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Shiloh (Seda thru Venna)
Re: forgot Drak
Thu May 3, 2018 10:10pm

Seda‘s body seemed to finally be calming with Ex‘s, though the mess they‘d made would require La‘Shire‘s magic to clean up once they moved off the bed… Of course, that wasn‘t going to happen just yet, it seemed. Seda wasn‘t even sure she‘d have the strength in her legs to move at the moment. “Gods… Ex… that was… amazing…” she whined between heavy breaths and kisses with him, the two of them so lost in a sea of their tails.

Rain giggled a bit, no doubt sending vibrations all through his length as she had him in her mouth. She was far too focused on making him howl for her to care about the fact she‘d hardly gotten to eat breakfast. She said she was starting with dessert and she clearly meant it. She continued to rub the base of his tail with one hand while the other helped support her over his lap, her mouth and tongue quite skilled and eager, his scent flooding her senses.

Flurry blushed and returned the kiss, breaking it after a few moments, looking a bit flushed. “Dante… we should eat before it gets cold,” she said bashfully. It felt like it‘d be so easy to get carried away and let their meals go to waste!

Cinder’s ears twitched and her eyes were wide. She was getting more and more used to the quads colorful remarks, but… she still found herself surprised by it and often blushing because of it, though the blushing seemed to occur more around their questions and discussions about her and Agito’s sex lives and future pups. She nodded a bit to Marigold and then looked over at Blossom as she rose from the table, but didn’t say anything to her sisters. “Alright, then… we should sit and eat…” she said, hoping she would be able to get through breakfast with so many of Agito’s sisters there to keep her safe from over-eager males that were being drawn by her Allure. She then looked to Zuri a bit as she moved to sit down. “Uh… it’s called the Ardor Poppy. It’s supposed to hide the Allure, even though it won’t get rid of it entirely. At the very least it would make unattached males less aggressive in their interest…” she said, “I mean… supposedly. Like I said, we never had a reason to find it or try it,” she said.

Perry seemed a bit sad at the mention of his brother, but… at the same time… Diego had died rather nobly at the same time. He hadn‘t died a selfish death. At least he could leave Mary with that much and not disappoint her with another selfish choice like he‘d done to Flurry so much. He looked at Sally and smiled, nodding a bit. “You‘re awfully wise, Sally. Anyone tell you that?” he asked, pretty sure she must have heard it all of the time. He then chuckled as she giggled, catching onto what she found so funny. “Thanks for thinking that.”

Cyan shivered a little. “Things from those realms aren‘t ever supposed to make it into ours,” she said quietly. Demons were from that place where the darkest of dark things dwelled, beyond the realms of Dark Elves, Shadows and Gargoyles even… “I wish there was a way to help free them,” she said quietly about Sin and Saber.

Enola hardly had a chance to respond before their lips met and their tongues were dancing. She moaned into the kiss, shifting a bit more under Ko to hook her legs around his waist, her tails running over his body and one teasing the lynx‘s tail. She ran her hands up and down his back, giving him adorable, eager whines as her own hips ground back against his movements. She broke the kiss with a smile, “Already so excited,” she noted, able to feel him, of course she was one to talk as she was already wet with anticipation!

Ivy shivered and her body involuntarily moved against him in a motion that indicated the sensations went progressively up her spine as his fingers trailed along the full length of her tail, which was impressively longer than most lycan breeds. She blushed and shook her head a bit, “This ‘push‘ you need… does it have to be done in a special place?” she asked, running a hand down his back towards the base of his tail before playfully moving it around between them to run along his length instead with a teasingly light touch.

Sun gave Pat a look that he probably expected. He played dirty, though she understood why. She sighed and looked down at her belly, her hands resting on it. She slowly nodded her head. “Fine… but just a small snack,” she said, looking at him again. She‘d let him pick, because if he let her do it, she knew he wouldn‘t approve of what she‘d settle on.

Willa started with the lesson. She didn‘t seem to mind if it was just a class of one… that one student was always ready to embrace the knowledge she could offer.

Aura’s ears perked up a bit. She wasn’t sure through the closed door if she’d heard Archer or not, unaware how naughty his dreams were or how much his heat was kicking back in. She closed her eyes, relaxing and soaking her wings and her tails, letting the soothing waters help her recover. Even the heat of it against her breasts and her girlhood sent tingles through her. Archer certainly had that Bonobas heat streak!

Arielle watched Auel jump out of bed and stumble around to get dressed. “Isn‘t it worse to go into class this late?” she asked Auel as she sat on his bed without a stitch on her body. She shifted around to sit in a way that gave him a teasing glimpse between her legs. “You sure you don‘t want to try to recreate the sauna this morning?” she teased, obviously meaning the intense tie they‘d both experienced for the first and only time in the sauna. Ari took after her parents far too much, and if Rocky knew, he’d probably go into his Alpha father mode, despite the fact he and Rain were just as naughty.

Pepper had made sure she was well covered when Rev went to answer the door. It wasn‘t hard to know they‘d just finished their heat, the scents still in the room. La‘shire would take care of all of that once they headed out. She listened in surprised. Slate was here? He was willing to give Rev the Guardian magic? She was so confused. She then nodded to him. “O-okay…” she said to her husband before he left with Torrent. She‘d get cleaned up and dressed and head right out with what he needed…

Kia nodded some and moved to cuddle into Saber more. “I will as long as you‘re staying here,” she said. She‘d had a harder time resting when he left this morning to do a patrol to ensure her safety… she‘d woken from those awful dreams to him gone, fearing she‘d imagined that they‘d saved him and maybe he was still locked up somewhere trapped in that Hellcat…. But then he came back through the door and he was fine and she could feel relieved again. “And… maybe some food,” she added. She hadn’t eaten since the meal when he’d ingested the virus that let the Hellcat take control.

Julep was unable to hide the deep blush when he said that he liked what she was wearing, even blushing just at the fact he‘d looked her over like that. She dipped her head a bit to fight it off, managing a bit, then nodding. “True… well, okay. Uh… I can just go in this then. I guess others have gone in less appropriate things before,” she admitted. Hell, Rain and Rocky had mated on a table once… buck naked… so what was a pair of shorts, tank top and a light flannel? She tipped her head towards the direction of the kitchen and smiled, indicating she was willing if he still wanted to.

Simon shook his head a bit, trying to catch his breath and at a loss for words at the moment. “You… started it… being so noisy moaning for me… in your sleep,“ he finally quipped.

Venna’s attentions continued along Sai’s length as she moved her hand to pleasure him with it as her mouth and tongue focused on the sensitive tip, knowing how to get her fox’s tails dancing and his body weak with longing. Like she’d said, she knew well how to rub him the right way. Her soft sounds of enjoyment in her efforts were no doubt having an affect on him as well!

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                • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Sun May 6 5:55pm
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