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Kari (Pherenice thru Millie)
Re: forgot Drak
Thu May 3, 2018 11:36pm

Pherenice nodded. "Mm he is…although at first we weren't…." She said pausing as she looked at the pancakes. "I have no memories of my past at all….and the little that has come back to me don’t feel like my memories at all but something else entirely…" She said sadly. "It caused him a bit of grief….and yet he doesn't hold that against me at all." She looked over at Orion. "I wish…I could remember….I can't help but feel like my not knowing is going to get everyone hurt….and that troubles me the most."
Averie chuckled. "I have a feeling your right, she's still out cold I can hear her rumbling purrs in there…." He said amused with the idea. "Sunny was incredible with her." he said in agreement it was nice to know that they had someone they could trust. And he certainly understood now why Millie who said to trust very few with her son trusted Sunny. She was wonderful with the little ones.

Yuuri relaxed a bit as he said that. Her worry was a nagging one although Trait had named both her and Juno as Princess's of the castle and his little sisters. That NONE were to hold what Severin forced upon the girls against them….she still came across those who suffered losses because of him……and because of her. Just the other day a young family had gone for her through the father had learning that his child had been made to fight in the sklave fights while…the boy was more like 19 but still….Yuuri had been made to fight him to the death and she of course won….There were so many others. She leaned in and let her head rest against his forehead. "Okay." She said softly.

Fii chuckled. "Apples and Melons it is." He said as he held her letting her rest against him. "I was thinking since it's in season still Winter dusk melon." he said looking down at her. "It's that melon you've been wanting to try Tae called me earlier yesterday reserved one for us, for you. If you'd still like to try it." he said lightly. "I can ask her to make a melon and apple arrangement they'll keep and it's something you can munch on a little bit at a time."

Sable smiled and nodded as she licked her fingers clean having finished her pastry and nodded. "Alright. I'll go straighten up the kitchen, and then I'll be back to help you along." She said looking at her and smiling. "It'll be nice….to have the company." She said meaning she lived alone, it was meant more to make Bayla not feel like she was imposing on her family or anything although it might also make her nervous because well….they were dancing around there feelings for each other still.

Shale nodded. "Yeah I feel bad for the fool who frightens her." She said meaning anyone that frightened Vi look out. Juniper could be sweet just like Syao said and Nico know better then anyone. But she also had a red hot temper that ran bitter cold.

Juniper looked at Violet pulled back without turning. She had to approach this one carefully or spook the poor girl right back into the corner and that would get them no where. "Mmm Hank, I'm going to shift just a little bit to the side so I can introduce you and Princess Vi to him okay?" She said as she moved slowly so as to not startle the little one any further allowing Maks and Shale sitting on his shoulder to come into view. "Hank, Princess Vi, the handsome dhole standing here who can help is Maksim he's your big Sister Fauve's mate, and the little imp on his shoulder is Shale." She said not wanting to make it confusing with the complicated relationship they were in. It worked for them that was enough. "Hank can Maksim and Shale help you keep Princess Vi safe?" She asked gently. "Hank I can also give you the plate of Muffin's to take back for Princess Vi and her sisters how does that all sound?" She hoped Maksim picked up on it or and ironically it wouldn't bother her if the little one opened up a bit more to Maks.

Juniper looked up at Maks. "Hank has been a good little guardian keeping Princess Vi safe during her exploring the castle. But they got a bit turned around this morning, La'shire is a big place to learn."

Shale was utterly confused though as she realized….Juniper hadn't been talking to Violet this entire time she was talking to the stuffed animal….was there a reason for it? Other then Juniper sounding like she had lost her mind.

Fauve nodded. "I know Ginga." She said softly meaning Maksim finding her and bringing her back safe and sound and she also heard the terse notes in her sisters voice about Maksim. But….she could not really blame her.

Braska finished drying his hair and tossed the towel over the back of a chair in the room to dry he'd throw it in the hamper when they got back. He smiled as he looked at Gypsy. "Ready." he said he just hoped it would serve enough of a distraction to allow him to keep control. He had no idea it may just be the opposite happening in there this morning!

"Mm perhaps not." Keyon said easily as he looked at her. "But either way it's here if you do need it. After all you have three little Tassies that are going to be demanding a lot out of you for a bit." He said chuckling. "then they'll be demanding a lot out of us both but not after there momma gets a break." Keyon said warmly showing that he fully intended to take care of them as much as he could after they were born until she regained her energy and then they would be tackling the three pups.

