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Shiloh (Aspen thru Spartan)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:33pm

Aspen waited for Tria to come out of the room as well, watching Eri waddle her way carefully to the table. He then moved around to pull out a chair for her so she could sit and he could move her comfortably close to the table, planning to do the same for Tria… that was, if his independent bride would let him!

Orion listened and nodded. “I get it. A little suffocating up there at times,“ he said. His father was under some scrutiny, because he’d been a supporter of what the Kingsmen believed in and wasn’t all that keen on the policies of Samson’s heir either… and sometimes Orion just couldn’t stay and listen to it. Especially since Acerbus had been one of the reasons those like himself and Eros even got a chance at the Guards. “Well, looks like we’re both here for the same reasons,“ he said. “Maybe we’ll be seeing each other often at breakfast,“ he added, unaware that the newcomer in the corner was well aware of their conversation and found amusement in it, or mostly in how much Phere seemed to be opening up to the Ravin-Jay, like she had with Fai and Eros… others outside of Twilight.


“And when Kiva wants breakfast,“ Nikki added with a knowing smile. “We’ll have to take a break then, too,“ she added. “I sort of hope she wakes up right after we eat. I’m… a little tender,“ she admitted. She hadn’t nursed Kiva since before dinner last night and she knew nursing her helped Nikki stay comfortable as much as it filled Kiva little tummy.

Senn smiled, “well… I won’t lie… hearing that is the best thing ever,“ he said… meaning that she couldn’t imagine any other answer than yes. He kissed her again and ran his fingers through her hair and over her quills gently, nothing to rile her, just wanting to have her close and relish this moment. She had said yes. It was surreal and wonderful and to know she was so happy about it made it that much better. He then noticed the soft chiming of her crystal on the nightstand. Trying to ignore it, he didn’t know Yuuri had a waiting message from Paz asking her to meet some time today… Seemed they both had news now!

Topaz studied the blind fox quietly for a few moments as he asked her that question. She brought a hand up to touch his chin, moving her fingers back along his jaw. “Stay…“ she said simply before she slowly shifted on his lap to put her feet on the ground. She stood up, her legs feeling weak, but Fii was sure to have a hold on her as she moved to pull her nightshirt up and over her head, letting it fall to the floor as her knees buckled a little. She wasn’t used to this feeling at all. The last time she felt this weak all over, it was the first time Fii kept her in bed all day mating, but she’d felt stronger the next day. The baby seemed to already be sapping at her strength, because it required so much to thrive in the roo’s belly, joeys usually progressing fairly quickly. Fii had read up enough on Nocturne Roos to know what he’d been talking about in regards to keeping her strong and healthy… for the baby… and keeping her from being too reckless!

Bayla seemed to be content to let Sable continue, provided the girl didn’t get distracted and start touching her ears. That’d be the end of her, for sure. She opened her eyes, blushing and glad she was in a position where Sable couldn’t see it, her ears twitching a bit. “You’d want me to stay… with you?“ she asked quietly, unsure if she’d heard that right. She was confirming Bayla wouldn’t be imposing on her, that she’d prefer she stay in Ethion while she recovered… her echo may need more attention until it was fully gone… but was there more to it? Bayla wouldn’t get ahead of herself. “Well, I… thank you…“ she said. “I don’t know if I could stay here with them too long,“ she said. Naiya and Kei were great and hospitable, but they seemed to always be doing things… and would probably be at it so much more now that they were finally doing things again after nearly a month of letting Naiya recover from her ordeal with Tokeru and having Breece.

Vi slowly stepped back and moved to sit down against the wall in the corner where a support pillar jutted from the walls. She clearly felt safe there, setting Hank on her lap and peeling off the foil from the bottom of the muffin as she started eating. She was hungry. Her last meal had been the night before, and she hadn’t been able to eat too much of it, not as much as she wanted to, because it’d been so long since she and Aster had been given a real meal. No doubt it was an issue all of the Painted Tribe was having while settling in.

Maks was getting closer and, no doubt, so was Shale. In the meantime, though, he wondered if Fauve was the only one up who knew Vi was gone.

“What do you mean she’s missing?“ Ginseng asked in a sharp whisper as she talked to Fauve across the room from where Aster was still sleeping. “We need to be out there looking for her. Ginga had just woken to Fauve and was given the news. Of course, she didn’t realize Maks and Shale were already looking, that they were staying in case she wandered back this way.

“I thought maybe it was your friends… I just heard footsteps,“ Zyna said. She then paused as she heard him tell the retreating maid that he was spoken for, her ears perking up as she crawled forwards on the bed a bit to try to see. She sat back as he came back inside, tipping her head thoughtfully. “Why do they always act like that?“ she asked curiously, not really over thinking the fact her fiance was always answering his door in barely anything at all, which often left little to the imagination for females looking for a beau.

Gypsy slowly moved the pillows away from her large ears, lifting her head as she heard the change in the water pressure as he added in the hot water once more. She was still blushing. He was calling himself a bad bear, mumbling it to himself. They had to get themselves out of this room or he was going to keep thinking about intimacy. Perhaps fooling around as much as they had last night had been a mistake in the thick of springtime. Braska never had trouble controlling himself around her until he perhaps knew he didn’t have to hide his longings and his feelings for her any longer. And, of course, the fact they’d experienced aspects of each other last night probably stirred up a longing for more in a Mystrian that was known for being a voracious lover! “I’ll ask him if we can go out to breakfast… that’ll work… He won’t get excited with others around…“ she reasoned. Then again, she didn’t know the depth of his pining that was finally able to come to a head… literally. And, of course, if Taupe happened upon them at breakfast… well that peacock had a tendency to push buttons and pick up on things.

