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Averie sighed softly at the knock on the door. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head a sort of silent promise there parting would be short. He got up and walked over as he pulled on a robe, not matter what the girls thought they'd see he'd not give them a special showing. Pulling it closed he stepped up and opened the door so as to block any view as he always did of Nikki. "Thank you." he said lightly to the girl who smiled and nodded handing over the cart. Averie closed the door and then pushed the cart….his arm ached. He knew it was healing it was slow but if the burns got worse or didn't begin to lesson he'd go see Sarah. Right now he just hoped it was the ache of the strain of the multiple magic's that had been running through him the night before. He knew the threat of Raiser was gone but that didn't mean he still didn't have something to heal from.

"I believe you." she said in answer to him a firmness in her voice that let him know she did believe him. She sighed as she shifted down to let her head rest against his chest. "There's this refugee family here….they found out that there son was made to fight in the Sklave battle's against me to the death. The father was so angry….I know who he was….that boy he had been about 19….I didn't have the heart to tell them that the conditioning broke his mind….his eyes were like there was no one home…I remember them all Senn….every single life I've ever had to take there….there faces the condition they were in…." Yuuri took a deep breathe. "I know I'm not that person, I like who I am when I'm with you."

Fii nodded. "I'll place the call once we're done here." he said in agreement and paused when she mentioned the golden berries. His ears turned back a bit as he thought about it weighed it. He knew in his own right why she was asking. She wanted to reduce her stress as much as possible so as to not loose or risk their baby. "Alright." he said softly but there was no tension in his voice when he agreed as a part of the medical team he weighed why she was asking and what they were used for. He reached up into his hair he kept those seeds behind his ear the vine twirled around a few strands. Reaching his hand down he opened it before her three small golden berries sat in his palm. "For now. But I'm going to check if there is a tea or something to help reduce stress….these can become addicting if taken to much. " He said gently letting her know why he hesitated to give them out. "But…for now they'll help until we can find something to replace it that works just as well." His love and concern for her and there baby. They were safe but they were habit forming. Could be addicting if taken too much. She had her stresses and worries and this was adding to them and without her normal outlets her sparring with Yuuri she had no way to get rid of it in a healthy fashion. He couldn’t deny her any way to taking her stress down he just had no idea Tae had a tea that would help greatly with that.

Sable smiled as she took the tray and nodded. "Just get some rest for now. I'll be back in a bit." She said gently. She walked out and began to clean up the kitchen having closed the door to the room Bayla was in but glanced up and sighed as she could hear and smell what they were up to. "Spiritus I know love is celebrated but….please a little help?" she said and the room was bathed in a soft glow dulling the scents downstairs considerably. "Thank you." She said softly as she went to work cleaning up it might surprise Bayla though that she could no longer hear Kei's growls as Spiritus took pity on the girls and gave them a reprieve.

Shale chuckled. "Oh Maks you are far too humble." she said as she wrapped her tail about him playfully and then looked at Vi.

Juniper smiled as she looked at Maksim. "Yes." She countered Maksim. "He is Fauve's hero." She said gently looking at Violet. "He's the prince from the north who rescued her." She said picking up on how Fauve would have described her boyfriend to a little girl. In a way that gave her warmth and belief that there was still good in this world. "But he's the sort who doesn't boast about what he does or calls himself a hero. To him saving and helping others is the right thing to do." Juniper said gently looking at Violet seeing her open up and speaking.

Shale tipped her head and lifted her large floppy ears. "Bashful." She teased gently to Maksim.

Fauve shook her head and then moved and hugged her. "Ginga don't you get it." She whispered. "I was only able to come back and help them because you kept them safe." She said softly. "You protected them Ginga." She said softly but firmly. "When we found them I was so thankful to see you had kept them safe…knowing what you went through to do it." she said and she tried to hide it but her own shoulders trembled not shook but trembled she hadn't been there….for that year. Everything those three had gone through because she wasn't there. "I'm the one who failed Ginga not you."

Braska nodded as he followed her to the door and out heading down the hall towards dinning hall. He walked with Gypsy his thoughts on how to keep the bear inside of him a good boy. So much so that he failed to notice Taupe standing there her tail feathers fanning out and down as she glared down the hall ahead of them in a different direction irritated at another male who shot her down.

Keyon nodded. "For sure. I think Aussie said Rhys said she used to take care of the others where she was kept the little ones they brought in." He said shaking his head. "She's so sweet….it's hard…to think about the lives they were forced to live…I just want to give them nothing but reasons to be happy going forward you know?" He said looking at her. He had no idea…."I don't know about Vani's past before meeting Shasta."

Frau nodded. "Yes" She said warmly looking at her. "I have a feeling they'll be out and about and I might be able to talk Thayne into parting with her a bit for some much needed girl time." She said chuckling and smiling and Meeka would understand because Thayne was a lot like Daire he doted on Baillie like Daire doted on Meeka.

