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Tue May 22, 2018 10:52am

Koran's growl matched Mira's purring and mrow's as he played with her breasts giving his sensitive kitten the attention she deserved. Feeling the familiar sensation of tiny claws digging into his skin he rumbled heatedly as he bucked up driving his need hungerly into his mate, Koran couldn't help but respond eagerly to Mira's sounds and pleasured motions. His fingers adjusted their grip slightly to hook up under her shapely rear to help coax the finefur up and in time with his thrusts, it really did seem like the poor gatan was going to have a difficult time walking for a bit after the powerful drachen was done making love to her in the shower!

Dkhoran sighed inwardly in a bit of relief as Miharu and Vespa seemed amiable to joining him and Sarah at a later time for a family meal "Excellent, with that out of the way.." he looked at Vespa then to Miharu with a kind smile "Is there anything I can retrieve for either of you from the castle? You were brought here in somewhat of a rush so perhaps there is something you'd like brought over."

Both Miharu and Vespa were pretty spot on about Drak in their observations, he wasn't exactly the most diplomatic of individuals and did seem somewhat akward in situations like this, truely Sarah was his better half in this regard!

  • Re: OOC/ICKari (Eri, Dim and Fai) , Tue May 22 1:40am
    Eri didn't realize that Tria was already planning in the midst of planning for her wedding to make arrangements to check into the water for her. She finished the last bite or two of the crepe that... more
    • Re: OOC/IC — Koran/Dkhoran, Tue May 22 10:52am
      • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Tue May 22 11:13pm
        Crys watched a little bit as Dim went and sat down again, the way he leaned against the table and asked the question meant it wasn't good. She only had some stories of the ancients, but to her being... more
        • Re: OOC/ICKari (Dimael and Fai) , Wed May 23 1:48pm
          Dimael looked at Crys and nodded. It wasn't unheard of to not know as much about the Ancients as back then. After all they must seem like stories and legends to a lot of Mystrian's and humans alike... more
          • Re: OOC/ICAcerbus, Thu May 24 11:01pm
            Crys listened closely, as the story went on she almost couldn't believe it. It was...some fair tale, a story her mother would tell her or at least use to tell her. When ever she thought she could... more
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