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Shiloh (Seda thru Snow)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:29pm

Seda cried out with several excited yips, unable to contain herself as she squirmed under Ex and came with him as he flooded her with the intense, pulsing heat, feeling it all escaping from the sheer amounts he gave her. Her tails were twisted up tightly with his as her body seemed to milk the fox for all he had to give. "Ex!"

"Nope," Rain said after a soft popping sound as she had sucked hard and pulled off of Rocky to make him jump a bit from the intense sensation. She ran her tongue around him and grazed him with her fangs a bit, her one hand sliding around to rub the base of his tail as he went for her ears. "I expect you to take me lying down," she teased back before taking him back into her mouth fully.

Flurry giggled into the kiss after returning it for a bit. She broke it and smiled, "You need to stop that or we'll end up letting our breakfast get cold," she said, obviously meaning the kissing might lead to other things. she blushed, as usual, at the mere suggestion of sex... though she was always an eager participant and sometimes even the instigator.

"Why do I feel like I'm here to get them men?" Cinder asked Marigold quietly. The quads seemed overly eager to take on any horny males that were drawn to Cinder's allure. She walked with them to the dining room and, upon entering, it suddenly felt like a regretful idea. Cinder felt immediately nervous as the eligible males of the closest tables seemed to catch onto the scent quickly and looked at the group, as though trying to discern which one was getting their pants instantly tight. "My brother used to talk about a flower that's perfume could sometimes mask it a bit, but... I'd never gone into heat before coming here, so... we never tried it," she said. Sometimes when she talked about Koda, she forgot he was gone...

Perry smiled at Sally as she really did find it horribly difficult to drop the titles, even after months of being here. "You're incredibly insightful, Sally. I'm sure you're right. I mean, I know you are, I just... I don't know... sometimes I wish I was built more for that sort of thing," he admitted. Some Mystrians were born fighters, others were born strategists... and Perry was more the latter. "How'd you like the dinner last night?"

"You'll do amazing, Tera," Cyan assured her friend, then paused and shrugged a little. "I don't know. You heard about what happened to Saber the other day, right? That Tyce guy who your mother has been having us keep close surveillance on after he attacked Kiana in the nursery wing? Well... Sinder is handling his punishments today and... just a little too intense for me," she noted. "It's not his fault, not really. It's like with Saber... there's something else in him that, when it comes out... It's the first time I saw him like that. I just need to wait until he's back to my Sinder... you know?"

"Don't make me do it again," Sinder said as he looked at Tyce. He didn't like the Serpent's methods; it was cold and ruthless, devoid of any honor in favor of any underhanded tactic to survive. He was able to keep it at bay most days; it wasn't nearly as stubborn or troublesome as the Hellcat, but when he got too angry it got more sway. "You know the thing about pain only the mind produces is that it takes a lot longer for your body to get used to it. It'll hurt just as bad today as it did yesterday."

Enola fell back into the pillows and blankets with a soft 'umph' as Kopak moved over her. She blushed and ran her hands up his back, eventually moving up to his tufted ears again, rubbing them in that way that was sure to rouse his fullest purrs... or at least fullest before his mating purrs, which always laced with his growls and moans. She loved those sounds. She slid her tails over his body, one still teasing his lynx tail as she returned the deep kiss. She broke the kiss and took a breath with a cute little whine. "I guess there's no harm in making extra sure..." she said, meaning that they make a baby. And if they were successful, well... odds were good they'd probably been celebrating in a very similar way!

"Why wouldn't I be? I have a Great Dane bed. It's to coziest," Ivy mused with a happy sigh between their sweet exchanges of kisses. She swished her tail happily over their legs as she felt his hands moving along her back. "I don't have anything poking me yet, though," she teased.

Sun nodded and looked to the crystal in Pat's hand before taking it from him to place the request. "You want something to eat?" she asked. She had a feeling her lack of desire to eat wouldn't sit well with him, but she just didn't have the appetite she should at this point.

Pepper smiled and closed her eyes a moment when Rev kissed her forehead. Her tail wagged a bit, albeit a tad lazily as she was still 'recharging' from their heats. She then looked up at him. "You should definitely work on that thing for Sun and Patrick today," she said, unaware Torrent was on his way to alert Rev to Slate's presence in the castle, Juli's as well -- things Rev was still unaware of -- let alone the fact Slate was willing to transfer the Lineage of Guardian to Rev.

"You're sweet, Altair," Willa said with a smile before moving to write on the board for the lesson. "Well, there may be something to your logic, but I'd rather you not try to make excuses for them either," she said with a smile. "Come on, let's get back to the lesson," she said.

Aura shivered and let out a few yips and whines in the washroom as she tried to dry off her wings and her body. Everything, especially her wings, was so sensitive to any touch. Archer in heat, plus his wing fetish, she wondered if her body would ever calm down. He'd slept through the night, finally, but... she knew it was only matter of time before the husky-sheltie got his urges all over again for his nine-tail, furry-winged girlfriend!

