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Kari (Averie thru Millie)
Re: No Subject
Tue May 1, 2018 10:29pm

Averie chuckled. "Too true our little Kitten seems to love her afternoons." He said it was as if the little one stored up all her energy for the afternoon then played until she was ready to drop. Neither one of them minded. She was simply too adorable.

"I love you too." She said softly as she looked at him and snuggled up a bit at his question of how her name would sound…and she did love the way her own sounded when he said it. "Yuuri'Lansea Spirya…." She said pondering it out loud not sure herself so she was curious enough to actually say it. Then glanced up at him. "I…" she paused and tipped her head. "Will your family be alright….with it?" She asked as she didn't recall meeting any of them she didn't want to put him at odds with his family. Not knowing how things were she could still remember when she first got here how upset he was because he had lost his brother over refusal to take something for pain and it cost him his life. Yuuri had assured him she was not so brash as to ignore her own limits. But for his sake she started allowing it more often but still….refused if the wounds were minor. And even if the wound was major she wanted a low dose insisting it only take the 'edge' off of the pain so that she didn't rip or tear the wound open again. She needed to be able to feel it's limit. It was a big step for her actually.

Fii nodded as he got undressed and then moved over and gently lifted her up and climbed into the tub with her when she sneezed because it tickled her nose. He sat back holding her gently in his arms bringing his tails up about her. "Even just a bit of fruit helps." He said gently. "It doesn't have to be anything heavy love." He said to assure her they could order a bowl of fruit that she could pick at as she felt comfortable.

Sable nodded. "That's good." she said meaning that her head didn't ache anymore. She did move back over to get her drink and pastry and eat herself. She glanced at her though and chuckled as she said that about Aiyan. "That's not all that surprising actually." she said looking at Bayla. "Nymph's are funny creatures in themselves everyone things that they just desire whoever they see….but it's whoever wins there heart. For Aiyan that was always Zai, he simply felt no desire for anyone else. Even if she chose another he would remain ever faithful to those feelings. Naiya it's Kei." She said although she was aware that there was a point when Naiya was with another but….she'd go and be alone and agonize over Kei. Her heart could not move past him. But she also knew in the end the other was happily married as well. So it all worked out. "Kirie would forever be single if Eko had not realized his own feelings for her. Her heart moved for him and him alone….She would live out the rest of her life alone otherwise." Sable paused as she looked at the cup in her hand. "I am not nymph if I was….perhaps I'd understand my own feelings so much easier." She said looking up and shaking her head before side glancing at Bayla. "Once we've finished breakfast…I can leave a note for Naiya and Kei thanking them for there hospitality and we can head back to my place once I clean up." She said as it was just bad form to leave them the mess.

Shale nodded. "That is Juniper…"She said softly seeing her kneeling so patiently and seemingly standing silent sentinel before something in the corner there. "I….think she…maybe found Violet?" Shale spoke softly curious herself but she didn't jump forward something told her the way Juni was kneeling the dragoness would not be so receptive to the sudden landing on her shoulder right now. "She's both relaxed and defensive I've seen her take down a whole garrison of rookies from that position…..she only looks relaxed her guard is up."

"Hank?" Juniper spoke well aware of the fact that Maksim and Shale had come up behind her a bit. "how's Princess Vi's tummy is it better now?" She asked gently. "And Hank are you ready to help me take Princess Vi back to her big sister's?" She asked as Fauve had told her about the three so she knew Ginseng was the second oldest and then Aster.

Fauve nodded. "I'm sure." She said looking at Ginseng. "I would not have called them if not. Maksim is one of the best trackers he out does our huntress's. And Shale…well she can appear in seven places in under a minute having raced from one end to the other…." She shook her head and then glanced at Aster who stretched and snuggled up a bit more in the bed yawning as she was sleeping. "Then there's Lord Traitorin's laws….they're strict but there for the protection of everyone in the castle with so many different tribes and nationalities coming here he refused to have them all conflicting with each other. Any who threaten the peace within the castle are taken to a room of solitude confined and the problem addressed and told what there punishment will be in accordance with the laws broken and only allowed to come back with everyone else once there ready to follow the laws." She said. "There strict but there not hard to follow at all." she glanced at Aster. "Then there is La'shire herself. She's very much alive the spirit of this castle. The shimmering lights in the walls are her….Her awareness is flicking all about the castle all the time if she spotted Violet somewhere alone in the halls she would not doubt send someone capable of helping her without scaring her. Chances are it would be someone like Princess Mildune who you haven't had the chance to meet….she's one of Trait's youngest and very sweet…a lot of scared lost Mystrians are brought to her and she helps them heal spiritually. Although…..La'shire might have made….her path cross with…." She paused a moment and thought about it…."Juni….and if that's the case….I feel bad…for anyone that frightens…Violet."

Braska looked at Gypsy and then nodded. "going out to breakfast sounds good." he said going to the dinning hall he had to find a means to control himself. He couldn’t keep doing this didn't matter it was mating season they were just getting together and there was no reason to rush anything although his body seemed at points to want to disagree with him.

Keyon laughed as he walked up and handed her, her tray before sitting with his own shaking his head. "I know." he said lightly as he sat there. "It would be a long time in coming." He lifted the top of the tray and smiled everything smelled wonderful and although he loved sausages as much as his sweet wife he would not torture her by eating them and souring his stomach. He also always ordered a bit more then even he could eat just in case she was still a touch hungry sometimes it was hard to gage how hungry you were when eating for four!

