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Shiloh (Nikkala thru Mira)
Re: forgot Drak
Sun May 6, 2018 5:55pm

Nikki smield and nodded a bit. “She was,“ she agreed. It didn’t worry her as much… knowing things had at least gone well with Sunny. She then paused, hearing the knock at the door. Breakfast had arrive. She sighed a bit, knowing Averie would get up to get the door and have to leave her side, even just for a little while.

“You believe me, right?“ Senn asked, looking into her eyes as she have rested her forehead against his. He rubbed her back gently, able to hear the softness in her voice, like she was uncertain. “what you had to do to survive, Yuuri… is not who you are. I know who you are. Everyone here has seen who you are… and you are a beautiful, smart, loving girl who stands up for what is right… You’re everything my family would love to have marry into it,“ he said with a smile.

Topaz listened as he offered up breakfast suggestions to her. She nodded a bit. “Yeah.. I’d… still like to try it,“ she agreed, in reference to the winter dusk melon he’d had set aside in the kitchen for them. The foods would be easy on her tummy and would last so she could munch on them throughout the day… until her tummy got deeper hunger pains, if it did. “Do you think those berries might help?“ she asked him. The golden berries he’d given her early on in their relationship to help lower her stress so she could follow her heart more than her head, quell some of her fear-driven inhibitions, so she could be open and honest about how she was feeling about them. She hadn’t needed them more than that once, to let her cross the threshhold with him and open herself up to more steps in their relationship, but they did help lower her stress… and stress was something she felt a lot of since finding out she was pregnant… and until she became comfortable with the idea nothing bad would happen, they might help keep her stress in a safe range… She knew Fii didn’t like giving them to her, but… a couple to help keep her anxieties down might not hurt until she got more confident in what was happening to her.

Bayla smiled back when Sable said she’d go tidy up the kitchen and leave a note for Kei and Naiya, then they could head out. Bayla took a breath, managing to hold back a blush when Sable said it’d be nice to have the company. She nodded a bit as she slid her tray away some. “Thank you,“ she said, knowing Sable intended to take it with her, so they wouldn’t leave dirty dishes for Kei and Naiya… who likely wouldn’t be down from their antics any time soon. Even through the sound-blocking spells Aiyan had put on the room when he was living here, you could hear the growls and moans. It was pretty clear Kei was in full tiger form this morning with his teasing Nymph. Once Sable was the leave the room, Bayla would let herself blush like a fiend over what was happening… She was going to be staying with Sable… She’d have to be sure to get a message to her father and sister to let them know she was okay, but would be staying a while longer. No doubt Arieta had notified Grey Pine and Coralbelle that she was okay and in good hands.

Maks nodded a bit to Juni, understanding where she was going with this. After all, he had sisters back home, some as young as the twins were… As Juni stepped aside just enough to let Vi see him and Shale and to introduce them, he smiled, slowly crouching down, not getting any closer. “Hey… Hank… Could you let Princess Violet know that I was sent to find her by Fauve and I’d love to bring her back to her?“

Vi watched between Juni and Maks and Shale, her eyes darting around… her ears not hearing everything because her little heart was pounding so badly. But then… the dhole got down on her level like Juniper had. His sleeves were rolled up, exposing marks on his forearms, symbols of his station in his pack as a warrior… and the same symbols that had been on his medallion he’d given to Fauve to wear. She looked up at Maks and her ears lifted a bit as she lowered Hank a little to show her face more.

Maks smiled. She looked so much like a little Fauve… she was adorable. Reminded him so much of Sassa and Finna… and he couldn’t help but imagine she and Aster would have a ball playing with his little sisters as well up North.

“You’re Fauve’s hero?“ she asked in a small voice, instead of manipulating Hank to answer.

“Uh… well… I wouldn’t say --“ Maks didn’t see himself that way, nor did he know Fauve had described him in a way Vi would understand, like the hero from her fairytale books. Of course, he had rescued Fauve from town twice, had saved her in many ways, according to how she would tell it… but to call himself a hero wasn’t something he found comfortable, though Juniper or Shale might oblige.

