

"Maybe..." Ko mused before letting out a low purr due to Enola messing with his stubby tail, gently pushing her back onto their little love nest before kissing her deeply.

"Heh, you seem comfy..." Ebon mused before returning the loving kisses, wrapping his arms around Ivy's waist before slowly tracing her back.

"Could be a good idea," Pat knew his wife wasn't the most patient when it came to Solstice, and he couldn't blame her really.

"Still, Miss Willa, I think you're an amazing teacher," Altair said with a smile before she went on about Auel and the the others. "Well, it's probably weird for them; I mean, I am Auel and Aura's uncle after all and here I am younger than them now Time travel must just throw them off."

Torrent held Snow close, kissing her forehead. "Be safe. I mean he seems okay, but he's still restrained for a reason.  Still... Not making light of Juli's situation, but Slate's probably been hurt the most. He deserves closure." With anothe kiss, the elder wolf left to see his son.

Rev had simular thoughts about Pepper's heat; that if they didn't get a pup or two after that, then it means Luminos had other plans. He kissed his wife on her forehead, not knowing Torrent was on his way.

"There's no reason to push yourself; you went through a lot yesterday," Saber said as he slowly rubbed the small of Kia's back.

"O-oh! Hello, Miss Julep," Parack said, so nervous the he forgot she didn't want titles between them. "I-I was wondering... if you would do me the honor... to um... join me for another meal?"

"Hmm... Sounds like a good fit for ya, Gabs," Prowl said, listening in on her message.

Jessie let out a gasp as she came for Simon, her body stiff for a moment as she was overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure she received before her upper half fell against him while she rocked her hips, ensuring her boyfriend went over the edge too.

Sai returned the kiss, using his tails to have his avion wife straddle his hips before using one of them to tease her womanhood from behind.

"Oh I'm sure... Doesn't mean I can't tease you while we wait though..." Dia mused as she slipped under the covers running her fingers gently alongside Trait's length before nuzzling it through his bottoms.

  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Mira), Sun Apr 29 11:19am
    “Yeah. It’s uh… sort of a refuge, this place,“ Orion agreed with a smile. “Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you for breakfast more often, once I get my room,“ he said, looking over where Crys was with... more
    • Re: No Subject — Rudy (Ex thru Dia), Sun Apr 29 3:15pm
      • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Seda thru Snow), Sun Apr 29 5:29pm
        Seda cried out with several excited yips, unable to contain herself as she squirmed under Ex and came with him as he flooded her with the intense, pulsing heat, feeling it all escaping from the sheer ... more
      • Re: No SubjectKari (Tae thru Dim) , Sun Apr 29 4:37pm
        Tae smiled and shook her head after Drak gathered everything and chuckling made a shooing motion behind him ushering the dragon out to the dinning hall so he could begin eating his sought after meal... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari (Averie thru Haru) , Sun Apr 29 4:38pm
          Averie looked at Nikki and smiled. "I have no trouble waiting till later to contact anyone love." he said warmly. "I'm actually quiet happy to keep you nestled in my arms this morning for as long as... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari (Opal and Traya) , Sun Apr 29 4:39pm
            Traya nodded as she listened to him. "I am hoping a diplomatic approach works with him. I know he is going to seek it and it's creator soon claiming if it is….a descendant of Ramos who brought about... more
            • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Aspen thru Spartan), Sun Apr 29 7:33pm
              Aspen waited for Tria to come out of the room as well, watching Eri waddle her way carefully to the table. He then moved around to pull out a chair for her so she could sit and he could move her... more
              • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Sun Apr 29 10:30pm
                Acerbus smiled hearing that last part, Zanna doing her part as well to recover. "Did you hear she is going to let Horace go and visit Blake today?" He asked her. Jupiter nodded, "Not a bad idea, just ... more
                • Re: No SubjectKari (Eri thru Dim) , Sun Apr 29 11:06pm
                  Eri moved to sit down with as Aspen pulled out her chair, she sat down thankful for the help and as he would help push it in closer to the table for her. Breakfast was a mix of smells some really... more
                  • Re: No SubjectKari (Averie thru Haru) , Sun Apr 29 11:08pm
                    Averie chuckled as Nikki made the comment about Kiva needing to feed soon and nodded. "Mm true it's nearly time our adorable kitten wakes for breakfast anyways we'll probably just finish ours and... more
                    • Re: No SubjectKari (Opal thru Millie) , Sun Apr 29 11:08pm
                      Opal nodded as she listened to him and then turned to Sarah relaying what King Sylar told her word for word. She had gotten good at that had to be to progress so far. But she kept the crystal open in ... more
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