Shiloh (Aspen thru Garand)
Mon May 21, 2018 7:37pm

Aspen smiled at Eri’s obvious delight over the crepes. “Glad they’re agreeing with you,“ he said. He was relieved to see she was no longer feeling so cautious about the food and so opposed to eating in general… He glanced at Tria and noted she had a similar expression. Her suggestion that Eri come stay with them… so they could all figure this out, make it work… was a good call. She was full of those.

Orion smiled and nodded, certainly understanding why Pops would prefer more business, but the smaller, more humble crowds. “well, I appreciate you letting me rent a room, so if there’s anything I can do, let me know,“ he said with a smile before looking over at Phere again. He paused a moment, noticing a look on the girl’s face. “Everything alright?“ he asked, keeping his voice low and moving closer as he spoke to ensure, if something was the matter, she wouldn’t be forced to say it too loudly.


“Her wedding is tomorrow. I can’t imagine a letter would get there in time, even with an enchantment on it,“ Vera noted with a sigh. She watched Rio curiously and then set down the dish towel after drying her hands, following him back into the kitchen. “What’s that?“ she asked, her ears tipping back and forth on her head adorably.

Eros didn’t need sight like everyone else to notice he had caught one of the babies’ attention. He moved in a bit further and was going to sit in the living room with the little ones for a few moments as they waited for Twilight, but… then he could hear it in the silence after Acerbus read his message. He had a feeling it wasn’t from Twilight. That silence felt heavy and full of anxiety. “What is it Lord Acerbus?“ he asked, turning back.

“Acer?“ Del asked, having noticed it too, but seeing the look on his face.

Twilight smiled and moved to kiss Jupiter again, giving another of her happy little coos. Then the soft chiming of her crystal went off… a sound that indicated it was one of her family. She sighed and moved to grab it before laying back against Jupiter a bit. “Something important… Acer wants me to come up…“ All at once, she did feel something amiss… but far away… and the sensation confused her, but didn’t really draw her attention too much. An Ancient was walking amongst the mortals again and Raiser had put her there… but Twilight wasn’t being affected by her usual visions over Tomoe’s return, so she let the nagging feeling go… and happily.

Koi had been happily awaiting the kiss when the crystal went off and she heard the message with Mars. She moved to get up and off of his lap, standing beside his chair. “What’s going on?” She asked. It sounded back. “The last time Unkindess was on alert like that was before they hung the lanterns,” she said with an air of worry in her voice.

Soraya sighed as Abbadon somewhat chastised her about trying to avoid the Chaos topic. She looked at Abbadon and finished securing the bandage as best she could with what she had. She stood up and moved to help him back to his feet too. "If Chaos is targeting Unkindness, it can only mean that he believes you have something of great importance here, something that could benefit him. Raiser has been reeking havoc and doing so much of the damage, showing her power, not just to us, but also to Chaos. He won't let her underestimate him for too long. I'm sure he has an agenda. In the end, I think he wants to world under his thumb again... and that can't happen if Raiser destroys it. He's after something to help him turn the tides on her when that time comes..." she said, looking over at Abbadon. She had a strong feeling... they weren't the only ones who knew an Oracle was here... but only one other truly knew about Twilight. That meant... Zlo was alive... and maybe even working for Chaos again, despite somewhat defecting from the warlord's way of doing things. Had she actually seen him lead that attack just now? But surly if he was okay, he'd have responded to her, reached out to her by now...

Sandy moved to climb onto the bed, turning over to look back at Panro, her tail curling along her leg and over the side of the bed. She smiled brightly as he followed her into the room, blushing a bit at the way his own tail moved behind him… hinting that he was about to pounce again. Of course, this would be much more convenient for that, some place neither of them could end up slipping or getting hurt by the action like in the shower. “This is what you wanted, right? Dry and warm and… comfy?“ she purred with that innocent playfulness that came out so naturally flirty with Pan.

“I think… well, I don’t remember,“ Saffy admitted. “Though I’m pretty sure I was probably with you when it happened,“ she added with a smile. She then moved in and kissed him again. “You make the night exciting… Don’t need drinks when I have you,“ she mused sweetly in return.

Blake rose an eyebrow at Horace’s prompt dismissal of how he claimed things were in the castle… as though he didn’t believe it was possible. “Sometimes good intentions and a willingness to act are all you need to make things work just that way, Horace. You’ll find those two things in spades here.“

Nascha paused a moment when Mela pointed out just what she’d said. The owl blushed a bit and smiled, shaking her head a bit. “Oh, right. Well, so… Serg and I are trying to start a family,“ she said, looking over at Mela and smiling a bit brighter as telling one of her best friends about it sort of made it feel all the more real. Though she had no idea that Mela would have similar news, though Nashy too might not be so very surprised to learn they were also trying.

Juno looked at him and smiled, shaking her head a bit. “No… it’s… it’s fine, I just… I’m not sure when she’ll let me know about a time today.“ She didn’t know that an impromptu proposal from Senn had likely waylaid Yuuri’s early morning plans to meet with Juno for some training, or at least for an attempt to get her to find her other forms. “It’ll probably be the same old boring stuff, though,” she said, pretty certain it’d end up a failure like every attempt before. Something in her voice seemed to hint that she might prefer that…

Garand glanced at Lana and smirked a bit before looking back to Fang, picking up on his hints as to who this other person was. He then nodded and smiled sincerely. “I would appreciate the privilege of learning from you, sir,“ he said.

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    Nikki smiled. “Okay,“ she said, not about to worry any more over whether or not she was being too pushy on the matter of him getting checked out. She knew from his smile and his response that he... more
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        Averie smiled and looked at her nodding but paused as he lifted her tray and looked at Solace's stone in the back of his hand it was swirling as if something was up with the Ancient that resided... more
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          Tria finishing up her own breakfast and taking last sip of her own juice, she say the first breakfast as a 'family' was a successful one. She wanted in between some of the wedding planning to check... more
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                    Crys listened closely, as the story went on she almost couldn't believe it. It was...some fair tale, a story her mother would tell her or at least use to tell her. When ever she thought she could... more
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