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Kari (Dim thru Eri)
Re: No Subject
Tue May 1, 2018 10:29pm

Dim looked at her. "It is confusing at first but I assure you it will all make sense as time goes on." He said looking at her then glanced at her arm. "And that although it may now seem like a burden is a blessing in disguise." he knew all about the mark Pherenice placed there but not all that it did or didn't do only Pherenice could know that and she could not remember. The most he did know….was that it would allow Pherenice to know when the girl was in danger. Dim though paused and swallowed his next bit shaking his head. "I do not fault you or anyone else here…it is not an easy thing when one who appears as if a monster enters your midst. Fear is oft the first response, hospitality the last." But his words weren't mocking but kind and gentle understanding. "I am aware…that I am not pleasing on the eyes. I am sorry for the trouble my arrival as caused all of you."

Pherenice looked at Orion and tipped her head as he asked that. Her and Eros….she did have a crush on him but. "There's nothing between us but friends….and…my being a guest of the royals " She said honestly Pherenice as much as she didn't have her memories understood enough that one could easily have a crush on someone but that didn't mean those feelings were returned. She did like him a lot. But….Her nose being as strong as it was picked up on Crys's scent with Eros and Eros's on Crys not in the sense of sleeping together as mates but being close. Very close in the same room she just didn't know how close and well she was the odd one in the group and did not want to cause problems between them. Pherenice looked at him.

Eri looked at the table before her and then sighed softly. "I'll try a bit of that crepe…" She said honestly. She wasn't sure if it was the eggs or the sausage that was churning her stomach just a touch not enough to make it impossible to be around or impossible to eat just enough to get an 'eww' no feeling.

  • Re: No SubjectShiloh (Orion thru Mira), Tue May 1 8:29pm
    Orion smiled, unsure why he felt so delighted to hear her agree that seeing each other here for breakfast each morning would be nice. He looked over at Crys and then back to Phere. “I have to ask…... more
    • Re: No Subject — Kari (Dim thru Eri), Tue May 1 10:29pm
      • Re: No SubjectKari (Averie thru Millie), Tue May 1 10:29pm
        ~*~ Averie chuckled. "Too true our little Kitten seems to love her afternoons." He said it was as if the little one stored up all her energy for the afternoon then played until she was ready to drop. ... more
        • Re: No SubjectAcerbus, Wed May 2 1:46pm
          Acerbus looking to Eros as he seemed serious, he had been off since Soraya come into the tribe. "Eros relax, Princess Soraya doesn't know it is Twilight." He said thinking that is who he was talking... more
          • Re: No SubjectKoran/Dkhoran, Thu May 3 11:15am
            Licking his lips at how the finefur was reactiong to his attentions, Koran couldn't help but relish the sensations of his kitten's purring rumbling through her body strong enough to be felt quite... more
            • forgot DrakDkhoran, Thu May 3 12:29pm
              Drak hummed quietly while he was chewing on his breakfast, his mind going over the coming day's activities. While he was upset at Raiser's near successes yesterday and wanted to bolsters the castles... more
              • Re: forgot DrakRudy (Ex thru Dia), Thu May 3 3:17pm
                "Se!" Ex whined, his strokes slowing but still steady with how Seda was milking him. He caught his wife with several kisses, taking breaths between each one as their tails twisted and rubbed against... more
                • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Orion thru Mira), Thu May 3 10:09pm
                  Orion nodded a bit when Phere said there was nothing but friendship between she and Eros. “He’s a good friend to have,“ he said, honestly, in agreement with that. “Neither of us used to measure up to ... more
                  • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Eros thru Aspen), Thu May 3 10:09pm
                    Eros seemed confused when Acerbus dropped Soraya’s name. “What? No, my Lord… that’s not--“ “Eros, why don’t you come inside,“ Del asked as she moved behind him to close the door. Eros moved into the... more
                    • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Seda thru Venna), Thu May 3 10:10pm
                      Seda‘s body seemed to finally be calming with Ex‘s, though the mess they‘d made would require La‘Shire‘s magic to clean up once they moved off the bed… Of course, that wasn‘t going to happen just... more
                      • Re: forgot DrakKari (Dim thru Trait) , Thu May 3 11:35pm
                        Dimael paused half way through the pancakes as they talked, they were ironically enough much easier to eat then the heavy breads he usually had. He nodded though. "Mm Adriel's divinity lanterns... more
                        • Re: forgot DrakKari (Pherenice thru Millie), Thu May 3 11:36pm
                          Pherenice nodded. "Mm he is…although at first we weren't…." She said pausing as she looked at the pancakes. "I have no memories of my past at all….and the little that has come back to me don’t feel... more
                          • Re: forgot DrakAcerbus, Sat May 5 1:29pm
                            Acerbus let Eros in to continue to relay the information he now had. The raven almost getting lost in what Eros was saying, knew of Twilight, a gargoyle, and same auras? He felt like he was getting... more
                            • Re: forgot DrakKoran/Dkhoran, Sat May 5 4:18pm
                              The drachen couldn't possibly miss all the tells Mira was giving him through her body responses, her voice, the way her fingers were curling against the wall her tail's thrashing were all signs of... more
                              • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Orion thru Aspen), Sun May 6 5:52pm
                                Orion listened to Phere, giving her his full attention. Her remarks were a bit confusing, but… “Well, I wouldn’t worry too much. Memories have a way of coming back with time. Maybe there’s a reason... more
                                • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Sun May 6 5:55pm
                                  Nikki smield and nodded a bit. “She was,“ she agreed. It didn’t worry her as much… knowing things had at least gone well with Sunny. She then paused, hearing the knock at the door. Breakfast had... more
                                  • Re: forgot DrakKari (Dim thru Phere) , Sun May 6 9:20pm
                                    Dim nodded. "I have been out of the loop for a while." he said in agreement then glanced at her arm and nodded. "I do." he said in agreement and without thinking reached up with his right hand... more
                                    • Re: forgot DrakKari (Averie thru Haru) , Sun May 6 9:21pm
                                      Averie sighed softly at the knock on the door. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head a sort of silent promise there parting would be short. He got up and walked over as he pulled on a robe,... more
                                      • Re: forgot DrakKari, Sun May 6 11:37pm
                                        ((Occ: Lusus Naturae: Is a song from a Show Rwby. I'm borrowing pieces of it and reworking it because it fits Raiser. Lusus Naturae is Latin and roughly translates to 'Nature's Freak' and yeah. As to ... more
                                        • Re: forgot DrakKoran/Dkhoran, Mon May 7 12:00pm
                                          With heated growls Koran finished his potent release, the excess of which was already washed away in the shower, it really was a blessing that La'shire ..cleaned up after them given how often he and... more
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