Ginga sighed heavily and looked around the room and then back at Fauve. “I just… I did everything I could to keep them safe and the moment I get them here…“ She felt like she’d let her guard down and now Vi was who knows where, probably scared and lost… She’d struggled for a year in Fauve’s absence to protect them and repeatedly felt like she failed, because their treatment by Ravina just got worse and worse, no matter how many times Ginga threw herself into the line of their mother’s fire… That was why she’d left… to find Fauve… to end this somehow. And it was over, but Ginga couldn’t help but feel she should have noticed Vi getting up and leaving… And now, instead of them out there looking for her, it was Maksim…

Gypsy smiled and nodded. “Come on… let’s go,“ she said, making her way to the door and opening it to head out with him. She just didn’t know that they’d most likely run into their Twilos companion, Taupe, who was probably one of the most sexually frustrated girls in the castle right now. Perhaps because she was too pushy or because she preferred men who were already in relationships. The peacock hated when he appearance didn’t get her all of the attention she wanted. And it wasn’t lost on Gypsy that Taupe had previously flirted with Braska… or that she’d probably noticed something changed between them when they came to Fii’s aid the other day.

“Three little ones and one big one,” Jin corrected with a playful smile before she started to eat. There was no hiding the fact that Keyon had no intentions of not embracing his wife, even with pup! As last night very well proved. They‘d waited a long time to be together and they were going to enjoy it as much as possible. “Well… I‘m glad to hear that bit,” she added after swallowing, meaning that Keyon intended to tend to the pups as much as possible while she recovered once they were born. “Of course, we won‘t be doing it alone. I imagine Aussie, Rhys, Shasta and Vani will insist,” she added, since they would all probably be quite eager to help with the pups. Vani, who had lost a previous family, would probably be delighted to spend some time helping out with Shasta… and no doubt Rhysaire would have a soft spot to dote on her future nieces and nephews… whatever they turned out to be!

Meeka looked up at Frau and smiled. “Baillie?“ she repeated. She hadn’t actually gotten to see or play with her friend in about a week. Apparently, Baillie had gone through a heat that kept her and thayne fairly busy, but that was over now and she seemed excited by the prospect that Baillie might join them. “I hope,“ she said with another smile, “I’d like that.“

Thayne walked with Baillie to the infirmary after they’d both gotten dressed. He noticed she was still feeling discomfort from the swinging of her tail as she walked and moved to pick her up, cradling her in his arms carefully, minding her tail. At least it would keep her from letting it swing freely behind her and causing her more pain until he could get something to treat the ache… “Won’t be long, Baillie. I promise,“ he said as they headed into the general office where they’d probably find Menda, the kangaroo mouse preferred by Baillie, perhaps because her small, unimposing stature.

Cleo listened and watched Ceil, his smile setting her at ease. The prospect of being out and about without him close by was intimidating, but… she would try if Ceil thought it best. “Can I… choose… after I meet them?“ she asked in a small voice. She didn’t want to commit to it right now. She wasn’t sure if she’d feel safe or comfortable with others she’d never met, especially knowing Ceil didn’t plan to be with them… Odds were, from all he’d heard… he’d know that Cleo would feel better upon meeting Frau, who would probably not fail to make the girl feel safe. The hardest challenge would be Cleo getting over the scent of Daire on Meeka, since the mink hadn’t washed up from their evening together before leaving with Frau… but Frau’s magic might help with that, too… it’d also spar Meeka stares from the fact she’d obviously been mating and walked around with the scent like it was a badge of honor! Which to Meeka, it was, but to males, it might give them the wrong idea and invite advances.

Ashe looked at Rumi and smiled, stifling a laugh so as not to disrupt Orrin’s nodding off. “Well… fortunately for you, it seems our daughter is far more interested in playing with her daddy,“ she said with a smile. Fio had been quiet and sleepy in her mommy’s arms, but seemed to be far more energetic and playful with Rumi, even in her quieter and more reserved personality than her brother’s spirited desires to run around. Fio gave rumi another happy giggly bleat as she held onto his finger with both of hers now.

