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Shiloh (Orion thru Mira)
Re: forgot Drak
Thu May 3, 2018 10:09pm

Orion nodded a bit when Phere said there was nothing but friendship between she and Eros. “He’s a good friend to have,“ he said, honestly, in agreement with that. “Neither of us used to measure up to what was expected of a Guard until Duncan took over… gave us a chance to prove that purity of genetics didn’t necessarily mean one made a better candidate than someone who’s… a bit different,“ the Raven-Jay noted with a smile. “But Eros always said that we’d have our time, and he was right. I always thought he was simply being the supreme optimist on my behalf, but… that’s just him, and turns out he was right. So… if he’s one of the first friends you’ve made here, you chose well,“ he said with a smile. It was clear that Eros and Orion were good friends in their rather outcast roles in Unkindess, just like Pops, Crys and Rio tended to be for their professions…

“Though I wonder if she’ll be as awake today,“ Nikki noted. “Sounded like Sunny tuckered her out last night…. As much as it bothered me to leave her, I’m glad that she enjoyed Sunny,“ she said, smiling as she clearly approved of the Lovebird for a future sitter whenever family couldn’t.

Senn smiled and nodded, “Yuuri…” he said quietly, moving to cup her face as she looked at him. “I promise you, they wouldn‘t mind one bit,” he said. Truthfully, he didn‘t have much contact with them in years… though he also hadn‘t left his family on bad terms. He just wanted more than the humble, quiet mountain life that his pack led. He‘d found it here with the Knights… but he was certain that, were his parents to know… they‘d adore her as much as he did and have no qualms with her taking the family name.

Topaz looked at Fii as he gathered her in his arms and tails in the bath. It wasn’t so much for bathing… they’d done that last night… this was to help her relax, and she knew she’d do that better with him here with her… She laid her head against him and seemed a bit objectionable to the prospect of any food right now, but… only the fox had an ability to get her to concede. “Alright… but just some fruit,“ she said. “Apple slices maybe… melon…“ she didn’t want anything too acidic like pineapple or strawberries.

Bayla managed, somehow, to stave off a blush when Sable suggested they could slip away, back to her place to get Bayla settled into her guest room after they were done eating. But the girl was still blushing on the inside, her heart racing a bit. She would be in Sable’s home, staying with her? And she wanted her to come to this festival with her… She wondered if she was dreaming all of this and was still unconscious in the bed… She smiled and nodded gently, not wanting to aggravate the echo or cause it to come back. “Okay…“ she agreed, “sounds… sounds good.“

Maks nodded a bit. “I thought so… well if anyone was going to find her, probably the best one,“ he said, knowing Juni would be protective. He moved around the corner to slowly approach, clearing his throat to alert Vi more than Juni of his presence, knowing Juni probably already knew he was there. “I think I could also help with that,“ he said.

Vi hesitated a moment and then slowly made Hank nod his head to indicate they were ready to find Fauve and Ginga again. But then her little ears fell back as Vi slid more into the corner, hearing a voice and yet she couldn‘t see Maks from the way Juni was in front of her and the angle, but if she did… and knew he was with Fauve… she‘d probably immediately connect him to Fauve‘s comment last night about how, yes, Maks was like the heroes from Vi‘s favorite storybooks… She’d be one smitten pup, no doubt her twin sister would too.

Ginga sighed deeply and nodded. She then paused as Fauve started dropping names… ones she, of course, didn’t know. She’d really only spent her little amount of time in the castle between the hidden cave entrance to the castle’s lowest levels and the infirmary until today… “Right now I’d be relieved just to have… your boyfriend… find her,“ she said. It was clear Ginga was still in need of some time to fully accept Maks… Him finding and safely returning Violet would certainly help.