Jin laughed a bit as Keyon came back in with the cart and closed the door. “I think your little magic trick startles them,“ she said. Whenever a new girl arrived, she always seemed surprised when the door opened preemptively.

Meeka looked at Daire and blushed, smiling and nodding. She took Frau’s hand and let the Phoenix lead her to the door. “Bye, Daire,“ she called before she was gone, taken off for some girlish fun with Frau before her wedding night.

Thayne nodded gently. “It’ll be okay, Baillie,“ he assured her, knowing she didn’t like the infirmary. “Hey, maybe after the infirmary… we can go get something to eat from the dining room,“ he suggested, knowing how his girl loved to eat! Plus, he didn’t know it, but they’d probably run into Frau and Meeka there and Baillie would possibly get to partake in the girl’s day, something he’d encourage to help her socialize more… something Ceil hoped soon to be able to get Cleo involved in, too. She would likely interact with Meeka, Frau and Baillie… even if she would be too timid to interact with Daire. Hopefully Daire might call him to make the recommendation to his brother.

“Oh, even nursing he’s a bit feisty,“ Ashe said. “Slow down, Orrin. It’s not going anywhere,“ she assured the foal. He didn’t have to rush. The milk would not come any faster, but she’d be sore afterwards if he didn’t go a bit easier.

Fio made cute little sounds, as though, merely a day old as she was already trying to communicate with her daddy. She wasn’t nearly as energetic as her brother, but she had a quiet energy to her. There was no denying she was a happy little fawn, her tiny fingers closing around his finger, her little fingernails pure gold, like mommy’s, while the soft hair on her head was more of a champagne hue, a lovely blend of her Ashe’s golds and Rumi’s silvers.

“You would have to ask him or Marin. Honestly, he probably mentioned finding another girl cute. I don’t think he knew Marin had feelings for him until that night…“ Rostan admitted. He hadn’t mentioned that to River before. Tri had confided in him about the night his gaze fell so heavily on Lassa, the night he made love to her and asked her to be his after having just met her hours before. That night… he had also been approached by Marin, who asked to mate with him, just once, and in the wake of it, Trilander had found his gaze conflicted… and so he asked them both. Rostan had been concerned that, in this arrangement, Marin would not approve of sharing him… because she had always gotten angry over his interests in other girls, but hid well the reason for her temper.

Lassa was blushing as red as the ruby corals that grew around Lemuria. She always got a flutter when Trilander ‘threatened‘ to ‘eat her up.’ She knew it meant he intended for foreplay and embracing and, since it seemed to be becoming a habit with him in bed with her, perhaps even another tie today. The selkie then heard the knock and tugged the blanket up over her nude form a bit more as he went to answer the door. She hadn’t had an audience in Lemuria when Trilander made love to her that first time, nor had she had one here. In Lemuria, attendants were always coming and going while the act was occurring, to see if their Prince, Princess, King or Queen would require anything. Ebon and Ivy had experienced first hand the way Lemurians seemed to admired and laude over the unions between mates, especially those of importance in their kingdom. But Lassa was still shy and had only been embraced by Tri in front of Marin before… and even that had the shy Selkie a little nervous.

If this was Lemuria, none would think twice about their prince answering it naked and riled, but this was La‘Shire, and the kitchen maid was not Lemurian… and she seemed torn between falling down and being hypnotized by the prince and his… sword… which seemed to be proudly raised in his desire to devour the selkie snuggled on the bed. At least she had the decency to be blushing redder than red.

“I… your… breakfast… Lord, it‘s huge… I mean… my Love. My Lord! Your breakfast!” the girl stammered before turning and hightailing it away. Coming to bring food to the rooms always offered up a strong chance of catching one of the occupants in full undress or enough to make a single kitchen maid or steward drool.

“Honestly… until recently, I’d never seen an Elf at all. I thought they were part of fairytale… like, well, Fairies… but I’ve met some of those since coming here, too,“ Odette confessed. Fairies and Elves, she thought they were gone with the Ancients.

Vespa nodded. “I forget such magic exists,” she said. Enchanted picnic baskets… She still was new to much in this world. She felt like most days she was still learning something new. Upon Miharu finding out she had been born merely at the awakening of Spring, it hadn’t phased him any. He understood, then, why she could be her age and still so utterly pure… and now, without her mother or father’s influences, she would remain that way. She tried a couple of things from the picnic, never taking too much, because she didn’t know when her tummy would tell her it was done. Eventually, though, she reached that point and set her plate down, shaking her head. “couldn’t take another bite,” she admitted.

Sylar had silently flustered by Traya’s insistence on getting up to get the door and the cart from Bane. His thoughts then shifted as she answered her crystal and spoke of confirming something in the infirmary to be Miravanna. He took the crystal from Traya as she offered it up and waved off Opal’s apologies. There were more pressing things than her fears of insulting him. “Ancient Elvin texts suggested Miravanna needed to be consumed to be most effective, but if that was not possible, then it must be able to reach directly to core points in a body, those with the most spiritual force or life force. The heart, the third eye… Try applying drops to the skin on the chest, over the heart, or to the forehead between the eyes. It may be enough to start the process.”

“We should get up… At least you should,” Spartan joked. “If I remember right, Altair will be at his classes this morning… which means Yuna will be on her own,” he said to Silvi, a hint that it might be a good morning to take the kitten to breakfast and offer her the chance to have a mother in Silvi.

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