Arielle had taken a few potions since yesterday's tie with Auel. She knew if she got pregnant now, her father would probably remove some of Auel's tails! Regardless of how close he was to Ex! She came out of the washroom and hopped onto the bed, jostling it a bit to try to wake Auel. "We're missing class, you know," she noted as she nuzzled his cheek a bit.

"So did you," Kia returned to him, "and you're already up and out there... keeping me safe," she said, tipping her head back to look up at him. Of course, he was most used to recovering from his episodes with the Hellcat than she was with Dream Walking. That one had been the deepest she'd gone too. "I am feeling better just having you here," she admitted, tracing one of his bunny ears with her fingers.

Julep's ears perked and she looked surprised as she came out into the hall, only to run right into Parack. It didn't take much for her to put it together... why Elly had been acting so oddly, so insistent. She blushed at the fact she was so eager to have the pom explore the possibility, and for Parack to as well. "H...hi, PArack," she greeted. She shook her head a little and looked down at herself before up at him again, "I... I would, but I'm not really dressed for the dining room, wouldn't you say?" she asked, the blush still on her cheeks, "and... and it's just... just Julep," she reminded him.

"It does," Gabby agreed before looking back at Prowl. Of course he'd have to use the words 'good fit' after his early morning antics. "Do you think I should accept it?" she asked, wanting his opinion. They were engaged and having a pup together, after all... it made sense to ask for his input.

Simon held her close and tightly after she collapsed on him, his hands moving down to hold her hips as she kept moving them until he shuddered and cried out with an intense release of his own, simply adding to the mess of all the times they'd done that for each other. He shifted under her, holding her hips to get her to stop moving for a moment, otherwise she was bound to work him right back up. He breathed heavily, tryign to catch his breath. "Gods..."

Venna's feathers ruffled as she shifted a bit, not having much of a choice when Sai's tails got busy nudging her into the position he wanted her in, then feeling his tail take advantage of the access straddling him gave him to her. She blushed and let out a few cooing moans as she moved back up to start paying him ample attention to his manhood, knowing eventually he would most certainly turn the tables on her. She wasn't the only one in this couple that knew how to rub the other the right way, after all! As that tail of his was proving!


Snow nodded a bit as she drew back some. "I know..." she said quietly. She returned the kiss before watching Torrent hurry off to get Rev. She looked back to the door to Slate's room and took a deep breath. She was scared to go in there, but she also knew... Torrent was right. He deserved closure. Juli had come into this odd little love triangle much later in life, after Torrent had left and chosen to move on and try to fall in love elsewhere. Slate, though, had been essentially done wrong from the beginning. But, to be fair, his mistake was in making the choice for Snow that she would be with him, instead of letting her feel free to choose her future mate. Had it happened like that, everything would have been different. It didn't happen like that, though. Snow felt... obligated to marry Slate, because he insisted he could be with no other... and guilt over her feelings for Torrent over Slate kept her quiet, not wanting to disappoint her own parents or the Elders or Slate...

She took another breath and moved into the room, looking at him restrained on his bed. He could sit up, but do little else with the enchantments on his bindings. He had enough strength to transfer the Lineage, but not enough to use it to burn through his restraints just yet.

He stared at her as she came in, seeming to have half-expected torrent to have come back. "Well, I'll give you one thing, Snow... adultery becomes you," he snarled at her. She looked more alive and vibrant, youthful and radiant... happy... following their severing of vows and her obvious falling in with Torrent. It was a displeasing feeling to know she'd likely been unhappy most of their marriage, and it wasn't like he did anything to improve that for her. He wasn't ready to admit his temper probably drove her further away from him over time. He'd even struck her before the virus took hold. Slate's darkness had a lot to do with the fact he had held onto the Guardian Lineage as long as he had, without a Luminara to protect. Yes, Pepper was one, but... she wasn't his. The magic should have gone into a Guardian Stone until it could be united with her Guardian when he or she was found... but he didn't want to let it go... and in a sense, such a pure and good power slowly corrupted him as he fought its desire to be separate from him and given to the next.

"I haven't told Rain you're back yet," Snow said simply.

"Why should you? I'm not her father. She was taken so young... she barely knew me as it was," Slate said, his eyes trailing to the ring on her finger, much like the one of torrent's. "You wasted no time."

"Sometimes I think I wasted too much as it was," She answered.

"You never should have married me--"

"But I did... and that's why I owe you an apology, Slate. I thought I could love you... I made myself forget why I couldn't and... I guess my heart remembered why my mind wouldn't," she said, meaning her feelings for Torrent, their night together before he left Far Mist, the night Rain was conceived, just before her wedding to Slate.

"Not much of an apology," Slate scoffed. "Torrent's even worse at it, though, so don't worry."

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