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Sun May 6, 2018 11:37pm

((Occ: Lusus Naturae: Is a song from a Show Rwby. I'm borrowing pieces of it and reworking it because it fits Raiser. Lusus Naturae is Latin and roughly translates to 'Nature's Freak' and yeah. As to the being be male or female not sure…….or name yet……..but it's to move the dark forces along a bit. ))

Raiser walked down the halls of her castle having left Wrath presumably asleep after a night….of fun. She had not the power before but had distilled and refined a bit of the essence left inside of the flower Wrath had found from the Esper. She found it a bit of bitter sweet irony that the magic pure and unrefined of D'joran would allow her to pull her most….prized creation from Najartrina. The fools thought the furies were what they had to fear. This one was her favorite by far. Nothing….had been able to stop her most what would they call it vile creation? Nothing except….one Gatekeeper. It had made it's way through all of the others. If they would not become furies they were slaughtered. The battle with that last one…though had been intense dark and incredible…..and it failed. The gatekeeper had been around for a while for sure living in the world of light so she barely paid him any heed. Her mistake….although the wounds it gave the gatekeeper forced him to eventually return to Najatrina to lick his wounds….wounds received in his home lands fighting to stop her most precious creation. And yet in the end he failed to kill it. Instead….he sealed it deep within the ruined lands. He must have felt confident in just sealing it away. It….she supposed because when she reformed it she had no idea what gender it would decide to take.

Raiser stood in her black grown the hem of it swirling about her on the floor she held out her hand and looked down at the swirling back void she had ripped into this world beneath the black mountain where she slowly pulled fury after fury. But this….this would allow her to pull it. She smiled rather cruelly as she stood above the swirling darkness. Then invoked three of the four hymns of Rohdorn almost laughing as she could feel the Night elves Ancient's fury at her gross abuse of his powers again. She could no longer invoke the full hymn because that cursed Elvin queen had managed to pull the first verse from her. "Writhe Rohdorn in knowing your power helps me concur your world." She said laughing as she held the flower out.

"A mystery of blood and bone, Soul-less origins unknown. Mindless born of swirling darkness, Intelligence I will infuse. A curse upon the world but you precious are mine. I will rise you up the perfect beast, elevate the savage fury beneath. Awaken my Precious General Created in a netherworld today you will rise. I've restored your life, my Lusus Naturae….Open your eyes, Into this realm of light you are called. I'm your Ancient, and I will make you grow, You're my own precious blood. Come my Lusus Naturae….devour all that is light. Come….and reclaim your life…" Raiser chanted in an ancient language born of the Abyss….tipping the vial as she did spilling the liquid into the darkness and watching it swirl and grow at first it seemed to form nothing but a dark mound stretching straight up…..before it seemed to break a hand was reaching up into the air…….Her most perfect creation the only Fury to ever be created that looked just….like every other Mystrian. She was curious though what form it would take……Wither Male or female. "Come dear child…the one who silenced you yet still lives….his life is yours to keep…" she said the last Gatekeeper…….."But I need him alive my precious one…I need him to open the Worlds Gate…..other then that….the feathered beast that would slay you is yours to play with and to keep…." She said to the darkness as she watched the fingers move slowly the figure was immerging.

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