Ros laughed a bit and nodded. “So true… I have a feeling they’re taking turns going to Tri’s room these days. I’m pretty sure Marin answers the door mostly when she’d there with him,“ he said, knowing the girl would be far more likely to blissfully disappoint the girls. Even in Lemuria, her interlude with Trilander had happened privately behind a locked door. Lemurians embraced and lauded over intimacy between mates, especially those of figureheads in their kingdom, and nudity was not looked upon as anything unusual… but Marin was unusually private about it, only sharing Trilander with Thalassa. But with Lassa, he knew Tri would always be getting the door so the innocent, shy selkie would stay cozy in bed… thus the staff would be more competitive over who got to go to his room when it was known he was with his younger, selkie mate. “They’ll get their eyeful, but that’s all. Lemurians are generally monogamous. They only desire those who hold their Gaze. Trilander is… an odd case… to have two girls holding his Gaze. I guess it’s something his family has always experienced. It’s pretty rare, though.”

Lassa didn’t realize that even the littlest things like letting the blanket settle around her hips, leaving her half-exposed, her innocence and blushing all seemed to trigger Trilander and enhance his ‘hunger.‘ She noticed he stood there for a moment, watching her, making her blush further, unaware how hard he was trying to curtail his longings. She watched him finally sit and smiled at him. “Thank you…“ she said, meaning for breakfast, even that extra potato patty on her plate she wasn’t sure she’d be able to eat, but would probably surprised herself after all of the activity between them and the discovery she was with pup.

Odette nodded with a smile as soliel repeated the statement as though to reinforce it with himself. “There is… but it’ll come easier if you don’t over think it. And if you’re not sure if something is okay, it’s alright to ask. Anyone here will be happy to let you know it’s probably fine.“

Sarah had heard the message already, as she wasn’t all that far from where Opal stood. She pocketed the Mravanna vial while the patient was resting now. She’d check back in on him with the next dose sooner than the instructions originally indicated, trusting Traya’s suggestion. She moved out of the room, wanting to find a window facing to the East where she knew the Druid lands and the village of Ethion laid a fair ride from them.

Yuna had eventually dressed in a cute little white sundress covered in pretty pink flowers. She sat on Altair’s bed with a couple of the books with pretty colorful pictures in them, looking through them. Some of them he read to her often and she hoped maybe she could learn the words from memory and understand which ones were which… but the kitten was feeling confused and frustrated in her solo efforts to learn to surprise Altair… her head starting to hurt… unaware Silvi was on her way.

Indy turned in his chair when the door opened. There was a short list of those with access to the room, so he wasn’t surprised to see Millie. The Liger nodded a bit. “Uh, of course, Princess Millie,“ he said, gesturing for her to come in, Cyan’s seat empty beside him. “What can I help you with?“ he asked, a large viewing screen spanning the entire wall in front of him, so he could watch multiple cameras on it, enlarge any he wished to see clearer, or could interact with the crystal’s information system, which was what Millie was mainly here for.

Vespa looked to the flowers again as she sat up when Haru came back into the room to get her. She nodded a bit and smiled. “Good…“ she said when he mentioned that the gardens would help the roses, too, especially since they’d given so much of their strength to her to help hasten her own recovery to this point. From here on out, Vespa just needed time and Miharu to feel better. She shifted a bit as he picked her up, resting against him. “Ready,“ she agreed quietly, unaware Dkhoran would be coming around to check on Miharu and, perhaps, now that she was no longer a threat to Miharu… he’d even be checking in on her, too. She’d never actually formed a relationship with Miharu’s father, mostly because she’d been conditioned to avoid him and secondly because Dkhoran always looked at her like she shouldn’t be here, specifically she shouldn’t be around Miharu… It would make it hard for Vespa to feel like he’d ever accept her, even now.

Mira’s tail whipped around, fully saturated with water, flinging the water every which way in the shower, even as it slapped against Koran’s back now and then. She was up on her tiptoes in the shower, letting out a series of mrowls and mews as she felt Koran’s release. It was always far too much for her to take, which made it far more convenient to play in the shower! Even though plenty escaped from the force, the Fine Fur’s body seemed to continue to eagerly coax more from him, her claws making little squeaking sounds against the tile as she let Koran hold her up so she wouldn’t slip as her legs were feeling fairly weak after that climax. She also could feel… it might not be the only one he had this morning. Koran’s libido rarely quieted after one go! Especially when Mira’s body was so receptive! “Kor… Kor…an…” she purred breathlessly.

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