Gypsy smiled. She had a feeling he would agree to that, if only to hold him a bit more accountable for his body’s naughty reactions to her now that they were a couple. It would be much harder… for the bear to get aroused in a public setting, at least that’s what they both figured. They hadn’t been around long enough to know about all of the times hanky panky had gone on in the dining room: from the time Rocky’s heat got the best of him and his urgency to mate with Rain right there on the table had caused the dining room to close for the remainder of the day… to couples sneaking under tables to tease their lovers discretely, playing games of ‘try to look normal and not moan.‘ Slowly, Gypsy moved to get off the bed. She was dressed in a pair of shorts, a comfy tank top under a light shirt that hung off one shoulder. She looked comfy and cute. “Ready to go when you are, then.“

Jin took the tray and set it on her lap, smiling at him as he had that glimmer of amusement in his eye. She noticed he’d ordered more than usual and, though it took her a moment, she figured out why. “I don’t know if I need all of that this early in…“ she said, though she might find herself surprised by how quickly her appetite would increase. It wasn’t like she had a single pup. She had triplets… and they were eager to get growing! She moved to start eating, her ears twitching happily as everything tasted just right… not a single scent in the room to turn her stomach.

Meeka walked with Frau and listened, smiling brightly, with all of the giddiness expected of a playful, innocent mink. She nodded eagerly. “This will be fun!“ she said with confidence, mostly because every time she got to do something with Frau, it was fun. The fact it involved getting her a dress that would make Daire’s heart ‘skip a beat’ was just a plus!

Cleo sat up slowly, rubbing her eyes sleepily as she listened to him speak. She looked at him. She remembered him talking about Meeka before… that she was… Daire‘s mate. But he seemed to make clear that if she agreed, she would only be meeting and spending time with Meeka and Frau and, maybe, another little potential friend named Baillie. She seemed timid and cautious about her decision, studying him quietly. “Do you think I should?” she asked him. If Ceil thought it was best that she try… she would try. She didn‘t realize how much she‘d probably end up enjoying it once she got comfortable with the others and realized she didn‘t have to worry.

Thayne smiled and nodded. “alright… let’s get you dressed, then,“ he said, needing to do the same. He moved to scoop her up, carrying her into the closet and sitting her down on the settee in there. “what would you like to wear?“ he asked.

Once Orrin finished, Ashe moved him up to carefully burp the sleepy foal, able to tell between the energy he’d burned earlier with Rumi and now having a full tummy, he seemed to be losing steam quickly. Meanwhile, Fio seemed to still have that gentle energy that was carrying her through a bit more than her brother. “There’s my good boy,” she said softly to him, humming a bit as she held him.

Fionnula touched Rumi’s face and made her little sounds, as though oooing and awwing over everything. She made another little bleat before that musical little giggle poured out of the fawn.

Rostan paused a moment and then started to laugh a bit. “I could see you being completely right about that,“ he said. Knowing Trilander, he’d be so oblivious to it, having never been outside of Lemuria until coming here… having no reason to venture beyond the safety of their submerged kingsom… So it was understandable that he simply forgot now and then that non-Lemurians tended to react differently to the naked form, let alone an impressive and aroused one! Even Lassa had been sent blushing, though that had mostly been at the realization that there was so much of Trilander and he had embraced her with all of it. In a sense, the little selkie was blushing over her ability to handle him, especially when he tended to be a lot of wolf for even Marin, who was more or less built to handle him, being of his own kind!

Lassa shook her head bashfully. “I’m okay,“ she said as she slid her tray onto her lap, letting go of the blanket she’d been hiding herself behind from whoever answered the door, so the fabric settled around the selkie’s waist. Fortunately for her, and not so much for him, Tri tended to find her blushing and innocence, even after all of the embracing they’d been doing, almost irresistible.

“I think we can do whatever we want,“ Odette said with a smile and waved over one of the girls to let them know, if possible, they’d happily change their orders to simply have more of the elvish crepes, if there were enough. The girl smiled and seemed happy to oblige. They had more than enough. “See? All you have to do is ask… and it’s always perfectly okay to ask anything,” she said, wanting Soliel to know that. This wasn’t like the Gladiators, where even asking a question could land you a date with the whipping post.