Frau chuckled. "I'm certain it will be." She said as she walked with Meeka she enjoyed spending time with her. "Who knows maybe we'll be able to run into Baillie in the dinning hall and I can convince Thayne to let her join us?" She said looking at Meeka unaware that Daire had the foresight to call about Cleo figuring those three timid girls would be good for each other and Ceil agreed.

Ceil looked at her and smiled. "I do." He said gently. "I love you Cleo, and I want to see you happy I'm sure you'll love getting to spend the time with those girls and just get to be a pretty little Ermine and have fun today." He said brushing her cheek gently. "I'm certain you'll have a lot of fun." Daire would steer clear for Cleo's sake that and he didn't want to ruin the surprise of seeing Meeka in her dress or…for that matter have Frau smack him for ruining it. As gentle and warm as that woman could be she could smack one upside the head pretty hard, Liam would disagree but his friend had never done anything to irk Frau either!

Rumi caught the little foal falling asleep and chuckled. "Of course wild for daddy, an angel for his momma." He said chuckling then made another soft whickering sound for Fio she was enjoying playing like this and he had a feeling she'd be at it for a while but that was fine with him. Fionnula was having fun and she was so adorable this time period he knew regretfully would not last all that long.

River nodded. "I know." She said bemused. "Although honestly I somehow don't think the girls around here would be upset with any of the Sea-wolves forgetting the difference between here and Lemuria." She said shaking her head. "I get this feeling there trying to time it that way." She said chuckling.

Trilander all but groaned as it all but right to one spot. How she did this to him every time he was beside himself on but he moved and sat down taking his own tray and having to figure out how to work around his other hunger. He was managing to sustain from going and indulging in it. Mostly because he knew Lassa needed to eat real food. His wolfish hunger could hold off a bit.

Soliel nodded as Odette waved her over and did that and then looked down at the crepe again. "It's alright to ask…" She mused taking that into consideration as she ate her crepe a bit then looked up at Odette. "This place….there so much to learn….and yet….I find myself liking what I'm learning even if it is a bit confusing at times."

Haru finished putting everything away and then came back out seeing her sitting on the bed in the outfit she looked cute but he knew she was aiming for comfort. He walked up and saw the glowing lights and smiled. "There fully resonating with you now." he said softly as he looked at her and then gently lifted her up into his arms cradling her so her head rested against his shoulder. "The roses worked on healing you Vespa. They'll regain there strength in the garden's too. Ready?" He asked her gently.

Opal nodded to Sarah and then spoke. "Thank you King Sylar, Lady Traya, we'll continue to follow your instructions and let you know how the progress goes." She said bowing slightly to Sylar still being polite. Dark Elf or not….Opal tended to want to think of him as a Night Elf and not dark he was still much different then many others then again the Lemurian's were very different then anyone else she'd met as well. It was half the fun of working in La'shire.

"MMm Before you go Opal check back sooner then the instructions say…." Traya said pausing having eaten her way through half of the Crepe. "Even what we know is from the old hymns and records, but….I can't help there is something vastly different with this one then the one we know. Not bad….certainly not. If you can see Ethion from where you are….tell your princess Sarah to look for the Spiritus on the horizon…she'll understand." Traya said to the crystal and Sarah would as a child The spiritus was radiant not nearly like she is right now but not so dwindled as she had been. She had still cast her light into the sky but now….it was a radiant tower of solid light streaming from her to pierce the clouds a warning to the darkness it held no place here.

Silvi smiled. "See you then." She said nodding to him as she stepped out and then headed down the hall making her way to Altair and Yuna's room. At least she could end the kitten's boredom by taking her out to breakfast right? She would offer and had to wonder if she'd say yes.

Millie walked down the halls and then made her way into the surveillance room where Indigo was plugging away. "Indigo….might I trouble you for a moment of your time?" She asked as she entered the room. A Dream Lycan…or anyone for that matter who worked with the realm of dreams….her magic had been cut when she was sealed down by an immense amount broken it seemed to be regaining it's gusto.

  • Re: forgot DrakKari (Dim thru Trait) , Thu May 3 11:35pm
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            • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Sun May 6 5:55pm
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              • Re: forgot DrakKari (Dim thru Phere) , Sun May 6 9:20pm
                Dim nodded. "I have been out of the loop for a while." he said in agreement then glanced at her arm and nodded. "I do." he said in agreement and without thinking reached up with his right hand... more
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