Baillie had been trying to tough it out but when Thayne noticed and picked her up careful of her tail she sighed relaxing a bit. "Thank you." She said softly. Then her ears turned down.

"Aye now….what be bringing ye two here don'cha know?" Menda asked as she bounded up to them landing on the desk and Baillie giggled.

"Menda!" She said happily she didn't mind the little kangaroo mouse she wasn't scary.

"Aye Baillie." Menda said with a light wink. "What be bringing you here kitten don'cha know?" She asked and Baillie giggled again she got a kick out of al the don'cha know's.

"I fell in the tub while taking a bath…..and landed on my tail…." She said frowning as she thought about the sore spot.

"Aye now did ye?" Menda said shaking her head. She glanced at Thayne. She knew he knew enough to be able to tell if she dislocated it or just bruised it really good. "Bruised or dislocated don'cha know?" She asked moving up to where they were and looking at her. But waiting for Thayne's answer.

Ceil nodded. "Of course." he said smiling. "You can meet them and if you want to come back we will." he said gently. He sat beside her and smiled running his fingers soothingly through her hair. "But it makes me happy your willing to meet them Cleo. I feel better knowing your willing to try to make friends it's….not easy at first being nervous is normal." He said gently knowing why she was asking to make up her mind after she was nervous and worried. But he wanted her to know that was totally normal. "Everyone feels nervous meeting others for the first time."

Rumi chuckled and looked at Ashe. "Indeed but that's alright I don't mind playing with her a bit." He said as he glanced down at Fio. He made a whining sound and smiled as he knew she'd playfully make a sound back to him. She seemed quiet happy to play this little game with him.

River laughed as he said that and shook her head. "Indeed." She said as she leaned there and tipped her head. "Marin always seemed to hold different traditions then everyone else. She's certainly thrown enough shifts at me without looking at me when I was called before Corbin for different things." River said as mercarians didn't really own clothing. It was hard having a fin to make clothing. "So do you think they draw straws on days they figure our Prince is with Lass?" She asked playfully thinking about the way the girls would figure out who got to go and get a glimpse of the wolf made of 'light' as they whispered about him around here.

Trilander was trying so hard to keep control as he sat down. "You're welcome." he said hearing the deep heavy husky notes of his own voice and mentally sighed. That was not helping any and he knew it. She'd probably blush more and he'd get wound up more…..wanting to be with his sweet gentle Selkie certainly didn't settle down any finding out she was with pup.

Soliel nodded. "I'll take your word for it. It's…nice though being able to make choices and learn things." She said as she took another bite of the Elvin Crepe and chuckled. "This place is huge….and it's growing lately how anyone doesn't spend there entire time lost…"

Opal looked at the patient seeing him much calmer already. She blinked though as she swore she saw areas of his skin….starting to light up a little as if a faint glow was working it's way towards the surface thinking she was seeing things she shook her head as it wasn't that bright at all just barely there like a very dim flashlight. She walked out behind Sarah closing the door behind her. She followed behind her curious as to what Traya had meant about going to see….in the direction of Ethion but she wasn't as old as Sarah as knowledgeable…nor did she know as Sarah had the fading of the Spiritus's light over the years or what sight would great Sarah once she found the view she was looking for.

Silvi walked down the halls thankfully it wasn't that far away and up to the door knocking on it. She just hoped she didn't spoke for frighten the kitten. And if Yuna would be okay with joining her for breakfast. She really did want to talk to the little one about adopting her.

Millie walked in and joined him taking Cyan's empty seat as she joined him in the room. "MM I was wondering if anyone who recently came to the castle has power over Dreams." she said folding her hands on her lap. "I was hoping if anyone could help me find someone who does…it would be here."

Haru smiled and walked out of the cottage and once outside he paused a moment….the gardens weren't overrun yet….but the flowers had really….grown. They were larger then when he arrived and the colors far more vibrant and lush. Hopefully his father wouldn't just about die he had spent the first hour last night begging the plants to not….run wild with there growing and overrun there flower beds. They finally listened and instead opted to take and cycle the energy to become larger and more vibrant hues then they were originally…so far. He walked through the paths to the outdoor fold out bed, the plants reaching out for them. He glanced at one of them. "Patience….we'll be out here a while." He said gently and the plant pulled back instead of grabbing ahold. He walked out to the fold out bed and watched as flowering plants helped him unfold the bed so that they could lay down on it. Once he set her down and joined her they twirled up around the pillars and fell down the only plant running 'wild' but….he just hoped he could convince it later to recoil unless his dad was okay with the look. It was only the vining plants around the base of the gazebo that had danced about the lattice work adding a bit of ambiance to it. If not he'd speak with them and get them to go back to where Drak was comfortable with them. He knew his dad cherished this garden and truly wanted not harm to come to the plants either.

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