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Kari (Pherenice thru Eri)
Fri May 11, 2018 9:21pm

Pherenice smiled as Orion talked about getting a room with Pops it would be nice to have another friend here and she really liked talking with him. Something about him made her smile so easily, she didn't know what she was feeling towards the Raven-jay but he was very comfortable to be around.

Dim looked at Cry as she spoke so sourly about herself having finished the breakfast that she brought over to him and set the plate and fork aside together in a fashion that was rather old school moving it to the center of the table to be out of the way but polite. He regarded her quietly as she spoke of negatives. "Doubtful." he answered her when she said that Phere picked the wrong teacher when she picked her. "Those who believe themselves to be the least deserving are usually the ones who are the most." He said as he turned in his chair and looked at her. "Among my people at the age of twelve we begin to ascend the Ancients stair. A large beautiful mountain but not without it's dangers. Every fifty feet up the long spiral climb one comes upon a room that tests you….the year I made the climb there were fifteen hundred children ranging from twelve to nineteen. Many stronger and far more powerful then I could ever hope to become. Some so highly skilled a warrior they were frightening to even begin to think to spar against yet alone fight. Each room though not all of those who entered passed. There was never a time limit and often those who took to the trial would make it harder for others to pass all whish and believing they had the right to be guardian's above all others and all of them wanting the most esteemed position to be chosen to be a guardian of both worlds mine and yours." He looked at her. "I passed….but not without making mistakes along the way, not without stumbling and in the end was with the remaining one hundred who made it into the grand room."

Dim paused a moment as he looked at her. "It was there that we stood before a large dais upon which several ancients were sitting waiting for us. No one's life was in danger in any of the trails or even here. If they failed they were sent home to try again the next year. But once up there it was said you passed. But that year there were only ninety nine platforms with silvery sphere's upon them. And three doors. The silver door to the left the golden to the right and the door they all wished to be allowed to pass the door that lead to the realm of the ancients in the middle. One of them spook and told all of us to choose one of the ninety nine the last one would be asked to come forward. I was not nearly as strong nor as fast as all the others. And so I found myself knocked down and by the time I picked myself up they had all taken a platform and stood before a sphere. I had not one to choose. And yet I still stood and looked up at them waiting."

Dim looked at Crys. "It was then that Rohdorn Ancient of the Dark Elves spoke he said I was not nearly as strong as the others not as 'fast' as them, compared to them I was fragile and weak. Why then did I not turn and leave where my lofty ambitions really that high? I said no…that I only wished to prove that I could protect someone anyone even if I was knocked down even if I was so flawed and weaker….I would keep getting back up." Dim looked at her. "The others laughed… them I was all of those things ugly weak….not something that would ever ascend high. Rohdorn then lifted his hand holding a sphere in it himself a black sphere shimmering with the colors of the rainbows. He told me come take it….if I thought I was worthy of approaching him. I didn't move I answered him that I was not worthy of approaching him or anyone else like that on that dais. It was then child he approached me. He stood and walked down taking my hand and placing the sphere in it. He said….he liked my answer…it showed….humility. Then told me to take a seat on the steps leading up to the dais and watch. Watch I did as he then instructed each of them to take there spheres. They did…..there familiars seemed to become these glorious magnificent beasts powerful beyond measure each wearing a collar either silver or gold…and were told to go before those doors once there though those beasts suddenly became small baby versions of themselves. When they turned and demanded to know what happened Rohdorn said that someday when they were worthy….there familiar would show that final form they were not yet ready for it." Then mine began to change and into her…." He pointed at Whisper. "A butterfly much larger then any I had ever seen….beautiful and fragile and she lifted and landed on my shoulder when a hand was held out to me I looked up to see Nour who asked me to come with her….she would guide me to where my room among them would be while I learned from them all I could. I was lost I told her there had to be some mistake I was not nearly as strong as the others I was flawed…..all over and she said that there in laid my perfection." Dim looked at Crys. "As she said it she placed her hand against my chest over my heart and then then after a moment held out her hand to me saying again….that my place was with them." Dim looked at Crys. "I had been the only one to that point and after who had ever….crossed to protect both realms. Not because I was the strongest or the fastest not because I had all the answers but because I didn't and didn't pretend to. Just as you I have my own doubts I have my own faults and things that…I would hang my head over and argue thousand times makes me unworthy….but they would tell me a thousand and one that I am." Dim looked at Crys. "Whisper tells me when she was sick and hurting you were among the first to aid her. If one was to come before you both offering her false truths and you knew them to be false would you allow her to go with them knowing it would hurt here. When all things you know in your life to warn you….that that person should not be trusted….tell you it would get her hurt?" Dim looked at her. "You can answer me however you like now how you think you would respond but often…what we think we will do and what we actually do are to different things. You are much kinder a much brighter person they you allow yourself to believe."

"I do not tell you this to make things harder…only to tell you that when I was chosen to be guardian to be where I am now…I was much like you. I believed I was the worst choice that I had nothing that would even qualify me for the position they had placed me in…..but they are Ancients spirits and Ancient beings for a reason. Often I've been told they see things in us that we for whatever reason fail to see in ourselves perhaps….as much as it's to help Pherenice it's to help you too. There is something about you she trusts and believes in. So much so that she chose you and Eros…to help her."

