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Kari (Averie thru Haru)
Re: No Subject
Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:08pm

Averie chuckled as Nikki made the comment about Kiva needing to feed soon and nodded. "Mm true it's nearly time our adorable kitten wakes for breakfast anyways we'll probably just finish ours and she'll wake for hers. I sometimes think it’s the scent of our meal that makes her tummy demand attention." he said playfully but harmlessly as it wasn't a problem at all. The idea that smelling breakfast woke the kitten up wasn't a bad thing. It just meant that there little one had a healthy appetite and that was a good thing for a little dragon kitten.

Yuuri smiled as she returned the kiss and then nuzzled him a bit as he gently ran his fingers through her hair. Yuuri didn't notice the chiming crystal but that was perhaps a good thing at the moment for both her and Topaz, as she was snuggled up and just happy to be in her fiancé's arms while Paz was currently trying to relax and deal with being a mommy to be. Although they would both have good news to share. Yuuri might surprise her though even though they were both Sklaves and Yuuri had been since the day she was born….she'd promise to clobber anyone who dared think they could harm one hair on Topaz's head or the babies. She could remember seeing the pain and regret before Juno's rebirth when she realized she had been made to kill there mom because of Severin's command and his fury over Yuuri being born looking like Lansea. And yet he also made certain that Yuuri's name held her mothers in it….it was such an odd thing. Yuuri though smiled as she looked at Senn. "Mmm no…being together is the best thing ever." She said softly. "Knowing that you want it as much as I do…for the rest of our lives….makes it incredible." she whispered as she laid on him cuddling. Saying yes…to her had been clear and simple there was no one else. Knowing that he wanted that with her always….made it the best thing ever in her mind.

Fii moved following her heat signature and his hands came up to lightly grasp her hips in a manner that would keep her up on her feet without throwing her off balance or stop her from taking the nightie off. "I'll stay." He affirmed and he had meant it. He would give her whatever she wished. He could tell by simple body language that she was a little flustered by the fact she felt weak in the legs. "After the bath if your stomach is feeling up to it. We should get something to eat even if it's just fruit and juice. The baby takes it's nutrients from it's mom. That's why your feeling a little weak in the legs he or she is taking the energy you usually have in abundance." He said gently. "Which is a good thing love, it means the baby is very strong and healthy." That knowledge alone perhaps might make her feel better about all of this knowing that this weakness wasn't because she wasn't good at handling it it was because her body was already starting to accept the baby and giving the baby what it needed to grow strong and healthy. "For now though a good soak would probably do us both some good." He said waiting until she was finished and then standing to gently lift her up in his arms again and move her to sit on the edge of the tub, he'd climb in with her although he was blind he managed things like this quiet well and perhaps one of the things that drew his attention to her at first was when he was trying to find a certain herb she had helped him without treating him like he was lesser because he was blind since birth. To her that was a normal thing. He was normal. The flirting with the other girls in the past never lasted long because they tended to think he needed help with everything. It made him feel….helpless Topaz didn't. They made up for each others weakness's but she never made him feel helpless or weak she encouraged the strength in him….and now it was his turn to assure her endlessly as much as she needed that she was strong and capable of carrying this baby and keeping it. The worry of loosing the baby could do far more harm then anything as it would raise stress. But he would do all he could to assure her to see she got to hold there baby for the first time in her arms to get to feel that connection. He had never lost a baby…his tonics everything if he didn't know something about a race and the usual way they carried he would learn it inside and out how to help them. That was no different for Topaz….if anything it was more so. He knew Riggs was worried about the way Fii put things but he always did and he never failed he never allowed himself to fail any of the other expectant mom's. He would never allow himself even for a moment to fail his fiancé.

Sable glanced down at Bayla a moment. "I do." She said in agreement and smiled. "You're welcome." She answered her when she said well thank you and then chuckled softly as she continued to work the echo. It would take a few times before it was completely gone but that was a side effect of healing so quickly the body still remembered the injury. But Sable being a priestess of Spiritus could ease that trauma for her. "They would not kick you out Bayla. It is not the way of the Druids once we open our home to another it remains open until they no longer need it." she said gently. "However….sharing a home with an nymph and her husband….as much as they would try to be quiet…." She glanced at the door even she a half gatan could pick up on the scent light and lingering in the air but not heavy enough to be intrusive. "Is not easy." She said smiling as she continued her finger's coming near Bayla's ears feeling the brush of the fur she quickly brought them center again blushing as she sat there that would so not help her head right now. Just what was Sable doing? Was what she was wondering. "Ah…sorry…" She whispered but it came out hushed as if part of her had wanted to touch Bayla's ears and another didn't want to do anything the lycan laying in her lap would not like at the moment. Of course both girls were dancing around there feelings for each other.

