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Kari (Eri thru Dim)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:06pm

Eri moved to sit down with as Aspen pulled out her chair, she sat down thankful for the help and as he would help push it in closer to the table for her. Breakfast was a mix of smells some really good some that had her belly swimming a bit but nothing that detoured her from wanting to eat. She glanced at all the different foods at the table, that which Aspen ordered for her and what was ordered for them. At least the pregnancy sickness wasn't hitting her full force. And the smells after those girls stunts wasn't so bad.

Pherenice nodded as she looked at him. "yeah." She said he got it. That it was a little suffocating at times. She smiled. "I'd like that." she said feeling better about everything as he spoke. She smiled as she looked at Orion she didn't know the story behind him but she would not be able to tell him much about herself right now. Although that stranger Dimael seemed to know her and her past although he also implied that he would not allow her memories to come surging back and to let them come back naturally and slowly. "That would be nice." She said meaning seeing him at breakfast someone to talk to as she was meeting people. It made her feel warm inside a feeling…she didn't remember having but she didn't think much of it at the moment mostly because of her lack of memories having no idea she had never allowed herself to get so close to anyone outside of Twilia in the past, the other Oracles had been more interested because of guidance from the Priestess's to have her a blank slate and simply obey commands to achieve the best results. Twilight was much more like her great-great grandmother although she didn't know it and neither did Pherenice but Dimael who was watching from over the edge of his book found this both amusing and in a way comforting.

Dim watched a moment longer then looked back to his book. Turning the page having finished reading it a few moments ago before looking up. To him this was perhaps the most heartening moment to see that she was growing without her memories she was forming attachments he just hoped it didn't all come undone when they finally did return and she remembered truly who and more importantly what she was. There was nothing saying that the Ancients and spirits that protected this realm could not have dear friends could not fall in love. Even Nour would be quick to remind any of them even the 'hot tempered' Solace that they were not infallible that they were also imperfect beings who fell in love got angry and made mistakes. So to him…this although it was not good she did not have her memories it was also good for her to make friends like this. To have people be dear to her. Dim's concern there now….was if she could keep this when they did return. He had his own questions and troubles though now. An uncertainty that nipped at his mind while he tried to read the book before him. Eros had said that Twilight's aura held hints similar in fashion to his own….that should not be possible she was not part Rohdorn Elf and outside of them there was no other night race that he knew of here but he was certain that….that wasn't it at all. To hold the tones of his Aura though which was unique unto itself being a gargoyle…..they were questions he knew would not be answered until he met the child herself. Dim just didn't realize he may very well have a gauntlet to get through to get to her. Now that Eros knew he was here and he would have to meet with the Royals speaking directly with Twilight may take far longer then he ever imagined. At least to him.

Dim paused in his reading though as Crys walked up and approached setting down the plate of pancakes saying that he looked as if he had not had a meal in a while. He marked his page and set down the book to the side then reached up with his left hand to pull back the hood it was ill manners on his part to keep it up when she joined him at the table. "Thank you." He spoke his low voice not going much past them at all as she set it down. He made a small gesture and Whisper was once again a butterfly he was not brought up to be rude to those who came to sit with him even if they were uneasy or didn't understand being impossible on his part would not make things easier. After a moment he poured a bit of syrup over it and cut into the pancakes his eyes not looking down although it was light was low enough he could see and make things out it was not nightfall and so his eyes did not see as clearly as he liked. He let his right hand rest on his lap. It was enough to show her the stone scaling on his arm he need not frighten her. "You sound as if you have the weight of the world resting on your shoulders. Tired and troubled." He spoke gently as he took the first bite.

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