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Wed May 23, 2018 1:48pm

Dimael looked at Crys and nodded. It wasn't unheard of to not know as much about the Ancients as back then. After all they must seem like stories and legends to a lot of Mystrian's and humans alike now. He sighed as he sat there trying to think of a point to start. "I suppose I should start where I first met her it was a few years before the Ancients pulled out of D'joran to leave the world to all of you. I had just ascended and was walking with them. Meeting all the different Ancients in Elysian, Solace's sisters Terra and Celeste, Adriel little sisters….among them and so many others before coming with Luminos and Nour into a large garden covered in winter snow. Nour was certain this was where they'd find the last one I needed to meet. We walked in and she was sitting there in the snow convincing a lonely little tree to grow and as she was speaking to it…it did. In all that snow was the Azure Vixen. Her twenty tails fell behind her on the snow and Luminos pulled away from us saying he'd get her. He walked up to her and spoke holding out his hand to her and she took it as she stood up he kissed her cheek in greeting then linked arms with her and walked over than introduced her as Mother Nature herself Tomoe. Then teased me about being stunned looking at her eyes. That they were indeed enchanting……Tomoe's eyes shift color with the seasons there like prisms that reflect nature itself. The depth of those colors depend on her moods."

Dim paused a moment taking a drink. This was going to be a bit of information for Crys to take in. "What surprised me though was how shy she was. When I went to say hi she ducked behind him just a bit looking at me and he offered her comfort patting her hand on his arm. While I was learning all I had to know about everything Luminos, Nour, Solace and Tomoe traveled while teaching me to different points in D'joran. It was during that travel I understood just how grand and wondrous there powers were. They were planting the three Spirit tree's in preparation for leaving the world to the children of the world. Nour, Solace and Luminos gathered around and begin channeling there power but it was Tomoe who they needed to make it all work. She set down a lovely silver and gold willow in the lands you know as Ethion. It was her power that caused the tree to suddenly grow gathering all of nature to one point the roots going down deep to the core of the world. The tree took root before my eyes and grew becoming this towering pillar of living light, but it was also clear just how much of a toll such a feat took on Tomoe when she stood and then swooned having had to guide and keep it healthy during that process, as she fell we all moved but it was Luminos who was close enough to catch her. He wanted to wait a while before moving on to the next place but she insisted she'd be fine with rest during the travel. After going to the other two places and Luminos made sure it took time, Nour was fussing over Tomoe. They were the best of friends and Nour worried that the next to would be even harder on Tomoe."

Dim paused as he spoke thinking of how to explain this. There was so much history they were as normal as everyone else. "After the last two where planted I went off with Orkla to help her with something so what I'm about to tell you now I only know from what Nour could tell me through her tears. They had all gone separate ways for a bit. But Luminos had called them after a year and a half wanting them to come to a Lycan Village. Nour and Tomoe arrived at the same time and according to Nour they were happy to see each other and walked along talking about what they had been doing and laughing until they came to where Luminos was waiting for everyone. There Nour pulled ahead her brother was sitting on the edge of a bed holding a small pup in his arms next to a lovely Lycan. Telling her she was an Aunt. Nour rushed in ahead of Tomoe and up to Luminos were she was gushing over the pup, the first Luminara. It wasn't until a few moments later when Luminos asked if Tomoe would like to see her and hold her and got no answer that they looked up and back. Nour was concerned because Tomoe had just been there with her at the entrance, and now she was gone. She said she looked at her brother and then the sky seemed to erupt with fury……the winds began to howl…….and the ground shook……..Tomoe was fighting something or someone. Luminos handed his daughter back to her mother and he and Nour left the cabin and rushed out to the source meeting up with Solace along the way, but Luminos pulled ahead of them. She said she heard him scream Tomoe's name and then she and Solace were there……in time to see Tomoe out cold the storm settling and Raiser's dark magic pulling her the rest of the way into the abyss. They had not gotten there in time. Solace yelled at her that she'd never get away with it and Raiser just started laughing."

Dim paused only a moment to take a drink as he relayed the story it was condensed there was of course more that happened in there but…."Luminos demanded to know what vile and foul trickery she used to overpower Tomoe. Raiser actually paused and laughed shaking her head. She said it was no dark magic or foul design of hers no magic spell or curse could she ever come up with do the wicked job as nicely as the gift she had been given. It was not her…..that caused Tomoe to fall, she swore she did nothing more then pick up the fractured pieces and put them together in a way that suited her best. That Mother Nature no. Lusus Naturae, calling her a 'freak of nature' because Nature had fallen…….was now hers and she'd bring her back……once she was ready. Once the wicked poison that had down the deed seeped down to the depths of her soul….would she bring her back to unleash natures fury upon the world. Luminos swore they would find her that there was no where on D'joran or Elysian that Raiser could take her hide her that they would not find her and save her………Raiser only laughed. Nour said she moved then angry hurting and grabbed Raiser's left arm as the woman swung it…….Nour's touch purifies anything tainted and corrupt……and Raiser's arm began to dissolve……break apart into nothing up to her shoulder. Nour said it was then her heart nearly broke for her best friend there was no drop of light in Raiser….and Raiser had found a way to overpower Tomoe. To this day no one knows what wicked thing caused Tomoe to fall…….." He took a deep breathe. "The next time I saw Tomoe was when Aeon fell….due to Raiser's curse I was called there to help with something and battled her…..her eyes which always shown with such emotion and color…..warmth were frozen over….they always look like prisms like crystals but they were the tone of solid dark ice the sort that freezes someone down to the soul. She nearly killed me then……..the injuries I sustained would not and could not be treated here I had no other choice but to return to Elysian and seek Luminos's aid. But before that I had managed to drive her back and sealed Tomoe with a purifying crystal that Nour had made long ago……." Dim took another drink then looked at it.