Juniper watched the little one as she began eating the muffin, she made no movement forward or back just simply resting there and waiting. Violet was an adorable little lycan but she was so timid and afraid and it was hard to blame her. She watched and waited but also made sure no one came rushing down the hall she'd give them a look that asked them to go another way. Violet was scared out of her mind right now and Juniper understood that greatly that corner that kept anything from coming near the little one from anywhere but the front that she could see….was a defensive move Juni knew too well but it was also a terrible one, because it gave her no ability to get away if suddenly attacked and so Juniper remained kneeling there in front of the little one easily holding the tray in one hand and resting the other. Letting her eat and keeping her own body a solid 'shield' in front of Violet loosely forming a box around her but also blocking the sight of any strangers passing by behind Juniper so she could eat that muffin and not feel threatened. If she got a tummy ache Juni was fully prepared to help her through that as well but right now letting her eat was important.

Shale made her way through the gardens and then caught up to Maksim knowing his presence and energy signature very well she sort of dropped onto his shoulder knowing he would already know she was there in her small imp form. "Nothing she wasn't in any of the gardens but you look like you've got her scent pretty clearly." She said seeing how he was moving.

Fauve looked at Ginseng and made a soft lower your voice gesture worried about waking Aster. She took a deep breathe. "Just what I said….I woke a few moments ago and Vi was gone." She said softly lowly so as to keep Aster asleep. "I would be out searching for her and I would have woken you but I called Shale and Maksim." She said holding up her hand. "Shale can instantly teleport around the castle at speeds neither one of us can move and Maksim is one of the best trackers in the castle." She said looking at her sister. "They said they would look for her and before I could say I'd go he insisted we should remain here incase she makes her way back." She shook her head. "I'm worried sick about her too Ginga. "I had just finished talking to them when I told you….by this time they've no doubt between the two of them canvassed half the castle."

Syaoran looked at her and chuckled. "So did I but luckily it was just breakfast arriving." he said walking over with the cart. Syaoran paused and thought about it before chuckling. "Probably because I forget I was cuddling with my adorable girl in nothing but boxers and answer the door." he said if he stopped to think about it. "Juni did comment once that I have a bad habit of doing that. Something about it driving the staff around here wild." he said shrugging and walking over to hand her a tray and start to hand his adorable girl her breakfast.

Braska finished up and dried off having cleaned up and got dressed. He was towel drying his hair when he stepped out of the bathroom and looked over at Gypsy not realizing she had heard him quiet clearly in the bathroom he sighed as it dropped about his shoulders. "Sorry Gypsy." he said gently he could not believe he was being such a hormonal bear right now but then again…he really did love her and it was mating season. He just had to have better control over his urges. She was not a bear herself and even a she-bear would swat him around a few times if he got too out of hand. But Gypsy was a delicate and beautiful fox-bat she wouldn't have the strength to swat him hard. So he had to be sure to keep control. He could not let the more voracious nature of the bear override his common sense.

Keyon laughed as he walked over to her with the cart. "I think so. They always seem so flustered but it's not like they don't make any sound. I suppose the day they find someone who can bring it here without making a sound is the day I'll not open the door before they can knock." He said chuckling having no idea at all that should Tae actually leave her kitchen and deliver something it would be just that.

Frau smiled and waved to Daire fully intending on spending the day pampering a certain little Mink. And just perhaps she'd be able to snag Baillie along the way and the girls could spend it giggling and being excited about the wedding tonight. They deserved that. She had no idea at all though that Daire had a bit more planned for the sake of Cleo, Baillie and Meeka they were all tiny mystrian's and having friends of the same nature would benefit them greatly even if Cleo could never come around to allowing him near her again. It didn't mean that she and Meeka could not become good friends.