Frau nodded as she glanced at Meeka. "I thought getting a bit of breakfast would be nice then we'll go see about getting you a pretty dress." She said looking at Meeka. "And perhaps having the girls put your hair up in a very pretty style for tonight. Something to make Daire's heart skip a beat." She had described those moments as good things in that case to Meeka in the past something that took his breathe away made him want to embrace her and make her pretty bells dance in a whole new way. And that thought always made Meeka smile.

"I am sorry to wake you Cleo." he said gently as he looked at her. "But I thought I'd ask if you wouldn't mind getting into one of the light sundress's its warm enough for it….and going to the dinning hall." He said gently as he looked at her. "Meeka is one her way there with Frau'lea. Frau is a lovely moon phoenix who is very sweet and gentle." He said to reassure her. "They are going to have breakfast get there hair done…just spend a day doing things girls get to do and have fun. Meeka is a mink." he said gently. He didn't know chances were Baillie would be meeting up with them soon too and the little Margay was just as sweet and timid as Meeka and Baillie but Frau had this way about her that helped them all she could allow those soothing singsongs into her voice to ease away the fears and let them think and see clearly.

Baillie nodded as she looked at Thayne. "Okay." She said happy about the idea of going to breakfast not soo much the infirmary but breakfast after sounded like a nice treat. She smiled up at him and nodded.

Orrin was nursing much gentler now and after a bit slowing down his own eyes starting to droop as he had worn himself out quiet a bit while kicking in the air. He'd likely cuddle up in Ashe's arms after he finished in a moment or two here sleeping away. Which would get Rumi to make a sour face and likely make Fio giggle.

Rumi though was playfully making different noises for Fio playing with her and then leaned her up and his head down a bit so she could touch his face. Could touch him. She was simply sweet and adorable like her mom.

River nodded. "I'll take your word for it." She said about the it's a sea-wolf thing. She did glance up though at the walls as the shimmering was more of a pulse now as sure enough La'shire was laughing…..very hard it seemed. She was sure…"I'm sure La'shire spirit form is somewhere in the castle doubled over giggling her butt off at something or another but….what in all of D'joran could have that girl in hysterics?" She said not realizing it was there very oblivious prince. She stared a moment and paused and made an ohing sound before looking at Rostan. "You know….how in Lemuria it isn't all that uncommon for the staff to bring meals and even walk through as one is mating?" She said softly. "Or for that matter….our royalty to answer the door….in whatever state there currently in…." River looked at Rostan. "No doubt Trilander who is probably since he's not in fear for his life at the moment with Lassa…..probably answered the door…and I'm just guessing here… the nude showing off his….um princely assets?" River said lightly. "I mean in Lemuria no one thinks twice of the way we Mercarian's tend to prefer to travel…..but here…..they all almost died Trilander had to instill a rule while here that we at least wear a shift…." La'shire light up with a light her mother back home often used to say 'bingo' or you got it right before going back to giggling like no tomorrow…..she was very entertained by the very naïve prince in his own right.

Trilander paused and glanced at Lassa as she was blushing. "Lass?" he asked as he moved sitting down and moving to hand her, her tray not at all thinking about his current state of arousal being the cause of so many reactions like that. He didn't think at all that the maid was flushed and more than likely telling all of her friends in the kitchen about the sit of the Lemurian crown prince….in all of his glory.

Soliel nodded. "I did." she said looking at her. "It…was beautiful…." She said shaking her head. "Like a rainbow current in the night sky….I had never seen anything quiet like it I thought perhaps I was dreaming." She said shaking her head as she sat there then glanced at the crepe. "You think we still have time to cancel the other….this is really good."

Haru smiled. "Of course." he said as he picked up the basket and walked over to the dresser picking up the bag and walking over. He wasn't about to pick for her and let her decide what she'd be most comfortable in. "I'll be back." he said lightly as he walked off to go store the basket in the kitchen again.

"His thrashing has calmed King Sylar." Opal said after a moment. "Do we administer the medication orally now or wait the same time as instructions say?" She asked unsure herself as it didn't go over that. Relaying what Sarah wished to know to the King.

Traya paused and swallowed. "According to the hymns if it's on a spiritual point it's oral right after. A touch of Adriel's light to sooth the pain and to drink from Rohdorn's cup to burn the false night away in one touch and breathe it shall not stay…." She said as she picked up her tea and drank it some. Then shook her head. "But again I'm not sure about the hymn's being correct or not. That is from the Ehindiril in the royal palace others simply denounce it as myth….so I have to defer this to you Sy."

Silvi smiled and got up before getting dressed herself seeing him doing his warm ups and nodded. "I'm sure she'll be happy to see you this morning." She said as he mentioned stopping in to see his own daughter. "Perhaps after I speak with Yuna, I'll speak with Lassa later and make the offer of course to Mira….but I should also check on Averie…" She tapped her lip and then smiled. "There are plenty of hours this morning….meet me at Averie's for lunch I'll check on him briefly and then we can grab something to eat? I'm sure he and Nikki may wish to stay in today."

Millie looked back as she stepped out of the door. "Oh you have no idea….he was determined to be one stinky puppy." She said as she waved and walked out heading towards the crystal monitors figuring she might catch one of the twins there hopefully. As long as they didn't have it on auto. Millie certainly didn't know how to work those things. She'd make a mess just trying to figure out who to contact but those two made the system dance.

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                      • Re: forgot DrakKari (Pherenice thru Millie), Thu May 3 11:36pm
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                                  • Re: forgot DrakKari (Averie thru Haru) , Sun May 6 9:21pm
                                    Averie sighed softly at the knock on the door. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head a sort of silent promise there parting would be short. He got up and walked over as he pulled on a robe,... more
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                                        With heated growls Koran finished his potent release, the excess of which was already washed away in the shower, it really was a blessing that La'shire ..cleaned up after them given how often he and... more
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