"You might think me a fool……..but I could not even if I had a little bit of strength to stand toe to toe with her……..wish Tomoe harm. I still wish to believe that the gentle shy Ancient of Nature I met is there in her heart…..that she's just hurt and lost because of Raiser. So I sealed her with the pendant in hopes that Nour's magic could reach her best friend and save her……only just now I felt her…..I felt Nature's return to the world and it's not completely dark but unbalanced. She always walked perfectly before in light and shadow." Dim looked at her. "To this day none of us know what caused Tomoe to fall. What Raiser did to be able to sink her claws so deeply into such a gentle and loving woman. Tomoe's love of this world was equal to Nour's and overshadowed only by Luminos himself. Don't get me wrong all the Ancients love D'joran and her children but those three truly cherished it……..now though……that deep love Tomoe had for this world…….has become a cold hate. She hates all Mystrians and Humans she hates everything but the plants and the sky……I'm still……determined to save her. To help her through whatever it is that hurt her so badly. So too are the Ancients last I spoke to them they had turned Elysain and D'joran inside out searching for her. They...all refuse to give up on bringing there beloved friend home." He said shaking his head and going quiet as he took more then a sip to wet his throat and mouth from talking so much. Dim never put it together no one did. Tomoe had fallen head over heels in love with Luminos it wasn't that they were dating or even mates. Not at all. But it was little things flirty comments and teasing, his being supportive of her shy nature and offering her an arm for silent comfort and support or catching her if she fell. He had ,just been so very comfortable around her it was natural. For Luminos perhaps it was akin to treating her as if a little sister but to Tomoe it had been so much more...Tomoe and Nour were the best of friends so he was always seeing her. But it was all those little things adding up that had caused her to fall so deeply in love with him.

She had seen the Luminara be born….but she had not been able to stand it to stay in that room as much as it didn't surprise her at all that he had fallen in love with a mortal. It didn't mean it didn't hurt. So she ran………she ran from that room from them and into the woods and through tripping and falling into the grass where she cried….with a broken heart. Wrapping her arms and tails about herself she hated herself for being so foolish to fall so deeply in love with him like that. She was at that moment bitter towards herself for allowing herself to fall like that without knowing how he felt. Of course she should have been able to see it…….to see that he'd never feel the same for her and instead fell in love with a mortal. She had been crying into her hands her guard down just wanting to be alone and work through the cold heart ache and pain in her chest the ache that hurt so very much. But Raiser had been watching them all waiting and to her it was not a more perfect time. She descended and stabbed Tomoe with a needle full of dark magic and Raiser's own blood to add power to her control casting the spell that would take all of those sorrowful emotions and turn them on her. Tomoe had screamed in pain and started to fight back the skies erupting lightening crashing as Raiser kept moving them to avoid the Azure bolts that would pierce her and free Tomoe, the bitter dance the howling winds died down when Tomoe unable to keep up the fight as the cruel spell twisted those bitter sorrowful feelings into her more and more. Then she was fading falling asleep into the darkness to which Raiser summoned the black portal to the abyss lifting Tomoe and dropping her into…….as it swallowed up the lovely Vixen Luminos had arrived his voice piercing the air calling Tomoe's name and Tomoe had opened her eyes a moment a brief moment before the darkness had pulled her in and they closed again.

But they didn't know. None of them that Tomoe had fallen so in love with Luminos Raiser gloated though telling them always in the past that it was no weapon no magic of her design that had done the wicked deed. That it was one of them who gave her Mother Nature tied up with a pretty bow. That the poison used was a bitter one and one Raiser had no use for. She couldn't stomach it's stench long enough to use it…that that poison made her skin crawl.

Dimael was quiet a moment drinking some of the drink he had before him. Having told Crys what he could without going into so much detail they'd be a few days talking about it. Or rather he would be telling her about it.

Fai smiled and nodded returning the hug. "I am happy to be here. Thank you." She said happily as she was greeted by Lady Judith it felt so warm and welcoming. She smiled as Samson said that and nodded. "It is a nice spot Lord Samson, I'm still getting used a few of the differences but it's lovely here." she said happily.

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