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Mon May 21, 2018 9:38pm

Averie smiled and looked at her nodding but paused as he lifted her tray and looked at Solace's stone in the back of his hand it was swirling as if something was up with the Ancient that resided there. It wasn't something painful and he wasn't going active but rather…….it was like something had the ancients attention. When he probed with a Question he got back a…..almost sad….'No it can't be…don't worry about it…..' From the ancient then looked at Nikki and smiled handing her the tray.

Yuuri paused and blinked looking at him then at the crystal hour glass which told the time and blinked. "Ack your right….she so won't be happy if I forget to call her. She'll understand but she won't be happy." Yuuri said shaking her head and then nuzzled Senn kissing him as she reached over and grabbed her crystal sending a message to Juno wanting to know when she was had free time for the training to set up when to met and get started.

Fii smiled as she seemed to relax more against him usually his lovely Roo was full of energy and wanting to bound all over the castle she never minded his hours at the Infirmary mostly because she'd go spar with Yuuri or do something else but there were rare days in there when the girls chose to stay in or do other things. Fii smiled and brought a few of his tails up around her curling them around Topaz in the bath sort of a comfort move on his part. He knew she was starting to relax and feel better and that was a relief to him who worried she might be hiding the fact she was upset about becoming pregnant but rather worried she'd not be a good mom or loose the baby. Those weren't even a minor concern for him he'd do all in his power to help her have a healthy pregnancy and he couldn't imagine her not being a good mom. She was the first to reach out and help Yuuri…she'd be much better at it then she thought.

Sable smiled as she looked at Bayla nodding. "Alright give me a sec to fix the bed then we'll take off." She said moving quickly but easily about the room removing the used blankets and sheets placing them in the hamper and then making it up with new. Once finished she turned and smiled having taken a short time, really it shouldn't have taken her so long in the kitchen but this pretty Lycan kept consuming her thoughts out there. "Alright lets head out if you need to stop and rest or check something out along the way let me know. There's no rush to get anywhere." She said being honest about it really Druids moved with nature and so….she'd have Bayla move as was comfortable for her as she moved to walk out with her.

"Bye sugar." Juni said gently back to Violet smiling as they wandered off Shale nodding to her for her and Maks. Juni turned and smiled after watching for a few moments glad for the enchantments on the tray and headed back to her room with Nico. Violet would be just fine now.

Shale giggled as she looked down at Violet walking with Maks and the tray that was floating along with them. The little one seemed to be doing so much better now and Shale was honestly surprised that it was Juniper of all people who had been helping her and got her to open up enough to be able to walk back with them.

Fauve nodded. "Up north….where Maksim is from." She said as she looked at her moving to sit down at the table and rest her head in her hand. "He has eight sisters up there." she said looking at Ginga something that was not heard of with there tribe mostly because it was 'strong' mates and few pups to make sure they were brought up strong not so much family oriented but from the way Maksim talked about his sisters family was very important up there. Fauve just wasn't sure she'd get them on board with it and well…..she was Alpha she couldn’t just leave her tribe so she hoped they were all willing to at least go see if they'd be welcomed and if it was something they'd want.

Taupe looked at Gypsy. "Morning." She said sourly but she wasn't raising her feathered plumes to show off for Braska this morning. The guy she had been arguing with when they walked up was someone she knew before joining up with Twilios who acted like she was scum now that he was here with someone else. It wasn't like she had been hitting on him but rather for once just asked if he and his mate would like to join her for breakfast talk…catch up on old times. She actually sighed as she looked at them then away again. "Good day." She said turning to walk off waving.

Braska looked at Taupe as if she was running some sort of fever or something……..the Taupe he knew hit on everyone but she seemed to be having an off day of sorts. He glanced down at Gypsy wondering if it was even wise to open that can of worms and invite her to even talk with them.

Frau smiled as she asked that and shook her head. "No not yet." she answered Meeka finding the girls question cute. She smiled. "I think it's sweet though and I'm happy to help you get ready to marry Daire." She said smiling. "Liam and I have been….dealing with other things, he's still adjusting to the rebirth." She said which was honest it was a lot to take in being reborn a male phoenix she just didn't know Ceceilia was still after him and causing him problems. Mostly because Liam hadn't been affected by her recent efforts with the stronger barrier unless he was sleeping.

Menda smiled and nodded. "Aye she be good to go don'cha know." Menda said making a playful shooing motion at them. "Go on and get ye some breakfast don'cha know." she said and Baillie smiled giggling and nodding.

