Thu May 24, 2018 11:01pm

Crys listened closely, as the story went on she almost couldn't believe it. It was...some fair tale, a story her mother would tell her or at least use to tell her. When ever she thought she could interject the story continued. She took her own drinks listening to all of that. "That is so...sad." She said a bit looking down and then looking up. "She's back isn't she?" She asked, "Why you looked out there. Raiser has brought her back now and...we are in danger." She asked quietly.

Judith nodded moving around her, "Well, if you need help with that call one of the servants and they can assist you." She noted having to hire on some more with more and more coming to live in the Oak. Many saw that as a good sign of the health of the Unkindness.

Samson nodding and moving back next to his wife. "But, we wanted to formally welcome you here since been a little bit since we last saw you."

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    Dimael looked at Crys and nodded. It wasn't unheard of to not know as much about the Ancients as back then. After all they must seem like stories and legends to a lot of Mystrian's and humans alike... more
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