Vespa watched Haru head out to the kitchen. She opened the bag and pulled out a comfy, soft large tshirt and a pair of soft capris. She shifted a bit to get up, feeling a rush of wooziness coming over her almost the instant she stood. She caught herself and managed to pull off her clothes, letting them fall to the floor. She then leaned into the bed, getting her fresh clothes on. She then crawled onto the bed again and sighed as she sunk into it a bit, feeling so tired just from that effort. She drew a hand up in front of her, seeing the pulse of light in the roses that seemed to radiate softly under her skin, as though the roses could now resonate with just how pure she was in heart and, now, blood. They could use some time near the other flora to recharge after having given so much to her to help her heal as fast as she had thus far. Trait had suffered through his sleep and the most risky times much longer than vespa had, because Vespa had the roses….

“I would listen to her,” Sylar said, regarding Traya‘s recommendation, reciting the hymns of the Elves.

Sarah nodded and went to finally give the Miravanna orally to the patient, now that he seemed more docile and receptive of it. “I think it’ll take time,” she said as she screwed the dropped back onto the vial. She had a feeling with how close to the transition he’d been… it might take a couple of doses to really see the reversion back to himself… to see if the miravanna could cure him of it. “Thank them, Opal, and let them know we’ll be in touch about what happens.”

Spartan moved to kneel in place where he’d been doing push ups. She smiled over at her and nodded. “I’ll meet you there, then… it’s a date,“ he assured her.

Fortunately for Millie, although Cyan was off talking with Tera this morning, Indigo was working in the surveillance room, looking into how the breach regarding Vespa and Miharu had happened in the first place… why that corner of the barriers had been weak enough to permit Raiser to pull Haru through. Plus, since Zuri was off having breakfast with several of her sisters and Cinder, he preferred to be busy than to be bored without his girlfriend.


Mira mrowed and purred, but the moans were becoming drowned out by all of her rising kittenish sounds as she was becoming tighter and tighter on Koran, holding him more firmly inside of her and forming him to have to put more into each thrust just to keep moving. “K-Koran…” she mrowled, her claws trying to dig into the tiles of the shower wall in front of her, but unable to do so. Were she holding onto him, those claws would be likely biting into his back, heck… she might be giving him intense love bites as she was being way over stimulated by his length pounding into her at such a pace, making her body spasm over and over as she came for him. Were her tail dry as it whipped around behind her, it would be fluffed up as a telling warning to her climaxes!

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          Seda‘s body seemed to finally be calming with Ex‘s, though the mess they‘d made would require La‘Shire‘s magic to clean up once they moved off the bed… Of course, that wasn‘t going to happen just... more
          • Re: forgot DrakKari (Dim thru Trait) , Thu May 3 11:35pm
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              Pherenice nodded. "Mm he is…although at first we weren't…." She said pausing as she looked at the pancakes. "I have no memories of my past at all….and the little that has come back to me don’t feel... more
              • Re: forgot DrakAcerbus, Sat May 5 1:29pm
                Acerbus let Eros in to continue to relay the information he now had. The raven almost getting lost in what Eros was saying, knew of Twilight, a gargoyle, and same auras? He felt like he was getting... more
                • Re: forgot DrakKoran/Dkhoran, Sat May 5 4:18pm
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                  • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Orion thru Aspen), Sun May 6 5:52pm
                    Orion listened to Phere, giving her his full attention. Her remarks were a bit confusing, but… “Well, I wouldn’t worry too much. Memories have a way of coming back with time. Maybe there’s a reason... more
                    • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Sun May 6 5:55pm
                      Nikki smield and nodded a bit. “She was,“ she agreed. It didn’t worry her as much… knowing things had at least gone well with Sunny. She then paused, hearing the knock at the door. Breakfast had... more
                      • Re: forgot DrakKari (Dim thru Phere) , Sun May 6 9:20pm
                        Dim nodded. "I have been out of the loop for a while." he said in agreement then glanced at her arm and nodded. "I do." he said in agreement and without thinking reached up with his right hand... more
                        • Re: forgot DrakKari (Averie thru Haru) , Sun May 6 9:21pm
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                              With heated growls Koran finished his potent release, the excess of which was already washed away in the shower, it really was a blessing that La'shire ..cleaned up after them given how often he and... more
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