Baillie looked up at Thayne then held up her hands the gurney she was sitting on too high up for her to drop without risking twisting her ankle right now mostly because she couldn't swing her tail and twist about like normal it was still sensitive it didn't hurt like before but she didn't want to make it hurt either.
She did glance at Menda though. "thank you Menda…"

"Aye ye be welcome don'cha know." Menda said with a warm smile at the two.

Ceil had a pretty good idea why she was sore so he didn't rush her along but as she got up he moved to help her get changed into the sundress she liked so much. He was happy she was just willing to try to meet others. If she was comfortable they'd go forward with this if she wasn't well he wouldn't force her either. Wanting it to be clear just the fact she was willing to try meeting people was good enough.

Rumi chuckled. "That it does." he said looking down at Fio who was falling asleep in his arms. "Our little treasures." He said then chuckled as he looked at Ashe and nodded. "Yeah they'll be very close in age too…it may be a lot for all of us to handle before long." He said thinking about it.

Trilander shifted that was so not helping. "I'm glad you…like it." He said as he shook himself mentally and went back to eating. He almost felt bad he kept doing that to her but at the same token she was soo adorable when she blushed like that and it did this funny thing to him. He focused a bit on eating although that was getting harder and harder to do as the food on his plate was less and less appealing not that it was much appealing at all his appetite was more towards the adorable girl sitting next to him.

Soliel nodded as Odette suggested that they do that today. "That sounds good." She said more then willing to check it out with her. She was enjoying breakfast and the company. Little by little she was feeling more like a normal girl and less like a gladiator waiting for her next death match.

Silvi smiled. "Alright." She said as she moved to walk out with Yuna heading out to go to breakfast with the adorable Kitten that had won over Silvi's heart. She just hoped Yuna was okay with the idea of wanting to be adopted by her but first getting to breakfast she walked out with her and began making her way to the dinning hall.

Millie smiled and waved good bye to Indy thankful for his help this morning and then looked at the directions she had copied down and headed towards Kia's room. Her steps light as she hoped maybe just a bit it would be of help she had not had any training at all in her dream magics mostly because Trait had been trying to hide her from Raiser and the others that was a moot point now. So now the more she learned to control her magic the better.

Opal nodded as she stood there. "yeah….but…." She looked at Sarah…"Whatever it was that power….I don't know if anyone here would be able to stop Raiser…..now." She said frowning her ears tipping back. "That display of power Miss Sarah…..just seeing it makes my fur stand on end."

Miharu smiled and nodded as Vespa said okay. He looked back at Drak and nodded. "It sounds good to me too dad….we'll have to arrange a time for the four of us at some point." he said as he sat there with her. He glanced up at Drak having a feeling his dad was trying last night had shown him that his dad had this awkward way of approaching things and usually it took Sarah at times to translate for him. His heart was always in the right place just sometimes misunderstood it seemed. But everyone had those moments. What was important was where his heart was in the matter.

Eri nodded as she looked at Aspen smiling. "So am I. It's been…a while since I could eat anything like this." She said happily as it did taste good and didn't churn her stomach once she got it down. She paused though and lifted a glass of juice taking a drink not realizing they were both so happy because she herself was doing much better since Tria insisted she move in with them. For Eri it was a big help she felt calmer…around them.

Pherenice looked at Orion as he asked her that. "I'm not sure…" She said softly lowly her ears twitching. "Something….very power and old….like a presence something tells me I should know….but I don't and it feels…off strange….just appeared. It was massive….." She said shaking her head and taking a deep breathe. "I hope so….whatever it was….I hope…it's not something bad I just sensed…coming into the world."

Dim shook himself and glanced at Crys chuckling as she said something about not being told she was a long lost princess or something. "No no, nothing like that I don't think…" he said smiling. "At least not that I know of…" he said as he glanced back in that direction unlike Phere he knew very well what or rather who……..that presence was. Raiser had broken the seal he had barely managed to place on her making her go to sleep never able to hurt one who was so gentle and made to do such terrible things. He knew…….all to well who had just returned to this world……..Mother Nature had come home….and he just hoped…..Luminos and the others still had a powerful enough connection to the world with all of Raiser's trickery to bring her back where she belonged.

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    Aspen smiled at Eri’s obvious delight over the crepes. “Glad they’re agreeing with you,“ he said. He was relieved to see she was no longer feeling so cautious about the food and so opposed to eating... more
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                  Crys listened closely, as the story went on she almost couldn't believe it. It was...some fair tale, a story her mother would tell her or at least use to tell her. When ever she thought she could... more
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