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Re: forgot Drak
Sat May 5, 2018 4:18pm

The drachen couldn't possibly miss all the tells Mira was giving him through her body responses, her voice, the way her fingers were curling against the wall her tail's thrashing were all signs of his mates pleasure. That was of course ontop of how difficult she was making it for him to move with how tightly she was clenching around him, times like this he couldn't stop a small voice in his mind asking if some other mystians might get trapped in this situation!

Quelling that idle thought as he had far more intense things to worry about as his body responded so very naturally to Mira's climax by hilting himself all the way up inside and allowing himself to release his seed into his kitten filling her with that hot rush as he was milked for what he was worth!

Picking at the remains on his plate Drak paused for a moment frowning lightly at a thought '...I hope I don't interrupt anything..akward with my visit. As bad of shape as Miharu was in last night he is of my blood..and I know I've not let something minor like almost dying get in the way of my libido before' he idly mused with a wry grin. Still he took a few more minutes afterwards to finish his meal and drink before returning his dishes to the kitchen. Despite how stacked his plate had been when he left it was returned empty in an almost unhealthy short time!

  • Re: forgot DrakAcerbus, Sat May 5 1:29pm
    Acerbus let Eros in to continue to relay the information he now had. The raven almost getting lost in what Eros was saying, knew of Twilight, a gargoyle, and same auras? He felt like he was getting... more
    • Re: forgot Drak — Koran/Dkhoran, Sat May 5 4:18pm
      • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Orion thru Aspen), Sun May 6 5:52pm
        Orion listened to Phere, giving her his full attention. Her remarks were a bit confusing, but… “Well, I wouldn’t worry too much. Memories have a way of coming back with time. Maybe there’s a reason... more
        • Re: forgot DrakShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Sun May 6 5:55pm
          Nikki smield and nodded a bit. “She was,“ she agreed. It didn’t worry her as much… knowing things had at least gone well with Sunny. She then paused, hearing the knock at the door. Breakfast had... more
          • Re: forgot DrakKari (Dim thru Phere) , Sun May 6 9:20pm
            Dim nodded. "I have been out of the loop for a while." he said in agreement then glanced at her arm and nodded. "I do." he said in agreement and without thinking reached up with his right hand... more
            • Re: forgot DrakKari (Averie thru Haru) , Sun May 6 9:21pm
              Averie sighed softly at the knock on the door. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head a sort of silent promise there parting would be short. He got up and walked over as he pulled on a robe,... more
              • Re: forgot DrakKari, Sun May 6 11:37pm
                ((Occ: Lusus Naturae: Is a song from a Show Rwby. I'm borrowing pieces of it and reworking it because it fits Raiser. Lusus Naturae is Latin and roughly translates to 'Nature's Freak' and yeah. As to ... more
                • Re: forgot DrakKoran/Dkhoran, Mon May 7 12:00pm
                  With heated growls Koran finished his potent release, the excess of which was already washed away in the shower, it really was a blessing that La'shire ..cleaned up after them given how often he and... more
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