Daire picked up the crystal and called Ceil when his elder brother picked up he spoke to him explaining everything to him and at first Ceil was quiet before he chuckled and said he'd see if she'd be okay with meeting them.

Ceil set down the crystal having walked across the room when he saw it was Daire knowing that Cleo did not handle his brother's presence at all. And Daire would not push himself on her. He walked up though and sat down on the edge of the bed reaching out to gently run his fingers over her hair. To wake and draw Cleo's attention to him.

Baillie looked up at him and nodded then tipped his head. "That sounds good." She said liking the idea of getting breakfast having no idea she'd likely meet up with Meeka and Frau there or that Meeka had really good news. It would also allow Thayne to move about freely while Baillie and Meeka were with Frau'lea knowing that the Phoenix would keep them safe. Or as she'd proven…die trying.

Orrin after a moment did as Ashe implied and settled down as it simply wasn't coming any faster. That and his dad let out a low whiny sound getting him to settle a bit.

Rumi hadn't let it out so much as to settle Orrin but it worked he made it to play a bit with Fio who was making all these adorable little sounds. Making a few of his own as she held his finger her energy was more of a gentle current it was pretty and lovely. The twins were cute though Orrin was like a reverse mirror of his little sister he had bright silver eyes with shimmering flecks of gold, his hair messy as it was, was silver with streaks of gold all through out it. His little horse ears were covered in a mix of that silver and gold fur. Both of them to Rumi seemed to have a golden dusting over there skin's and Orrin's little tail which was showing was a lovely mix of that silver and gold. Mostly silver but highlighted with the gold he was going to be quiet the charmer when he got older….if he'd ever slow down enough to take notice in girls that was!

River chuckled. "That seemed to be a trend between a couple of wolves I know." She said meaning both he and Tri had not realized just how much they meant to there mates. They were good wolves though honorable and noble. But dedicated. "He has them both now and they all seem happy though. Honestly though I think all of Lemuria was surprised when he was so taken with Lassa. And he chose Marin…I know King Corbin was not amused. He had hoped his son's gaze would fall solely on Marin…." She said shaking her head. "But even in Mercaria we noticed Trilander was much like the Ocean herself." She said meaning the gentle ocean and the stormy one two complete polar opposites he would need both girls if he was to maintain the balance inside of him. She just hoped both girls always felt the same way about him and were willing to have this with him. "It could not have been easy on Marin to accept all of this. She has always had feelings for him…her gaze fell upon him long ago. When we were all much younger."

Trilander's ears actually twitched and he held the cart's handle in one hand tipping his head as she rushed off. He stared a moment….trying to figure out for the life of him what had just happened. Having grown up in Lemuria he had thought nothing of his state or undress or his current state of arousal. Love in and of itself there was warmly embraced and even encouraged. "Ah…right?" He said as she rushed off and he swore….was her nose bleeding? He wasn't sure wither or not he scented it on the air and should be concerned, it could also just be the salty scent of what he ordered for breakfast….he pulled the cart into the room and walked over shaking his head a bit. Never once thinking that that Kitchen maid would have quiet the story to tell her friends once she got back to the kitchen. He walked up and looked at Lassa. "breakfast is here love." he said as he moved to sit down and began collecting there trays.

Soliel smiled and shook her head. "There new to me too." She said in agreement. "I have seen Elves since coming here but I had not seen Fairies not yet anyways." She said pondering that one. "I remember hearing bed time stories as a child about them….they always seemed so magical and surreal like nothing that enchanting could truly exist but since coming here….I've seen so many Elves and they seem to glide everywhere while there walking…as if grace and poise are a natural part of there world at all times." She tried a bite of the Elvin crepe and blinked before looking down at it. "Oh wow…"she said staring at the meal before her. "Wow…" she repeated.

Haru chuckled. "Anywhere else but La'shire I have not seen them. It seems to be a part of her magic all together." he said amused by it himself and finished the last few bites before nodding. "I'm finished too. It was good." he said as he started to pack up everything and keep the dirty dishes separate. "I'll pack this up and then be back to take us out there….did you want to change first into something more comfortable for cuddling?" He asked not sure if she was all that comfortable that and she had gotten hot and sweaty in it a few times. "Sarah packed a few changes of clothes there should be something in there if you'd like to change I can bring the bag over before I step out."

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