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Re: forgot Drak
Mon May 7, 2018 12:00pm

With heated growls Koran finished his potent release, the excess of which was already washed away in the shower, it really was a blessing that La'shire ..cleaned up after them given how often he and Mira mated! With his hands firmly grasping Mira's waist to keep her supported he pulled himself out of his stimulated kitten, his need still standing proudly to attention as he coaxed her to slowly turn around to face him in the shower with his length sliding between her legs once more. " always make me feel so..wonderful Mira.." he rumbled huskly as he leaned down to give her a loving kiss, despite how vigorously he mated with her just now the kiss had been a deep loving one. His eyes glinted playfully "I fear I'm going to have to keep you here a little longer" he teased as he hinted towards going another round!

Having left the kitchen, Drak made his way out to the training yard now feeling quite a bit more invigorated after the hearty breakfast, the old Puree would always be thankful for human bodies when it came to maintenance, needing so little food to feel full was a blessing compared to having to eat whole animals as a dragon. It was faster...and to be completely honest much more appealing to the taste buds!

Entering the training yard he entered the runic transport ring mentally activating it as he did, the runes flaring to life both in the yard and out at his sanctuary the flair of magic likely warning Miharu and Vespa of his impending arrival!

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    ((Occ: Lusus Naturae: Is a song from a Show Rwby. I'm borrowing pieces of it and reworking it because it fits Raiser. Lusus Naturae is Latin and roughly translates to 'Nature's Freak' and yeah. As to ... more
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