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Shiloh (Orion thru Aspen)
Re: forgot Drak
Sun May 6, 2018 5:52pm

Orion listened to Phere, giving her his full attention. Her remarks were a bit confusing, but… “Well, I wouldn’t worry too much. Memories have a way of coming back with time. Maybe there’s a reason they’re not back yet. Maybe you’re meant to make new ones first,“ he added with a smile. He then shook his head. “Eros isn’t the sort to hold anything against anyone. He goes with the flow. Kind of a requirement when you’re different in a place like this,“ he said simply then paused. Orion looked at Pops as he returned from the kitchen and took a seat at the bar with them. He nodded a bit. “I was hoping maybe you’d let me rent a room for a while here. Things are getting a little too… charged… at the family perch,“ he noted.


Eros nodded a bit. He felt somewhat concerned, still, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Delilah.

“Was there something else, Eros?“ she asked, moving around beside Acerbus.

“What if I led him back here from… from Aeon,“ Eros finally asked. He thought he’d been so careful. He had been certain nothing had followed him from his reconnaissance mission. Nothing seemed to set off the lanterns or make them react as they’d been shown they would were someone of malcontent to try to pass by their perimeter. It was, perhaps, the only reason he trusted Dimael to be, as he said, an agent of assistance and not to do harm.

“From what you’ve told us, I have a feeling he was here before you came back, Eros,“ Del said, looking at Acerbus a bit. “If there’s some sort of connection between him and Twilight, I have a feeling she’ll be able to confirm that,“ she said, though unaware that Twilight had indeed had some sense of something nearby for a while now… and yet it wasn’t something that startled her or made her feel unsafe. It was quite the opposite, in fact. Dimael had been around, watching from afar and not making himself known for a couple of weeks at least. “We should probably leave her a message before you go down there,” she added to Acer. As much as she knew he hated to think about the fact Twilight and Jupiter might be… enjoying each other’s company… his baby sister was married now and it was simply wise to forewarn her of their arrival than to show up and interrupt something that would make them all uncomfortable!

Twilight broke the kiss with a little involuntary coo. They were never forced. They just always seemed to happen with Jupiter. He could get her to make them so easily. She shifted a bit to get a tad more comfortable on him now that he was sitting up more, moving up and kissing him again. She didn’t feel much like moving from the bed at the moment and, after how exhausted her visions made her yesterday, she just wanted to enjoy the morning with Jupiter, able to feel him slowly loosening up after all of the concern he’d had yesterday and last night. If there was one good thing she hoped came out of going to Aeon… she hoped it would help her control her gifts, so Jupiter could stop worrying all the time and they could just go back to being more carefree.

“You don’t have to try so hard,” koi noted before leaning over his shoulder a bit to kiss his cheek. “You just naturally do the right things with me, Mars,” she added. “I love you for you, and you’re already amazing to me,” she cooed. She was marry her best friend and they’d already seen each other at their best and worst because of that… knew each other oh so well… and she couldn’t help but think that helped in how good and enviable their relationship was.

Vera smiled and nodded a bit. “Well, you won’t have to worry about that much,“ she said. “I’ve been away from that place for well over a month now… I have to wonder how much it’s changed…“ she noted. She hadn’t been back since Severin’s defeat, before the Abyss began to gain strength and so many refugees of Raiser’s attacks found their way to La’Shire, which had grown in size substantially to accommodate, which was impressive since it’d already been of considerable size. She looked over at Crys and Dim talking in the dark corner of the tavern section of the Inn. “I wish I knew what was bothering her,“ she said. She’d become good friends with Crys since coming here… and of course she could pick out the girl’s feelings regarding Eros… and she’d tease lightly, but never push her. But there was something more happening today… unaware of the mark on her arm or her concerns over figuring out its purpose on top of everything else going on for Crys at the moment.

Soraya turned a bit when Abbadon approached Donovan with that question. The raven’s response concerned her a bit. “Have you considered asking the Avion alliance for additional support until you get your ranks where they need to be?“ she asked, although… granted… all of the Avion nations which remained were suffering the same way against these new threats and traveling had become risky. She then looked over at the guards returning. “So soon?” she repeated, looking back Donovan. “Does that mean they’ve found something to report?” she asked, figuring that would be the only reason to return quickly. She then looked back out into the forest, her eyes narrowing and her feathers ruffling slightly, the golden edges steeling a bit as she was beginning to feel justified in her remarks about feeling like something was out there…

Sandy looked at Panro, sitting back on his lap a bit, her hands resting on his shoulders, kneading them lightly as she was obviously very happy and enjoying every moment with Pan. She couldn’t seem to stop the heavy, happy purrs as she breathed, looking at Pan with those large, loving eyes. “But… we’ve waited this long…“ she said, her voice tremulous from the purrs.

Saffy smiled at that mischievous, playful smirk on her boyfriend’s face as he spoke. “Oh… well, aren’t you accommodating,“ she teased softly, giving him another kiss. “I wouldn’t mind that agenda,“ she returned. He seemed content to go out and enjoy some of the sunshine today… and then Duncan would go get some work done while she met with a client for their appointment… but tonight it sounded like they’d be spending it together in the Archives… ensuring that not all of Duncan’s time down there would be doing work, obviously!

Blake rose an eyebrow at Horace’s remarks before he was cut off being introduced to Serg. Blake knew Horace was a smart kid… he just needed to see that his father’s idea of honor and the idea shared by others on what was honorable and respectable… were very different things. His only goal here was to broaden Horace’s view on the world. The young raven hadn’t been anywhere but Unkindness… but La’Shire was now home to races from all over, working together, respecting each other. Princes and Kings, Alphas and Betas, Knights and soldiers, highly revered Demi-Deities like the Luminara and Lumina, and those who were of modest living with no noble heritage all lived together here with respect for all, humility and little visible differences in their treatment. These were things Horace had to see to understand how much bigger things were than what Helios would have him know.

Blake nodded to Serg. “Well then, let’s begin our rounds, hmm?” he asked both Horace and Serg.

Nascha had made it to the dining room and picked out the table she, Mela and Sally usually met at. She spotted Mela coming into the dining room and smiled, waving her over. Sally was more than likely on her way, closing in with Perry, who would excuse himself from being her escort once they arrived.

Juno blushed a bit as he pulled her into him and kissed her. She closed her eyes and returned the kiss. Torin had a way of making her mind go completely blank for a moment, all of those thoughts swirling in her head about her nightmare and her father… they were all blown away seemingly in an instant when she was kissing Torin. She settled in against him, hugging to him as she let herself get lost in the kiss.

Garand kept his distance as Lana and Fang spoke with each other.

Aspen smiled and managed somehow to withhold the chuckle he felt in his chest, not wanting to make Tria feel embarrassed about her rambling. He found it cute. “Hey, to me… that just means you’re feeling all the right things,“ he said, meaning he’d expect her to be nervous and happy and anything in between. Heck, he felt it too. Aspen always had a worry that he wasn’t worthy of the amazing tigress… that they’d get all the way to the ‘I dos’ and she’d figure it out and call it all off. It was an empty fear, considering how much they’d been through together and the fact she was still eager to marry… but… until they’d done it, he’d still have knots in his stomach over it. Normal nerves… He’d probably find Fang later to talk to him about it, to get a bit of peace of mind it would all be fine. These were normal fears.

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