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Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:30pm

Acerbus smiled hearing that last part, Zanna doing her part as well to recover. "Did you hear she is going to let Horace go and visit Blake today?" He asked her.

Jupiter nodded, "Not a bad idea, just to get out in the open again." He told her, they been in the Oak for what felt like a long time.

Mars took a deep breath bringing his brother into it. "I don't think he would." He told her honestly, "Not unless Twilight said yes and talked him into it, but I can say for certain he is already saying no."

Crys moved over towards Dim and having a plate in hand of some of the pancakes and sliding them over to him. "Here." She said simply, "You look like you haven't had a meal in a while." She noted and moving to sit down at the table taking up the spot Eros once had.

Rio looking over, "Okay, so after I helped Princess Rachel and she offered the pardon for me, she also offered a job so to speak for myself and Crys to be her agents in something she was making on the side." He explained, "If we are needed she call on us and we get paid in return. No biggie really."

Donovan nodding along as Soraya explained, "No real incidents to speak about. I think we were lucky in getting the lanterns when we did. They hide us a little bit from any magically peeping toms." He said as they walked, he slowed down a little bit. "Of course doesn't mean someone can't find us." He said and squinted his eyes a bit.

Abbadon noticed their guide slowing down and looking over into the distance. He turned his head to look as well. His eyes much sharper than the raven's. But, all he got was just to figures outside the protection of the lantern running away into the forest. "Problem?" he asked.

Donovan shook his head. "I hope not, we have come across a few who been caught by the Abyss searching for help." He noted and brought him his crystal, "Rotta come in?" He called into it. A young voice coming back,

"Yes boss?"

"Can you get a patrol to sweep the south west out in the forest, I think we got some injured." He ordered and once gotten a response put it back.

Abbadon looking back a bit, "Does your tribe have any enemies?"

"Aye just one, we seemed to ticked off Chaos and his followers. Didn't help with that lousy traitor helping him."

Panro smirking a little bit and pointing to himself. "Me?" he asked and teased her a little coming up to rub her ears. "What did I do, besides love you of course." He told her with a wink.

Duncan smiled, "Awww, but it loves it when you visit." He teased her but it mentioned before how when ever Saffy did show up the glow in the room always seemed a bit brighter and the Search Engine he likes to call it seems to better help her than him.

Mela smiled, "Sounds great, have a good time." She told him moving to finish cleaning up herself a little bit and going to grab a nice dress to wear. After breakfast she had some magic to research and who knows where that could lead the princess.

Serg looked over and just listened to Nascha as she spoke to him. Calling him all these wonderful titles. "I knew owls were always wise, but you angel are the wisest." He told her and leaning to pull her back in for a kiss. "I'll move the world for you."

Torin looking back up, "Me...nah." He told her, "I fake the charisma. For you I notice it comes natural." He could see how even under her fathers orders or not she could lead people. Now, with her blood he wondered a bit if she ever want to again.

Lana smiled and rolled back to face him a little bit. " getting my life together." She told him and kissed him lightly her tail having wrapped about his body. She was so content right now enjoying this with Garand before suddenly a knock came to their door. "You have got to be kidding me..."

Tria was about to take the chair, but paused and watched Aspen. She had this idea he wanted to be that proud thoughtful husband. Maybe showing it off to Eri she didn't know. So she waited for her chair to be pulled out for her as well.

  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Aspen thru Spartan), Sun Apr 29 7:33pm
    Aspen waited for Tria to come out of the room as well, watching Eri waddle her way carefully to the table. He then moved around to pull out a chair for her so she could sit and he could move her... more
    • Re: No Subject — Acerbus, Sun Apr 29 10:30pm
      • Re: No SubjectKari (Eri thru Dim) , Sun Apr 29 11:06pm
        Eri moved to sit down with as Aspen pulled out her chair, she sat down thankful for the help and as he would help push it in closer to the table for her. Breakfast was a mix of smells some really... more
        • Re: No SubjectKari (Averie thru Haru) , Sun Apr 29 11:08pm
          Averie chuckled as Nikki made the comment about Kiva needing to feed soon and nodded. "Mm true it's nearly time our adorable kitten wakes for breakfast anyways we'll probably just finish ours and... more
          • Re: No SubjectKari (Opal thru Millie) , Sun Apr 29 11:08pm
            Opal nodded as she listened to him and then turned to Sarah relaying what King Sylar told her word for word. She had gotten good at that had to be to progress so far. But she kept the crystal open in ... more
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