Eri smiled as she munched on a bit more of her crepe smiling as she watched them happy they were together. She paused though as she picked up the juice placing her hand against her belly as the baby gave a pretty strong kick…she wasn't ever worried about that right now that strength of the kicks let her know the little one was doing alright.

  • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Fri May 11 7:05pm
    Nikki’s ears were tall and tipped forwards as Averie came back over with the food. She seemed to just know that he was hurting and trying to hide it, so she wouldn’t worry. “It hurts?“ she asked with ... more
    • Re: OOC/IC — Kari (Pherenice thru Eri) , Fri May 11 9:21pm
      • Re: OOC/ICKari (Averie thru Raiser) , Fri May 11 9:22pm
        Averie came back over and looked at her seeing her response hearing her words and knew she was foing to fuss just as he would over her. He nodded a bit. "it hurts." He affirmed knowing that lying... more
        • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Sat May 12 7:20pm
          (Weeks been killer here too) Tria just smiled looking back and forth between Eri and Aspen as she finished up her breakfast, they were already acting like a family. If anyone watched them you would... more
          • Re: OOC/ICKari (Eri thru Fai), Sat May 12 8:30pm
            No worries meant to say that last post. IC: Eri just smiled as she enjoyed breakfast with them. It was nice. Pausing though after reaching for her fork she sniffed the air a bit. The scent of the... more
            • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Sun May 13 12:59pm
              With a soft chuckle Koran nodded agreeably to Mira's suggestion having already decided upon that course of action, he was very familiar with how weak her legs got after their mating sessions which... more
              • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Aspen thru Garand), Thu May 17 8:29pm
                Aspen finished up shortly with his own breakfast. He moved to take a drink of his juice, his mind slowly wandering around to what he had to do today… while Eri was helping Tria get her dress and... more
                • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Thu May 17 8:30pm
                  Nikki didn’t want to be that girl who fussed and worried over every little thing. He was prince of dragons… and she knew he was strong and brave and aware of his limitations and he didn’t need her to ... more
                  • Re: OOC/ICKari ((Haru thru Pherenice) , Thu May 17 10:38pm
                    Miharu looked at Vespa a moment before looking at his dad. "We're both doing much better. We just ate something a little bit ago and came out here for some sun and to be close to the gardens... more
                    • Re: OOC/ICKari (Averie thru Tomoe) , Thu May 17 10:38pm
                      Averie smiled as he looked at Nikki and nodded. "After breakfast I'll go have it looked out make sure then." he said as he sat down with her. "Doesn't hurt to be careful right?" He asked her gently... more
                      • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Fri May 18 6:41pm
                        Pops smirked, "Well, maybe not that many people." He noted, the other Inn being one of the most popular in the Unkindness, thanks greatly to the family that ran it. He wouldn't mind the smaller... more
                        • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Sun May 20 6:00pm
                          Koran chuckled as he leaned in to press his lips against Mira's pert breasts offering attention to them with his mouth as he started slowly bucking up into his wife wanting to draw out more of her... more
                          • Re: OOC/ICKari (Pherenice, Fai, Eri, Miharu and Tomoe) , Sun May 20 10:09pm
                            Pherenice just watched them all not sure what was going on having glanced back from the direction she was looking but she looked back that way again………she should know that pressence but at the same... more
                            • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Nikkala thru Mira), Mon May 21 7:37pm
                              Nikki smiled. “Okay,“ she said, not about to worry any more over whether or not she was being too pushy on the matter of him getting checked out. She knew from his smile and his response that he... more
                              • Re: OOC/ICShiloh (Aspen thru Garand), Mon May 21 7:37pm
                                Aspen smiled at Eri’s obvious delight over the crepes. “Glad they’re agreeing with you,“ he said. He was relieved to see she was no longer feeling so cautious about the food and so opposed to eating... more
                                • Re: OOC/ICKari (Averie thru Dim) , Mon May 21 9:38pm
                                  Averie smiled and looked at her nodding but paused as he lifted her tray and looked at Solace's stone in the back of his hand it was swirling as if something was up with the Ancient that resided... more
                                  • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Tue May 22 12:48am
                                    Tria finishing up her own breakfast and taking last sip of her own juice, she say the first breakfast as a 'family' was a successful one. She wanted in between some of the wedding planning to check... more
                                    • Re: OOC/ICKari (Eri, Dim and Fai) , Tue May 22 1:40am
                                      Eri didn't realize that Tria was already planning in the midst of planning for her wedding to make arrangements to check into the water for her. She finished the last bite or two of the crepe that... more
                                      • Re: OOC/ICKoran/Dkhoran, Tue May 22 10:52am
                                        Koran's growl matched Mira's purring and mrow's as he played with her breasts giving his sensitive kitten the attention she deserved. Feeling the familiar sensation of tiny claws digging into his... more
                                        • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Tue May 22 11:13pm
                                          Crys watched a little bit as Dim went and sat down again, the way he leaned against the table and asked the question meant it wasn't good. She only had some stories of the ancients, but to her being... more
                                          • Re: OOC/ICKari (Dimael and Fai) , Wed May 23 1:48pm
                                            Dimael looked at Crys and nodded. It wasn't unheard of to not know as much about the Ancients as back then. After all they must seem like stories and legends to a lot of Mystrian's and humans alike... more
                                            • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Thu May 24 11:01pm
                                              Crys listened closely, as the story went on she almost couldn't believe it. It was...some fair tale, a story her mother would tell her or at least use to tell her. When ever she thought she could... more
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