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Kari (Opal and Traya)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:39pm

Traya nodded as she listened to him. "I am hoping a diplomatic approach works with him. I know he is going to seek it and it's creator soon claiming if it is….a descendant of Ramos who brought about seems to have brought it's return that…it would belong to him. You're right though he would have to bring his grievances before both you and my brother…as well as myself in order to have it move in front of the ruling council's. I would never give him passage to take it. Nor would Finnoren." She said confirming what Sylar said and then sighed reached up to trace his cheek. "Than let me hope my love that Silvantous can be reasoned with. For the sake of the world I will not stop you if no other recourse is available. But you are right….I can feel both Adriel and Rohdorn they are both tired of the civil dispute of the Elvin Nations at one time we stood as one all of us….and at that times such a darkness would never had crept so deep….we have been so busy fighting amongst ourselves that we have lost sight of the very world our peoples have long protected." She knew what Sylar was after and he was right at one time the Elvin nations all took home in the Forests of Vale which were vast they held council there and all had a place….it was a broken kingdom now. One in which she knew Sylar intended to fix. It had to be….At the subtle knock on the door not as hard or rapid as the servers of the castle she walked over pausing in there talk and looked at the girl seemed a touch flustered having been stopped at the beginning of the hall the cart brought by Bane.

At first Traya was a touch confused until she realized she and Sylar often spoke of important matters concerning the elves in there room and Bane often at day break stood guard so that they were not interrupted needlessly. "Ah thank you Bane." She said and Bane bowed. "With pleasure your majesty. My king." He bowed and stepped back and out once again moving to stand guard. It always amazed her really that the man took to heart his job, that he loved what he did and loved protecting her for Sylar.

Opal looked at Sarah and nodded stepping back a step and pulling out her crystal as she moved to do as Sarah said and call them She looked at the crystal and closed her eyes understanding why Sarah had hesitated.

"yes?" Traya asked having gotten the cart and on the way to join Sylar with it she paused and lifted the crystal form her nightstand.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Lady Queen Trayavaine." Opal said and Traya made her pause.

"Oh my that is a mouth full….please Just Traya. And please what concerns you this morning?" She said gently as she moved to walk over to Sylar for those of the castle to be contacting them it had to be important.

"Of course Lady Traya." Opal said adjusting to something that still kept the respect comfortably there for her. She had called and she had heard from others how gracious and kind the Elvin Queen was but to speak to her to hear the warmth and embracing gentleness it was no wonder she had stolen the heart of the King of Rohdorn. "This morning we received a parcel with a liquid seemingly made of light." She said moving over to where Sarah was and showing Traya the liquid. "Our trouble is that although the instructions that came said a few drops orally a little at time….we are on the verge of loosing one of the patients affected by the Furies poison and can not at this time get him to take it….we had hoped you knew anything about it….

"Ala hir'al est valta me altru en Miravanna est Illuminos….ti ala in ella gard." Traya spoke in ancient Elvin although it sounded like a spell it really wasn't. it was a call to the magic's in the liquid if it was indeed Miravanna it would light up even more looking as if a river of light coming from Adriel herself in the bottle it would seem to be the light of the sun and yet tempered by the gentleness of the moon of the stars…of all things light and pure according to the legends and it responded to her voice the magic resonating and accepting the call the vial lighting up even more then it already was without burning out. Traya looked at it and then smiled softly. "It is Miravanna….truly….the gift of Adriel and Rohdorn to the child of this world in our darkest hours. I know only of applying it directly from the vial to a cut or in the mouth in it's most potent state as you have it now….is a few drops at a time." She said to Opal. "However I am aware that there was legends about how else to use it…well for me Legends." She chuckled. She slipped her arm through Sylars.

"Sylar knows more about it then I do." Traya said and brought the crystal around so Opal could see him.

"Forgive me King Sylar I was unaware you were at her majesties side this morning." Opal said being truthful she didn't know if he had stepped out or if Traya was in another part of the royal suites then Sylar. "I humbly ask for any assistance you can give." She said bowing a bit so he could see having learned the way in which some of Rohdorn said was being respectful to there king as an outsider. Opal was asking for there help she would not dare misstep and insult the King of the Night elves.

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